Periodontist Kelowna Can Provide Dental Implants

periodontist kelowna

If you have gum disease and are looking for a periodontist Kelowna can provide, Dr. Shupe is the dentist to see. He will examine your mouth to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. The procedure can be completed the same day as your consultation. If you have severe gum disease, you may want to consider dental implants as a treatment. The procedure combines elements of several fields of dentistry.

 Why You Should Seek the Expertise of an Oral Surgeon

This treatment helps the gums grow back in line. In some cases, periodontitis is the cause of the gum recession, which can be caused by an infection or a badly-positioned tooth. In either case, immediate treatment is needed to prevent infection from spreading further. A periodontist will perform procedures such as crown lengthening and gum recontouring to expose more of the tooth. For people who have a low gum line, ridge augmentation may be needed. In any case, a periodontist will need to treat bacterial infections and periodontitis.

Dr. Tymkiw treats patients with complex cases of periodontal disease. His practice also offers a range of periodontal treatments, such as root surface debridement, which removes infected tissue and allows for better tooth placement. Additionally, he offers surgical procedures such as implant placement, which can prevent the need for a dental implant. When you visit Dr. Tymkiw, you can expect a thorough exam and treatment to ensure your gums remain healthy and your mouth is pain-free.

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