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Tips for Artist Submissions or How to not get rejected

 I just wanted to take a few minutes and talk to just the artists and agents/labels. Just a few quick suggestions or rather tips for you to consider when submitting your music and press kits to radio stations/blogs/podcasters. These suggestions go for submitting to anybody and not specifically NTROradio.

As you know we use MusicSubmit for our submissions like many other stations, blogs and podcasters. The reasons for this is because they provide to us the music, an artist biography/press release and all the info we need about the artists for our blog. It is a crucial part of what we do and helps immensely to streamline the process of exposing the masses to your music. But they can only help to a certain point. There are a few things that do slip by and it’s not there fault. For those few things can and will cause a station, blog or podcast to reject your submission. I know that for most of you who care a great deal about your music that a rejection can be devastating. I have rejected several myself just since starting this station and it isn’t because the music sucked. They were very good and I hated to do it but I just couldn’t publish or put them into rotation. So please follow these tips and if you have a good, high quality, broadcast ready sounding recording then I will gladly add you to the rotation and blog. But you must meet all of these requirements!

So here we go…

  1. Mp3 Tags – I cannot emphasize to you how important mp3 tags are to a radio station are! They are an integral part of all station software and should be your top priority as an artist second only to writing and performing awesome music. For the agents and labels you should never, ever under any circumstances submit music to anybody without proper tags. Stations deal with hundreds of songs each day and some of the larger ones deal with thousands of songs. Imagine the headache it is to have to go back in and fix mp3 tags of hundreds of songs each month. We here at NTROradio have been adding 10-20 artists per week with an average of 4 songs per artist. Just this week alone we jumped to 28 submissions. Hopefully this will be a growing problem that is very welcome to us. We genuinely love the artists and the music. So please make sure the tags are correctly done with the artist name, title of song, title of album. Album artwork is optional but does help when people listen because the artwork that is attached is shown in most players. If there is none attached the software will search for artwork but that doesn’t always find the correct artwork. So take that into consideration. You can use itunes to set the mp3 tags on most Mac and Windows computers but here is a link to an article on the top free mp3 tag editors.
  2. A Complete biography – This is also just as important as the mp3 tags. It is essential that we know who you are. Why? Because we cant tell others about you if we dont know you! We need to know who you are, why you are doing it, what you are wanting to accomplish and where you are doing it. If you have a website, tell us. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, tell us those too. If people can buy your music on itunes, CDBaby, Google Play Music, tell us where to link to it. Who is in you band? Who are your influences? What gives you inspiration? How long have you been doing it? Music moves the world and fans want to connect with their favorite artists. Make yourself available to them! A simple one or two sentence is not a biography and coupled with bad mp3 tags is enough for me to reject a submission. Also make sure you include pictures or at the very least an album cover. But a band or artist photo is preferred.
  3. A Press Release –  This is not required for our submissions but it is a pet peeve of mine. If you use MusicSubmit they have a section for a press release. Take the time to write one up. If you don’t do it yourself have someone else do it. DO NOT JUST COPY PASTE YOUR BIO!!!! That is annoying as hell. If you don’t have or want a press release just leave it blank. Your biography is not a press release!
  4. The Music – If you can please provide two to four songs of varying tempo and styles (not genre). People want a good selection of music, all the way from slow, melodramatic love ballads all the way to “make me want to get up and dance”. Dont make them all similar but rather try choose all them different. ie if there is only 2 send in one slow and one fast song. But I strongly caution against sending in different versions of the same song. Simply performing an acoustic version of a metal song does not make it a different song. 

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