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Band Name: DareDevilDale
Album Name: Vivid Tales of Love & Catastrophe
Music Style: Indie Pop
Influences: The Police

Conceptually dark and unflinchingly hopeful is the world illuminated in Doli Stepniewski’s creation. Starring as alter ego, DareDevilDale, Doli single-handedly weaves together a collection of progressive human experience, as stirring as it is catchy.

Explosively expatriated from the farmlands of Ohio, singer-songwriter Doli Stepniewski breathes mischievous spirit into creative alter ego, DareDevilDale. Known for effusive hooks and anthemic power-pop melodies, he creates vivid tales of love and catastrophe… fit for the pages of a graphic novel. Each song pulls equally from Stepniewski’s own experiences as both an accomplished touring musician (Owsley, Amy Grant, Under The Big Top) and a successful tech entrepreneur. The result is an accessible yet divergent sound delivered with a wink and nod to musical superheroes Stewart Copeland, Gordon Sumner, Andy Summers, Stuart Adamson and John Taylor.

When not criss-crossing the boundaries of the American soundscape as DareDevilDale, Stepniewski is an animator and rock & roll developer in Nashville, Tennessee where he lives with his wife and three sons.

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