Increasing Sales Funnels With Online Sales Automation Systems

sales funnels

The sales Funnel, also known as the sales funnel or buying funnel, is a consumer-focused advertising model which illustrates the logical consumer journey toward the ultimate purchase of a product or service. In this model, the salesperson clearly identifies the customer from the audience and directs the customer through the funnel to specific product stages. Most successful companies have successful sales Funnels because they create an environment in which the salesperson can confidently guide the customer through the buying process. Salespeople should be motivated by both financial rewards and personal achievement, and they must be skilled at determining who among the various potential customers will purchase a particular product.


The basic principle of sales funnels is that one person buys at one stage and sells at the next stage. In some examples, it would be more realistic to think of stages as individual projects. For example, if a salesperson converts a customer to a buyer at stage one and then fails to convert the buyer to a seller at stage two, that individual has failed to complete one of his or her sales funnels. However, if that same individual converts another buyer to a seller at stage three, then that person has successfully completed one of his or her sales funnels.


While effective salesfunnel models are based on the theory of one step at a time, many companies find it difficult to align the various stages of the funnel with traditional sales and marketing automation methods. Sales and marketing automation software solutions can help businesses identify each stage of the sales process, and easily integrate these stages with other business processes, such as data collection and follow-up. Businesses may also wish to consider implementing social media into their sales Funnels. Social media allows small businesses to reach target audiences and build strong relationships with customers and potential clients. These relationships can strengthen the company’s reputation and increase its market share. While these benefits are only possible with effective sales funnels, they are worth exploring for any business that is struggling to grow its business organically.

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