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Welcome to the new site!

I just published the new site and got the listening page up. I changed the player widget to not auto start at loading to help with the load time of the page. Plus it annoys the hell out of me to land on a page and have music just start playing. So now you must push the play button to start the stream. We also have a Facebook page and a Google+ community started.

I am still working on getting the mobile apps done. It doesn’t look like there will be any problem with the iOS app. But the developer for the android app had his license pulled on Google Play for some copyright issues with images that were not his fault. So there may unfortunately be a small delay on the android app.

This weekend I’ll be setting up a way for artists to submit their bio and music. Plus I’ll be throwing in some of my old podcasts into the rotation. The first will be Ryan’s Top Shelf and then some of the old Loud ‘N Proud episodes.

Until then keep calm and rock on!

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