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High Street

Band Name: High Street
Album Name: Shut Me Out
Music Style: Rock

Indie Rock band from Chicago. Classical rock sounds with contemporary pop sensibility.

High Street is delivering a fresh spin on classic rock sounds with current pop influences. This innovative and young rock band from the Chicago area is lead by high school sophmore, Julia Bosco, and 15-year-old guitar prodigy, Erik Findling. Julia Bosco was just a toddler when she started singing, and was inspired by classic rock legend Janis Joplin at a very young age. Erik Findling credits his parents for helping him find his passion for music at the age of 5. He says, “Music was everywhere in our house.” Erik’s innovative approach to songwriting is influenced by blues artist BB King. Erik had been playing in a band with his older brother and his friends since 2007, which gained some momentum with local parties and charity events. This is how Erik first realized he wanted to pursue music and perform. In late 2013, Erik was developing new material and was referred to work with Julia, who had the vocal styling the music needed. In High Street’s new music you can hear the influences of Etta James, Janis Joplin, and Hayley Williams (Paramore) in Julia’s voice, along with influences of BB King, Led Zeppelin, and Foo Fighters in Erik’s instrumentation. High Street is currently in the studio working to release a 5 song EP this spring. The band released their single “Shut Me Out” this past November along with a video.

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