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Invisible Poet Kings

Band Name: Invisible Poet Kings
Album Name: Mutiny In The Dream Tent
Music Style: American Brit Pop Rock
Influences: The Beatles
Band Description Invisible Poet Kings perform music in what they call “American Brit Pop Rock”. Critics say the bands leader, Barry Keenan writes songs that are “thought provoking,” and his finely crafted lyrics, though completely contemporary, remain timeless.

Invisible Poet Kings are truly an American band. The four members come from different corners of the United States bringing together a wide variety of musical & artistic influences. The band formed in Los Angeles around the group’s founder, Barry Keenan, originally from Boston, Massachusetts. Veteran music producer and LA native, Mandi Martin introduced Keenan to drummer, Voyce McGinley III who settled in LA after leaving Virginia. While at Taxi Road Rally networking event, Barry met guitarist, Ed Krzyzaniak after Ed moved to LA from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When Voyce introduced Barry to bassist, Jayme Lewis from Southern California, the band was complete. These four professional musicians came together out of an appreciation of great songs and the love of being on stage performing them. With influences from British Pop music and classic American rock n’ roll, the band performs songs written by Keenan which they refer to as American Brit Pop Rock. The long way to say… songs with a great feel, catchy melodies and thought provoking, engaging lyrics.

With Voyce on drums, Ed on guitar, Jayme on bass and Barry on guitar, piano and lead vocals, the band divides it’s time between studio work, live gigs and life. The attention to detail in songwriting, arranging, producing, and recording has resulted in a release that has tremendous spirit and energy. The music is a rich kaleidoscope of inventive pop, driving rock, urban folk and electronic magic, with strong hooks that entertain the listener in a meaningful way. The stories and ideas contained in the songs ring with a modern sound and are a reflection of the classic music we all love.

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