Charlotte NC Pest Control Hot Season

Charlotte NC Pest Control Hot Season

With the large influx https://charlottecontrolpest.com/¬†of tourists during the Charlotte NC Pest Control Hot Season you will find yourself crawling into bed bugs cocoons more often than any other time. Bed Bug Pest Control is an industry term for a company or person that deals in the elimination of pests and their eggs from homes, hotels and other multi-family residences. These pests are the fastest growing insect bug known to man. They can multiply as fast as 50 times an inch per day and are becoming more resistant to pesticides over the years. Bed bug control is now more important than ever before due to the rapid growth of these insects and the damage they can leave behind. The following paragraphs will detail some of the methods used by local Pest Control companies to control this year’s outbreak.


The best time to apply pesticides for bed bug control is late fall or early spring when temperatures are high. A professional bed bug pest control treatment will include many methods such as heat, foggers, baits, aerosols, traps and baits. Many cities have taken action by passing ordinances that require the use of chemicals on mattresses and furniture. Some areas have also implemented a mosquito control plan that includes the implementation of pesticides around pools and patios and schools.


Many new treatments are being introduced by bed bug companies to control the pest further in the spring. The development of chemical free treatments are proving to be safer for the environment and to homeowners. Chemical treatments for bed bugs are available both as a spray and as a liquid. Both options are effective for eliminating pests this year and will continue to help us beat them this year.

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