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Shallow Waves

Band Name: Shallow Waves
Album Name: Slip Away
Music Style: Alternative Rock

Shallow Waves is written, performed, and produced by Zaid Khan who initially started the project about two years ago as a result of frustration of having no real control over the previous band he was in. He released the first EP (Come on in) in May 2013.

“I wanted to have a project where I was writing the type of music I wanted to without having to comprise. I wanted to make music that encompass many of my influences including alternative rock, garage punk, surf and noise pop” Zaid says.

Indeed, thats exactly what the new single “Slip Away” is. High energy, hard hitting, yet somewhat loose and fun with a strong alternative edge and influence.

“Khan’s voice sparkles and sounds more comparable to a pop artist from the 50’s. I thought it created a nice contrast between all the elements that not only crossed genres but seemed to cross time periods.” – Ted Rogan of The Equal Ground

Zaid plans next to put a full band together for live performances of the Shallow Waves material as well as working on a full length album.

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