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Mightier Than Me

Mightier Than Me

Band Name: Mightier Than Me
Album Name: Mightier Than Me
Year Released: 2016
Music Style: Alternative Rock

Greensboro, NC-based alternative rock band Mightier Than Me makes energetic alternative rock that is fresh yet familiar. Influenced by the sounds of the ‘90s, from Nirvana to Slipknot to Sheryl Crow, Mightier Than Me deals catchy tunes with reckless abandon.

Singer Randy Williams, guitarist Wes Frank Norman, and bassist Robert Seawell met on the first day of class at Guilford Technical Community College. After the school’s Ensemble audition, the three immediately realized they were on the same musical page and started working on music. They approached local talents Charlie Fuson to play drums. After a couple of writing sessions, it was clear that the band had the potential to do great things.

Mightier Than Me is in the process of making their self-titled debut EP, which will hit shelves (physical and digital) on December 2, 2016. Laden with memorable riffs, haunting vocals, and infectious rhythms, it features four original songs engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered by GTCC students and staff. They will host an EP release show at the GTCC Center for the Creative and Performing Arts in High Point on December 2, starting at 7:00pm.

Mightier Than Me has played all over the NC Triad area and has been featured on such multimedia programs as “Record Greensboro,” “Jared & Katie in The Morning” on WKZL radio, and various podcasts and interviews. Propelled by the enthusiasm of the GTCC community and local music fans, and with the support of their upcoming EP, they plan to continue the momentum and make their mark on popular music.

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