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Eddie Gumucio & The Electrics

Band Name: Eddie Gumucio & The Electrics
Album Name: Pre Side Of Fall
Music Style: Indie Alternative Pop
Influences: U2

Four-piece band from Missouri led by eclectic vocal melodies, distinct rhythms and driving hook laden guitar.

Eddie Gumucio’s indie rock stylings are spiced up with tinges of world flavoring. It’s a warm sound, one that embraces the listener and offers a big feeling of the familiar sharpened with a dash of the exotic. Listeners will find themselves in rapt attention as Gumucio’s riveting sound plays.


Why could scientists use music to communicate with even aliens in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”? Because music is that universal. It is a close encounter among people, even if it’s a listener 1,000 miles away from the artist, the human connection made across the distance through the power of music. “Music,” says Gumucio, “is the language of the universe. It connects with everyone and makes me feel understood, complete, comforted. It is, in the best cases, a spiritual exchange.”


Music also has a special place in the universe as a uniquely human expression. It’s fire and passion and human emotion all wrapped into a sublime mode of communication. “Music is the platform for all things that makes us uniquely human beings. It is musical poetry addressing the simplest and most complex emotions of life.” In the hands of a master, it is a razor sharp manifestation of human energy that pierces right to the mind and heart. Gumucio is such a master.

The Artist at Work

Gumucio was a runner up out of more than 450 artists in the Conan O’Brien college band search. He has opened for My Morning Jacket, David Mead, Nickel Creek, Ass Ponys and Summer Camp. New York City and the west are targets of interest for Gumucio’s summer touring. He also has Europe in his sights. He has just announced the release of his 4rth full length album “Pre Side Of Fall” as his first digital only download through Bandcamp. Gumucio is a bilingual artist (English and Spanish) raised in La Paz, Bolivia and his music reflects that. This dual American is destined to be a musical superstar throughout all of the Americas. He is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.


“Gumucio offers a striking blend of indie rock flavors and world music, making for songwriting that is exotic but accessible.” -A&R Select

“Gumucio drinks from the well where the waters of love and life run deepest.” -Greg Hankins / Springfield Free Press

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