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TN008-Raise the Hood Pre trip pt3

TN008-Raise the Hood Pre trip pt3

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Raising the Hood


Continuing on with part 3 of our pre trip let’s talk about raising the hood and looking around. Now remember this is just an overview of what to do. We can and most likely will get into more of an indepth look at all the individual things some time in the future.




Nothing new yet. At the time of this recording I am going to a Psych Evaluation tomorrow. Kinda wondering if they will confirm that I am a clinical bonehead. I’m still at 253 lbs. Even while I am dieting. I’ve drastically cut my carbs and increased my protein. I’ve switched to 3 eggs with some peppers and cheese and a extra protein chocolate milk (Fairlife) for breakfast from my usual 3 eggs, corned beef hash and coffee. I have thrown out the ramen noodles because those are nothing but carbs and salt. I’m eating some kind of reduced fat and salt soup (healthy choice) for lunch. And now my favorite thing for supper is either sloppy joes with low carb tortilla shells instead of buns or browned hamburger, drained and fired up peppers onions on low carb tortillas.

The Network

Is it really a network when it’s all me?I’m still writing The Organix and am working on some promos for all 3 shows. NTROradio has one already that I have started throwing into this show. I’m thinking of making a couple of specialised promos for some of my favorite podcasts and just sending them off. If they play them on their shows then that would be awesome but I wont be upset if they dont. Some of those show arent relevant at all with any of mine.

If you didnt know I have started broadcasting the recording of TruckinNutz on youtube. Since I record a week in advance, usually on Sundays, you can see my ugly mug and catch the show early. Look on youtube for unklebonehead or unklebonehead1. I’m not sure what the url is or how to find it. The one I see is a bunch of jumbled letters and such.

Now lets raise the hood!


First you need to unlatch and lift the hood. Newer trucks are pretty easy to lift but some of the older trucks such as Clifford are pretty heavy and dont have any assistance arms. So be prepared to build some muscles. Once you have it open give everything a quick glance over and see if anything just looks weird. Then do this checklist.  

A beautiful Freightliner Classic!
A beautiful Freightliner Classic!


  1. Check fluid levels: oil and coolant levels. 
  2. For the pre trip, look for oil, fuel, coolant, power steering fluid leaks… leak is either a problem or a potential problem. 
  3. Make sure caps are tight for the rad, oil filler, power steering fluid and the dip stick is seated properly. 
  4. Observe at the engine block.  Check for leaks, fluid running down the side of the engine.  Look at the hoses. Check for wear, cracking or fraying. Inspect fan belts for proper tension and signs of wear. 
  5. Take a look at the engine fan. Make sure there are no pieces out of any of the blades. 
  6. Look for any exposed or bare wires, or wires which appear out of place. It doesnt hurt to just grab wires and hoses to to a small tug to make sure they dont pop off. Just dont yank on them like you are trying to pull them off. 
  7. Check windshield wiper fluid level. 
  8. Scan steering axle tires for uneven wear, nails, chunks, etc. 
  9. Take a look at the shock absorbers, ball joints and king pins for wear and proper lubrication. 
  10. Observe all tires on your rig as well as the trailer. 
  11. Visually inspect the airlines and electrical cord, to ensure they are properly connected 
  12. Visually check the 5th wheel to make sure it’s coupled to the trailer 
  13. Brake pads. Look for good thickness. 
  14. Brake adjustment indicators. Look for proper positioning. 
  15. Look over the entire unit thoroughly for body or structure damage. 
  16. Start the truck (if it isnt running) 
  17. Depress the clutch and start the engine. ( in neutral) 
  18. Observe gauges to be sure oil pressure is good and electrical system in charging 
  19. Gently ease the clutch out slowly and carefully, just in case there’s a problem (if you do this too quickly, you could launch yourself across the parking lot). 
  20. Do not high idle the truck right away. Let it idle normally. 
  21. Glance at the gauges again to ensure all is ok and air pressure is building. 
  22. Turn on all lights and flashers and exit the vehicle. 
  23. Do a visual of the motor, looking for leaks 
  24. Observe belts for proper tension and that they are turning properly 
  25. Close the hood and lock it down. 
  26. Circle check the vehicle again 
  27. Be certain all lights are working. 
  28. In the truck, use a piece of wood or find a way to depress the brake pedal, so the operation of the exterior lights can be checked 
  29. Listen for air leaks as you walk around the unit. 
  30. Remove the block of wood from the pedal, turn off lights not needed.


At this point we can move on to the trailer and that is the next episode called around the truck we go.

Until then keep it safe and keep it between the ditches. Here’s Clifford to take us out and tell you how to contact us.

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