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Robin J Kroupa

Band Name: Robin J. Kroupa
Album Name: On The Wake of a Dream
Music Style: Rock – adult contemporary
Influences: Stevie Nicks
Band Description: This all original CD full of sultry rock, where Robin takes you on a contemporary lush journey, and some rockin’ and rolling. She offers up an alternative style of crisp and divine layers, you’re sure to enjoy.

Robin is a singer/songwriter, guitar and bass player. Her musical stylings are: singer/songwriter to melodic rock/pop, with a sophisticated adult contemporary feel; creating a style all her own.

She has been singing, writing and performed in rock and fusion bands over the years, throughout the Chicagoland area and California, as well as combining her talents in singer/songwriting collaborations.  She is now back to her solo roots.

Her song, ‘Code of Silence’, from her last release – ‘Pure Liquid’, was the closing credits feature song for an independent film, called Save Me, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and 6 other film festivals in 2008, and had a limited release throughout the US.

She has now completed in the Chicagoland area at her Pure Liquid Studios, the long awaited full album, On The Wake of a Dream, available now at Amazon!

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