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About me

I've been producing podcasts, creating artwork and producing internet radio shows off and on since 2004. I'm a professional truck driver by trade but the radio and podcasts are my  passion. I'm also a husband, dad, indie musician, website builder, blogger and just a  guy who loves indie music.




  • A podcast about my life as a truck driver in the U.S. I talk about what it's like compared to other carreers, give tips to helo you travel more safely around large trucks, tell funny stories from the road and still sqeeze in a little fun in every episode. You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts , Spotify, Stitcher, Breaker and Podbean to just name a few!


Radio Station

  • Pronounced "intro radio" sole purpose is to introduce you to new artists and new music in all genres. We feature  have over 120 artists in rotation already are are adding more each day.. We pick 4 artists each month as our featured artists for our NTROradio podcast. Which can be found in all the same places that our TruckinNutz podcast can be found.



  • While I dont offer this professionally, meaning I dont charge for designing artwork for your podcast or radio station,, band logo, etc. I am happy to do it for you. I frequently have down time in my carreer where I'm held at a dock and like to fiddle with making things. Just shoot me an email at ntroradio at pm dot me.