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TJ Doyle

Band Name: TJ Doyle
Album Name: On The Horizon
Music Style: Rock
TJ Doyle’s lyrics contain a rarefied view of the trans-formative power of nature. He infuses his music with iconoclastic philosophy on nature and humanity, invoking a classic message and creating music in a freshened vibe of the 1960’s.

TJ Doyle believes in harboring a deep connection with the natural world by listening, observing and living at peace with your surroundings. He draws inspiration from nature, utilizing his passion for the environment to infuse his music and lyrics with a unique sense of purpose and direction.

TJ Doyle’s musical aspirations began early in life. As a child, he was instructed in the fine arts of piano, guitar, and eventually composition. Once he began composing and singing his own vocals, his talents segued into the garage band scene and, eventually, entry in a talent competition. TJ and a friend won top honors, landing them a gig at a local nightclub for the next three years and drawing the attention of local names. After several years touring with bands, he struck out to compose his own musical legacy.

In 2005, TJ began pre-production on his debut album, One True Thing. Recording with Grammy-winning mixer Tom Weir’s “Studio City Sound,” TJ invited Tracy Chapman alums, Rock Deadrick (drums), David Sutton (bass), and Phil Parlapiano to lay down piano, accordion and keyboard tracks alongside Bruce Springsteen guitarist Tim Pierce for multiple tracks. Emphasizing importance on song selection and the conveyance of meaning, TJ envisioned the album leaving its mark as an original on the music circuit.

Four years of dedication, work and passion led to the album’s release in 2009. Fans and new listeners embraced One True Thing’s positive pro-love and pro-earth message. Harnessing his love for nature and strong desire to evoke a sense of urgency to protect our Earth, TJ was inspired to write songs like “Earth Is Crying” and “One True Thing” on his first album, and “Favorite Places” on the upcoming album.

“Nature has taught me that everything is alive and it’s own way conscious,” TJ quotes. “Music is a language that has found it’s way into every culture on Earth and has a common meaning in each one. I think music can lift people into more conscious awareness when they let themselves go with it.”

When not performing or recording, he spends his time mountain biking, walking his dog Casey, and practicing Kundilini Yoga, which he says teaches how to listen and allow ideas and words to emerge for his work. Cultivating space and allowing the music and lyrics to emerge from within, his artistic method is one of true organic form.

TJ’s sophomore album, “On The Horizon,” reaches even deeper into the realms of human experience. In it, he looks for secrets to unlock the world around us and process nature in its entirety. Utilizing the producing talents of Tom Weir and collaborating with lyracist Lynda Levy, TJ is intent on furthering the energetic sounds and messages that have already united his loyal fan base.

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