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Colossal Boss

Band Name: Colossal Boss
Album Name: Colossal boss
Music Style: Rock, blues rock, classic rock
Influences: Black Crows
Band Description An intense and powerful four-piece Seattle based group, we play classic, hard drivin’, bluesy rock and roll. We are a groovy, heavy, hard hitting and soulful band with gritty and heavy guitar driven music.

Hit the open road with Colossal Boss! With musical experience that
spans a decade, this four piece rock band from Seattle is revving
their engines and hitting the road in the Pacific Northwest. With a
mix of in your face rock, melodic blues and an unforgettable live

performance these hard working musicians play to a wide range of fans.

Steven Douglas is the front man with powerful vocals and impressive
harmonica skills.  Supported by Ted Norris on Guitar, Fraser Midstokke
on Bass and Corey Olsen on Drums, Colossal Boss creates big music,
written from the heart with input from all talented members.

With musical influences who include Robert Johnson blues and classic
rock acts such as Aerosmith and Black Crowes, to Stevie Ray Vaughn,
Soundgarden, Allman Brothers, Deep Purple and U2, the list is
eclectic, diverse and long.

They guys are excited about the recent release of their self-titled EP
and performing their new songs in the local music scene.  Eventually
they want to hit the road, meet new people and play all around the
country they love.

Fans old and new can stay connected with the guys through their
website and Social Media: Facebook and Twitter.  Find exclusive
downloads, new releases and stay current with upcoming live events and
band news.

Listen for the power and rumble of those engines as Colossal Boss
speeds into the nearest rock venue. It’s a show you won’t want to

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