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The C.R. Ecker Band

Band Name: The C.R. Ecker Band
Album Name: Spring 2015 Collection
Music Style: Country

Since it launched, in the words of Independent Music Network Country DJ Buck McCoy “like a rocket” in the Summer of 2011, The C.R.Ecker Band has garnered twenty awards from Japan, Europe and the U.S. driven by a “touch of lush” in its country roots.

The C.R. Ecker Band, since its inception in 2011, has earned twenty major awards for its distinct sound, created by songwriter Charles Ecker and supported by producers Michael Stanton in Los Angeles and Stacy Hogan in Nashville.

At a time when so much in country sounds the same, this band is making its moves to chart new ground with songs like “Green Eyes,” “A Lotta’ Love,” “My White Collar” and “I Believe in You,” all aimed at getting people to develop a renewed interest in country music.

It has earned the distinction of being named to the Starliner’s Europe Hall of Fame, one of the first ten inductees into the Renegade Radio Nashville “New Faces of Country” and recipient of “Song of the Year” awards at Hollywood Music in Media and L.A. Music Awards, the latter two consider precursers to Grammy attention.

Additionally, it was named “Country Band of the Year” at Independent Music Network and received the Silver Award for band of the year at Independent Country Music Association.

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