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Timmy the Teeth

Band Name: Timmy The Teeth
Album Name: Just Another Day
Music Style: Indie Rock / Folk

With the release of his full length album Just Another Day, Timmy The Teeth brings a new feel to a classic genre by working a country aesthetic into classic rock, all without losing the emotiona

l platform where
great songs come from.

The first single “Some Things Never Change” comes in strong and doesn’t wait long until its chorus turns the song into a quick addiction. Layered guitars, a bopping bass line, and soothing vocal harmonies that bring the song to life.

“Some things never change Like the mundane death of the day to day, alive out of habit bullshit. Its about how i wish things could Go back to how they use to be, all while wishing I could change. Its a juxtaposition of wishing you could eat
your cake and not get older in the process.” explains songwriter Timothy George of the single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, in order to really understand where Timmy The Teeth is coming from, it must be heard in its entirety. The record is full with indie folk, indie rock, and country, complete with lush guitars, horn sections, and an atmosphere that feels at times, like dreaming.

Tim explains “Just Another Day” Is more of a mind frame of not getting to ahead of yourself and thinking to much about the past or the future. A lot of people even myself at one point was so worried about where I was going to go after death, And forgetting to actually live in the present. Heavens not just a place you go after you’re put in the dirt, but its here on earth. It can be. Just another day is sort of saying F-It! Today is over and tomorrow will be here soon. The sun always rises, it always does.”

Raised in a musical family, Timothy George has been singing and playing music from an early age. Growing up, the home was filled with music from his sisters playing piano or his dad’s keeping rhythm with the butter knife in anticipation for his toast to pop out of the toaster. These are the kind of personal attributes that show in the album.

“The album is pretty personal to me and my life experiences. The last song on the record is in honor of my mother. The album in a whole is really meaningful to the ones closest in my life, even my dogs

Lizzy & Joey. It’s honest in that its relatable to anyone. My life isn’t unique.” says Timmy of his record.

Timmy The Teeth has opened for acts like, Dan Renolds of Imagine Dragons, Desert Noises, Israel Nash, Adam Haworth Stephens of Two Gallants, and more, along with playing drums for Joshua James during tours across the states.

“Just Another Day” is available now on most digital download outlets, and Timmy is planning a tour in the near future.

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