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Jake Sherman

Jake Sherman
Boston, MA
Pop/Indie Pop

 In October 2010, Jake Sherman was a jazz organist.  While taking a walk one day, the perfect hook for a pop song popped into his head.  After spending months in his room learning the art of production and overdubbing every instrument he could find, Jake released his debut album in July 2012.  A combination of 70’s pop sensibilities, intricate harmony, and direct but poignant lyrics, the album created significant buzz in the Boston area, Jake’s home at the time.  Jake initially had no plans to play the material live, but, encouraged by his musician friends and the music’s critical acclaim, he is now touring in support of the album. When not playing his own music, Jake plays gospel and jazz organ in New York (where he moved this year) and produces for other like-minded artists.

“Power Them Off” , the first single from the record is a fun, poppy, folk song with a strong message that s remeniscent of bands like The Dave MAtthews Band.

Other songs on the album like “When It Was Summer” bend the rules of indie pop, and although catchy and addicting, steps outside the lines of what to expect.

The album is avialable now at

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