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The Pete Rea Band

Band Name: The Pete Rea Band
Album Name: TV Preacher
Website: Music Style: Blues Rock
Influences: Led Zeppelin

IF YOU WANT TO HEAR ROCK MUSIC YOU CAN SING, PLAYED WITH SOUL, STYLE AND MORE PUNCH THAN A FREIGHT TRAIN ON STEROIDS LISTEN TO THE PETE REA BAND! This is blues rock just made for radio and made for the here and now. Pete makes no attempt to hide his influences. Zeppelin, the Who, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi they’re all in there but the interpretation is new. Born of the blues but not straight blues!! The debut album by Pete Rea has ten tracks packed with some heavy riffing, vocal harmonies, guitar solos and some beautiful sax work. From the soulful lament of the title track TV Preacher, a song about a tv evangelist confessing his misdemeanours to his congregation, with its cellos and huge vocal harmonies, to the raw blues slide of ‘I’m the Angel” recorded in a freezing fourth floor studio in a couple of takes, the album demonstrates Pete’s writing skills. Ten tracks providing a multi faceted piece of work that is not ashamed of its roots. “North East of England based Pete Rea releases his debut CD. a collection of bluesy rock tracks with a twist……………TV Preacher features plenty of sharp guitar solos, some powerful riffing and a surprise touch, bracing blasts of sax” — R2 Rock n Reel “Classic rock interpreted for the here and now……….they play a mixture of hard hitting rock with a sprinkling of soulful ballads” – Newcastle Chronicle The debut album TV Preacher from Pete Rea and his band (The Pete Rea Band) is available now from itunes, soundcloud and amazon on demand.

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