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Public Light

Band Name: Public Light
Album Name: Sam Stone EP
Music Style: Folk / Acoustic
Influences: 2Pac
A one man, tune twistin’, lyrical machine from the past, bringing words and spoken verbs into the future minds of many. Built from Hip-hop, held together by Folk, inspired by Rock and Roll, dreams of EDM, and kneels to Soul: that is Public Light.

When Sam Osheroff was in 8th grade, his dad bought him his first guitar for attaining straight A’s. Sam loved the sound and idea of the guitar and the possibilities behind it, and has been teaching himself how to play ever since.  After a short while, he started playing American folk songs and from there, started writing lyrics and progressions on his own.

Starting in a very classical “Folk” style, but heavily influenced by the quickness, and flow of hip hop rhymes, developed a cross genre indie folk pop project he calls Public Light.

“Public Light is derived from the idea that all things are made of light molecules, and I want to shine my light on the public to hopefully influence someone the way that music has influenced me so greatly in life.” explains the songwriter.

His latest EP release, Sam Stone, is an array of acoustic pop songs that bare personal lyrical content and catchy progressions and guitar work.

The first single “Dismemberment” is a perfect example of such writing. The song is an acoustic pop track with americana undertones and rhythmically fun vocal phrasing and melody.

As Sam puts it, ” The single is pretty much written from the cosmos, explaining who I am on a day to day basis. Doesn’t get more personal than this. Its my soul, in the form of song”.

The project produces a unique heavy influence of hip hop lyrics, over simple guitar progressions. The way words flow together, in a sort of quick, spoken word with singing style, over very familiar guitar sounds is something not often heard. It’s a way Public Light sets itself apart from typical folk songs.

The Sam Stone EP was released in late November 2014 and is available on several digital platforms for download, and Public Light is currently booking small shows around Seatlle WA.

To hear and learn more about Public Light please visit:

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