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New show Starting Soon

I also wanted to let everyone know that a new show will be starting soon. It’s called “Hanging with…” and will feature not only artists but it will have some special “celebrities” of some sort. It will be a show that is more like a back stage pass where we will talk about the guest like a couple of people who just met at a bar or coffee shop. We will take calls on Skype or Mumble and get to know the

special guest. With no time limit and being uncensored this could get pretty deep, lol.

The guests will run a full gamut from the artists we play to other podcasters, musicians, comedians, tech gurus and charitable organisations. It sounds like a lot of fun and I cant wait to get started. Also have I mentioned that the best way to listen to these shows on your android device is to use our app? You can find it here! The iOS app is still going through the approval process.
Both apps are a simple no holes barred way to get to our station stream and social media. Plus they are 100% free in cost and 100% AD-FREE!

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