Benefits Of Skip Bags

Skip Bags are an innovative waste management system that provides a flexible, cost-effective skip bag service covering much of the UK. Skip Bags are easy to use and offer a simple, efficient service with the added peace of mind of a secure waste payment. We have been dealing in skip bags for more than five years and have found that they are very popular with businesses and individuals alike in both the UK and Europe. Skip Bags are designed to provide a barrier between collection and disposal of rejected goods or waste and is a convenient, reusable alternative to plastic shopping bags. The Skip Bag company was developed by Waste Management Specialists (WMS) in 2021 with the aim of making a reusable, low-cost alternative to plastic carrier bags.

How to Skip Bags

In the UK, businesses can choose from a range of skip bags including single skip bags, double skip bags, biodegradable skip bags, polythene or eco friendly polythene bags and custom printed skip bags. In addition to offering secure handling, reliable collection and delivery as well as competitive pricing, they also provide a value-added service of collecting your waste and delivering it directly to your local council collection centre for collection. The company works closely with the councils to deliver these waste collection services and works in partnership with local authorities in recycling and waste management. They work closely with leading charities to ensure a fair and reasonable approach to taking refuse from landfills.

Some of the main benefits of using skip bags include: No waiting for collection; no collection fees; no handling or storage costs; no restrictions on what can be put into the bags; no need to purchase any additional storage space; no reduction in customer service or increased costs due to the use of reusable bags; no restrictions on the size or shape of the bins; no need for re-stocking; no requirement to purchase or arrange for delivery of containers; and, reduced risk of accident injury due to possible falling objects within the vicinity of your skip bags. In Australia, two companies – Environment Solutions and BAC Recycling – offer competitive financing options to businesses that wish to purchase and distribute skip bags. Businesses in all Australian states are now eligible for government assistance to help offset the cost of their waste management and collection needs.

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