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Ep016-Cliffords Last Ride

Ep016-Cliffords Last Ride

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It’s a sad and happy day for me. I have to say goodbye to a great friend but it wont be all bad. I am saying goodbye to Clifford tomorrow. His last ride was last week and I am cleaning him out this afternoon and taking him to the yard for the last time. Sadly he his going to be put out to pasture. No more pavement pounding for him. He’s too old and worn out to keep sinking money into him. The thing that sucks the most is that I have to drive a short term lease till my new truck arrives in August or September. But I will gladly wait for it because I am told it’s going to be a Peterbuilt 587. I don’t know what I will be driving in the meantime. I just hope it’s not a Volvo. I’ve never been a fan of those. Don’t get me wrong they are good trucks but they just don’t suit my taste. But I will tell you about it.

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