The Importance of Health and Wellbeing

The notion of health and wellbeing is one of the defining elements of modern society. We must make sure that our bodies are in a restful state and that we are around the right people to feel comfortable. In addition, we must take good care of ourselves mentally and physically, to ensure that we are at our optimal levels. While peak health is an ideal state, it is impossible for us to achieve this condition all the time. Achieving wellness requires a daily commitment to our health and wellbeing. Find out more

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Health and Wellbeing

The definition of health and wellbeing in the World Health Organisation (WHO) varies from one organisation to another. While the traditional medical model focuses on physical and mental conditions, the biopsychosocial model focuses on social, psychological, and environmental factors to promote a positive state of health. A healthy employee is able to function well in the workplace and contribute positively to society. Hence, it is important to focus on these elements in order to improve wellbeing and enhance productivity.

There are a number of factors that influence a person’s overall wellbeing. The psychological state of the individual has an important impact on their health, and can cause stress and exhaustion. Thus, a healthy lifestyle is crucial to ensure that a happy, stress-free life is possible. It should be accompanied by a commitment to improving the quality of life and enhancing our sense of well-being. The psychological state can also affect our physical well-being.

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