France Lotto

france lotto

FranceLoto is a popular lottery game, with a minimum jackpot prize of EUR2 million. It is also known to pay out large amounts, and is able to roll over as many as 34 times. In June 2011, a couple from Vienna won EUR24 million when they predicted all five numbers correctly. Though not the highest jackpot win in France Lotto history, it is the largest ever single ticket prize. One lucky winner matched all five numbers, doubling the prize to more than 24 million euros.

How to Play the Lottery

France Lotto draws three times a week. You can buy tickets for seven, eight, or nine numbers, or select one of the Quick Picks. The odds of winning the prize are not huge, but a win is still an incredible achievement. You can play France Lotto three nights a week and win a multi-million-euro jackpot. Each draw occurs at 20:35 CET, which is local time in South Africa. To see the exact draw times, consult the France Lotto’s FAQ page.

Playing France Lotto is a simple process. You choose five numbers from 1 to 49 and another lucky number from 1 to 10. You can also save your favorite numbers online. You can also opt to use a quick pick system or an automated system that automatically chooses the winning numbers for you. This method is a popular choice for many players. A quick pick system allows you to save your favorites and play the lottery whenever you like.

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