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White Limo

Band Name: White Limo
Album Name: Magic Formula
Music Style: Rock
White Limo from Gothenburg Sweden plays tight, explosive, dynamic stadium rock, you can hear influences of Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro and Queens Of The Stone Age in their music. A rock explosion with its heart in the right place.

Nisse Lindberg: Vocals and Guitar

Driving force personified, look up driving force in a dictionary and you will
find this man ?s face all over the page. With vocal chords dipped in gold
and a godlike touch on the neck of his guitar makes Nisse the uncut diamond in White Limo ?s bling.
Andreas Larsson: Guitar and backup vocals
The unbelievable magic that hides deep deep down in the sound of White
Limo is just fragments of Andreas soul. The creative genius on the verge of
madness always dressed in black has a depth that is hard to grasp. A self-
proclaimed legend.
Oliver Vincent Bonzalez Gonzalez Stiller: Bass and Backup vocals
Little is known about the adventures of Oliver before he sat foot on Swedish
soil. Some say that he traveled the seven seas some say he is the unknown
brother of Pat Smear. All we know for certain is that Spanish bass players
kick ass!
Jesper Svensson: Drums and Cymbals
Hard hitting drummer – that’s just his middle name. If some people has the
rhythm in their blood, this man eat, sleep, breath and lives for it. The back
bone of White Limo. This wizard behind the drums turns the art of drumming into a simple trick.
White Limo
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