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Hence the Noise

Band Name: Hence The Noise

Album Name: Minute With Me

Year Released: 2017


Music Style: Hard rock/metal

Label Affiliation: Unsigned

Hometown: New York


Band Description: Our volume goes up to 11!! Very addicting!! You’ve been warned!!

BIO: HENCE THE NOISE is a NY based modern metal band which consists of Chandler Mogel on vocals, Rob Russo & Eddie Vandenko on guitars, and featuring Robbie Russo, who is a 13 yr old inspirational prodigy on drums.
Rob Russo & Eddie Vandenko have a long history together. They have been collaborating in various bands in the NY club scene ever since they met at a mutual friends garage in Brooklyn NY in 1989. After a long hiatus from the music scene, they started writing music again and decided to put a band together
Finding a drummer was a no brainer. Rob’s son Robbie, who has been playing since he was 3 yrs old, was an easy choice. Robbie was born with a radial club right hand. It’s where the radius bone in the forearm is missing or under developed. In Robbie’s case, he is missing his radius. This has shortened his arm and caused him to have no thumb on his right hand. Listening to him play, you would never know it. He is a creative powerhouse with a style and feel well beyond his years. There is a natural chemistry between Robbie and his dad, since they have been jamming together ever since Robbie could sit behind a drum kit.
Their search for a singer ended when they saw an ad online for international recording artist Chandler Mogel. Chandler is most recognized for his work with Outloud and most recently as vocalist for legendary ex Angel guitarist Punky Meadows’ Fallen Angel. it was a perfect fit.
HTN’s debut album, which will be released this spring, was recorded at Room368 Productions by Ethan Bill who also performed on bass for the album.
HTN are not your typical cookie cutter modern metal band of today. They combine a more classic sound with a modern twist that distinguishes them from the rest of the pack.
Combine this bands unique lineup, musicianship, intense lyrics & heavy riffs, and you have a band that’s poised to be heard. Hence the noise!

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