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Band Name: Maximillian
Album Name: Translucent Sunrise
Music Style: acoustic / singer-songwriter

After his band broke up in late 2013, Maximillian was desperate to find an outlet for his inspiration. He tried to get several different projects off the ground but since nothing stuck, he decided to write the songs himself after picking up the acoustic guitar on a more regular basis.

After exploring and experimenting wiht song structure and arrangment, Max finally locked into his sound and after a short time, the Translucent Sunrise album came to be.

Here is what Max had to say about the first singlef rom the record. “We’re Not Normal – is certainly one of the happier songs on the album, and it definitely does an excellent job describing how I felt in the good parts of my relationship.  The rest of the album describes the rest of my relationship, and well… Let’s just say we’re not together anymore. This album is a little piece of me.  I’ve put my heart and soul into every song.”

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