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Daniel Jay Paul

Band Name: Daniel Jay Paul
Album Name: The Path Less Followed
Music Style: Indie

The Path Less Traveled – The Last Album From A Veteran Songwriter

While every artist that has scribbled lyrics on the back of a cigarette packet can claim to be a songwriter, Daniel Jay Paul is the genuine article.

This uniquely gifted veteran singer-songwriter is signing off from a career that has spanned four decades and taken in eight albums with perhaps his most honest and heartfelt work – ‘The Path Less Travelled’, which will hit the stores this fall.

Paul is the kind of songwriter who puts every fibre of his heart and soul into his songs. To say they are personal is an understatement. And yet, like with all great creators, his lyrics speak to everyone.

With an introspective style that has drawn comparisons with great songwriters such as Van Morrison, Cat Stevens and even John Lennon, Paul makes music that makes the listener think as well as feel. It is songwriting as high craft rather than just a vehicle for a catchy tune. It is sad music, but there are moments of hope, of joy and of happiness too.

Even the great Eric Clapton has become a fan of this Michigan-resident’s songwriting talent, saying he “proves that a song can be blue without being the blues”.

Indeed, in terms of genre, Paul is not easy to pin down. He can turn his hand to a range of styles, all as expertly as the last. There is a folk tinge to much of what he does, but he is not afraid to use modern variations and production techniques in the final mix.

Having made his name with his fourth studio album, ‘Clean Getaway’, Paul is bringing down the curtain on his impressive career thus far with a record that matches it in ambition and sounds as fresh as anything he has produced.

While he continues to turn his hand to writing through his other career as a novelist, the musical world will surely miss the songwriting genius that is Daniel Jay Paul.

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