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Fractured Spine

Fractured Spine

Band Name: Fractured Spine

Album Name: The Price of Retribution

Year Released:


Music Style: Melodic Death Metal

Influences: Swallow the Sun

We Sound Like: Swallow the Sun

Hometown: Hämeenlinna


:Band DescriptionAtmospheric death/doom metal with gothic and black metal influences.

Press Release:

The Finnish melodic death/doom metal band Fractured Spine releases “The Price of Retribution” EP, shortly followed by three more upcoming EPs “Failed Pieces”, “Stolen Pieces” and “Remains”.

Celebrating 10 years since the first demo, “Anniversary Editions” of the first two studio albums “Songs of Slumber” and “Memoirs of a Shattered Mind” are also out this August, followed by a compilation album in 2018.

Composing, recording and working on the releases took more than 3 years. Mixing and mastering was done by Jeffro Lackscheide (US). The EP is published by Inverse Records.

Artist Bio

Experimental, atmospheric, melodic. Although many death/doom metal elements are present in most songs, it would be difficult to categorize Fractured Spine strictly in that genre.

Starting out as a one man instrumental project, few songs were released to the public until 2012, with one notable exception being the very limited edition demo “Frost” in 2008. The band still draws its main influences from outside the metal genre.

The line-up consists of two core members Antti (instruments, vocals) and Timo (vocals), with occasional visits from session musicians and guest vocalists.

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