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Stuck with Green

Band Name: Stuck With Green
Album Name: Songs Dad Won’t Let Me Sing
Music Style: Comedy/Electronic-Experimental
Stuck With Green is pure satire in the form of experimental electronic music. Sounds like Beck meets Frank Zappa. NIN meets Andy Samberg. ICP meets Weird Al.

If you were expecting to read a boring and unamusing artist biography… boy are you out of luck! You are now “Stuck with Green.” What follows is the quirky little ditty of “The Great Green Potentater” – (also known as Matt Thompson.)

Matt is the musical maestro behind the clever and comical creations of Stuck with Green. As an experimental and studio-based composer from Orlando, Florida – Thompson ensures his eclectic creations stick out from the pack.

You see; only Matthew could write such a sordid array of rock and electronic orchestral operas. On one hand, this “Potentater” crafts satirical songs that make Pontificates blush. On the other hand, he’s an award-winning songwriter and publisher with tunes on TV shows.

The “Potentater” is a role Matt seemed destined to play since childhood. He explains, “Ironically, my first lead performance was as ‘The Potentate’ in my junior high presentation of The Great Late Potentate.” Throughout the rest of Matt’s school years, he would be deeply involved in both music and drama. Thompson reminisces, “I created comedy skits, music videos as well as funny songs. I remember as a leader in student council I was very serious about not being serious.”

Stuck with GreenThe oldest of eight siblings, Matt’s parents had their hands full, as Thompson recalls, “To keep our belongings straight, Mom and Dad color-coded everything… I got stuck with the color green.” However, his conservative family did take notice of his God-given talents and arranged piano lessons with their church organist. While he didn’t last long as a student, Matt was hooked on music.

While in college Thompson took classes in piano, guitar, and studied choir directing – he did all of this while getting his degree in Theology. The guitar would end up being his favorite tool for composing songs. His musical influences were varied, including everything from 90s rock all the way to the avant-garde sounds of Trent Reznor, Hans Zimmer, and Danny Elfman.

Matt Thompson PerformsAfter college Matt got more serious about his songwriting, releasing several albums under the artist name Juniper. His debut album was the self-titled Juniper, released in 1999. Thompson would release three additional albums; Unspoken (2003), Escape (2006), and Crazy Love (2009.) All of the works were published via ACM records.

By 2009, Matt was growing weary of his corporate job. “I know dreams have deadlines,” he states. The once “Great Potentater” had to recharge. He left the daily grind behind to pursue his music business full time. It was the official beginning of Stuck with Green.

In 2014, Stuck with Green released Songs Dad Won’t Let Me Sing, a mix of novelty, comedy and experimental-electronic music. Thompson teamed up with lyricist Johnny Starburst on the project and published it through Starburst Music Publishing.

There is a gravity to his artistry when Thompson’s in the studio as a composer. He has placed several scores in TV programs such as the Dr. Oz Show and True Hollywood Stories. As a songwriter, Matt’s won numerous awards, including contests at and has taken First Place via the contest in 2006. “My goal is composing a hybrid of electronic and rock-orchestral type of music like the visual based artists Elfman, Zimmer and Reznor have done,” explains Thompson.

Whether he is in the studio or up on stage performing a slightly obscene song, one thing stands certain… as “The Great Green Potentater,” Matthew Thompson has always stood out from the pack. He wants everyone to remember that life is short, and death is long… it’s long just like that “Potentater” that sticks out of that order of fries you just bought. Now stop being so serious, go get Stuck with Green.

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