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Mediitative Animal

Band Name: Meditative Animal
Album Name: Philosophical Gear
Music Style: Alternative, folk rock, jazz

Meditative Animal’s sound is a combination of genre blending influences from alternative to folk, classic rock to funk, blues to jazz, all with a “timeless” original sound to it.

Meditative Animal is Nick Mirisola’s not-so-solo solo project featuring several other musicians.  Nick has been playing and writing songs for 15 years, staying relatively underground until recently.  He is a singer-songwriter who comes up with almost all of the basic structures for the songs and all of the lyrics, and then leaves the accompanying musicians to compose their own parts.  Nick has played a show at the University of Vermont, and is playing several festivals this summer.  Nick also does the artwork for the project, in addition to singing, writing lyrics, playing acoustic guitar, and hand percussion.

Many songs feature Chris Plummer, multi-instrumentalist and seasoned musician.  Chris plays lead guitar, bass, keyboards, drumset, and sings some backing vocals.  He has won a guitar contest and one of the songs on the album Philosophical Gear (The Whistler In The Mill) was originally his instrumental composition, to which Nick added lyrics and vocals.

Pete Concannon plays keyboards for Telescope Eyes.  Tyler Allen plays drumset for Telescope Eyes and another track on the album.  Adam Schoff plays mandolin for the song Young And Old, in addition to a couple other tracks on the album.  Rachael Bodoci sings on one of the tracks on the album, too.  Nick’s brother John Mirisola, another multi-instrumentalist, plays bass, lead guitar, drumset, and sings on a track on the ablum as well.  John has been in another band called Glass America that had some success previously.

Press Release:
Meditative Animal has just released the album Philosophical Gear on August 2.  The song Telescope Eyes from the album is scheduled to be included on Relix magazine’s sampler CD for the month of September.  Relix magazine, the second largest general music magazine in the world and the premiere independent music magazine, will be noting Meditative Animal as an artist “On The Rise” and will be producing 360,000 copies of the CD.  Telescope Eyes isn’t the only noteworthy track on the album, however, and other potential favorites include Echoes Left In My Head, Timed Temperance, and Young And Old.  The rest of the album is solid as well, and Meditative Animal’s rise from the underground is picking up steam, while starting small too.  Be the first in your area to discover this gem of the as of yet underground independent music scene.  Radio stations are already picking up this music and it’s doing well on Jango internet radio consistently, even making it to their top ten independent artists one week so far.

The official band website is and they have a presence on Facebook, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Jango internet radio, Twitter, and Spotify.  The album just released, Philosophical Gear, is available on iTunes, ReverbNation, Facebook,, Amazon, and numerous other digital distribution channels.  Inquiries for a free digital copy of the album are welcomed and can be sent to for album or interview requests to be fulfilled.

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