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Pick Axe Preacher

Band Name: Pick Axe Preacher
Album: Pick Axe Preacher
Music Style: Thrash, Metal
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Aggressive in your face Detroit Thrash! Is the best and simplest way to describe this cult mocking heavy metal band! Pick Axe Preacher strips away the fancy bells and whistles that clutter todays music, and gives you a full force elbow drop to the dome. With blistering guitar riffs, groovy speed drum beats, shredding bass lines, and vocals that make your feel like you’re in military school. What else can you ask for?

Mike Williams, Mike Hopper, Stu Stevens and Jeff Vergiels came together and starting jamming in late 2013. They wrote and recorded their first self-titled EP, along with a music video, with a release date of May 3rd 2014. After its monumental release PXP hit the road hard with gig after gig every weekend, and quickly became a dominating regional band within a few short months. While doing shows, the parties and fans were epic. So, PXP decided to film all of the craziness which let to a DVD release in April of 2015 called “Birth of a Cult”. PXP also has a new full length CD set to be released this summer with a whole lot of touring to follow. Do not miss what everyone has been talking about “Pick Axe Preacher”…

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