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The End of the Stream

Since this station and website has gone live on January 1, 2015 it has struggled to get listeners. However the readership has gone though the roof. There are more people in more countries reading this than there have ever been listening. By a ratio of 10:1. I do not have the time to broadcast live or

do podcasts. I’ve tried but with my day job of truck driving it is nearly impossible due to the fact that I never have a set route so I can not possibly set up interviews. The stream also incurs a monetary cost to myself and since I am the only one paying for it I cannot justify the spending of it if no one is listening to it.

So I have made the decision to kill the stream. The posts will go on and I will continue to feature the artists and their music and videos. If you run across one I strongly encourage you to go and purchase their music, attend their live shows and buy their merchandise. That was my original intent with this site and station to begin with.

The stream will end soon so listen to it if you wish but be warned you may be in the middle of a great song and …

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