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Tweaking and Updating

I did some tweaking to the playlist last night. I basically lessened the weight on the standard playlist and created a new heavy rotation playlist with twice the weight of the standard. This should allow more of the most recently added artists to be played more often.

I’ll also be ordering the iphone and android apps this weekend. I am just finishing up the artwork for submission. For those who don’t know, you can listen to us on the Tunein radio app. But it doesn’t show the currently playing artist info. That’s because I haven’t implemented the Tunein api on the server yet. That will be done in the next couple of weeks.

I’m also asking for you the listener for help. If you are listening and don’t see the artist info or album artwork please email me at ryan at ntroradio dot com. That means the mp3 tags are wrong and I need to fix them pronto.

According to the logs the majority of you are listening in the US with the Netherlands in a very close second. Most of you are using the Firefox browser to listen while itunes is in second. For the mobile side android is barely out in front of the iphone. Just thought i would share those quick stats with you.

If you know someone who is bored with today’s commercial broadcast radio and would like to discover new artists please let them know where to find us.

And finally on behalf of all the new artists we play, thank you for listening.

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