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Joshua L Schmidt

Band Name: Joshua L. Schmidt
Album Name: Cymatics (2015)
Music Style: Rock

Ripping guitars meet soaring harmonic melodies. Joshua L. Schmidt is picking up rock music from the edge of death and hoisting to the ears of the world again. ‘Cymatics’ is an in your face, honest as f*ck, true to the soul rock album.

Growing up in Detroit, Joshua was heavily inspired by Classic Rock (Zeppelin, The Doors), 90’s Grunge (Pearl Jam, Tool, Alice In Chains), and Modern Rock bands such as Rival Sons and The Black Keys. Add in bluesy soul filled vocals and you have a unique Rock sound that still feels familiar. Strongly affected by his wife’s passage to cancer in 2009, Joshua looked to song writing as an outlet for his emotions.

Joshua released his first solo album in April 2014 (THE ROAD), which was met with positive reviews. Now returning only a few months later more energized than ever.

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