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Xavier Bosher

Xavier Bosher

Band Name: Xavier Boscher
Album Name: Pentagramme
Year Released: 2002
Music Style: Progressive Rock/Metal

Original progressive rock style from France, guitar driven songs with elements of pop music, metal sometimes gospel, jazz or new-age.

Xavier Boscher is a french pop-rock-prog-metal artist who has released many albums since 1999. For himself and other projects (Nebuleyes, Misanthrope, Continuum, Déborah Hofer, Mlle Julie, Mon ami Mío, Michael Resin, Benjamin Karmer and more…) He is known as composer, guitar player, producer, singer and writer. After 8 albums relayed by the US media; a new album in which the artist will focus all its multiple influences is announced at the end of 2016…

“The chorus is energetic, filled with electric guitars, drums, and bass, whereas the verses are slowed-down with only soft piano chords. This lovely French ballad conveys a message of the heart and the emotions running through it. She is the one he desires and her love is fragile. The music is beautiful, and we can thank Monsieur Boscher, for he has written and composed the track himself” (

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“A song combines the sweetness of the piano and the power of all enhanced by an effective text rock ode to loving fidelity! ” (

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“Guitars, connected to the mains or acoustic roam on sheets of rippling keyboards, sometimes hypnotic, without being diverted from their mission with a simple rhythm, even minimalist. The set, writing the musical performance of 8 compositions  to the artwork seems refined, measured” (Metal

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