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Lady & West

Band Name: Lady & West
Album Name: Bright Soul
Music Style: Indie Folk
Influences: Mississippi John Hurt
Lady & West is an indie folk pop duo hailing from Texas and Kansas. The band consists of Jennifer Billiot and Kirk Garrett who currently live and write in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Their band name expresses their love of opposites combining, like two distinct personalities that start to blur together: Lady & West, with the emphasis on ‘&’.

The band’s new full-length release ‘Bright Soul’ is filled with melodic pop and country blues that combine together “in the birthing of something totally new”.

“Black Raven”, the first single from the album, mixes classic rock and indie pop with beautiful and inspirational melody, and a groove-oriented, almost tribal sound. The duo explains, “’Black Raven’ is a plea to a spirit that holds the key to everything you’re dying to know. But does it really?”

Another single from the album, “Rest Your Soul”, gives you the same feeling as watching an old western film. “It’s an age told a tale set in the beauty and sun blasted seriousness of the Wild West where everything is at stake, including your soul” says the band.

Another single from the album, “If I Were A River”, is a bluesy love song reflecting the band’s obsession with elemental sounds and poetry that leave the listener with a transcendent feeling that hypnotizes you and hangs around awhile.

Although the album is the first studio effort for Lady & West, the band has already had rave reviews from the likes of the Music Editor at, and has been featured as one of the New & Noteable and Top Downloaded bands on The album has also been aired on radio stations in NYC, California and The UK and has had an artist feature on Music Inform, among other blogs: lifestyle and music.

They have also performed at several venues in Brooklyn including: LIC Bar in Long Island City, Spike Hill in Williamsburg, Colonia Verde in Fort Greene, as well as Comodo in Manhattan, and others in Upstate NY, namely The Hudson Valley and The Catskills.

“These songs speak of love and of loss, of our deepest fears and our highest aspirations.  They bridge the gaps between our ‘spaces and places’, giving meaning to our lives, telling us the old truths: let go, and become who you once were, and shall be again…” – Leslie Hallam of Tangent

“Kirk’s guitar, usually acoustic, carries an elemental vibe. It’s sometimes percussive, often a complementary voice of melody to Jennifer’s actual voice. The music evokes folk, country, blues, and rock and roll. There is plenty of earthen, organic imagery to go along with sonic backdrop. Jennifer’s voice reminds me of Jenny Lewis, with its clarity, soul, and occasional ache.” —

“You can’t help feeling like you are right there in the room as Jennifer sings and Kirk picks and strums. It doesn’t sound labored upon, its sounds effortless.” –

To hear and learn more about Lady & West, please visit:

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