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Casper Jones

Band Name: Casper Jones
Album Name: Delicious Creation and other songs
Music Style: pop/rock
Influences: The Beatles
 Band Description Acclaimed songwriter Casper Jones uses elements of pop, rock, folk and country to create a refreshing mix of catchy hooks and soulful arrangements.

Casper Jones is a songwriter/producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. After eleven years in NYC he relocated to his native country where he’s now enjoying a great deal of success with his homegrown tunes. His first album ‘Delicious Creation’ (2009) still sounds fresh and modern, and it’s obviously available for purchase in iTunes, Spotify, and all the other most popular online music stores. But in addition, Casper is now presenting a batch of new tunes such as the catchy ‘Best Love’ and the beautiful ‘Color Blue’. In the coming months Casper Jones will be embarking on a tour around Denmark, and then later on he’ll work his way through Europe and eventually back to the U.S. He would love for you to utilize his music in any way, shape and form you may feel like, so that once he visits your area for a show the venues will be hopping.

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