Paper Bags

Band Name: Paper Bags
Album Name: The Time WIll Come
Music Style: Indie Folk
Geoff Hornby, aka Paper Bags, is an Indie Folk singer/songwriter who draws influence and inspiration mainly from his personal experiences. Notable bands and artists that have influenced Geoff include Pixies, Modest Mouse and Fiona Apple.

Paper Bags is an indie folk project written, recorded, and performed by singer/songwriter Geoff Hornby. The songs reach deep into real personal history and tell stories in uninhibited detail.

His latest release, “The Time Will Come,” is a full-length album complete with hard hitting, agressive, and soulful songs sure to make you think.

The first single of the same name, “The Time Will Come” is a folk americana song in a vein reminicent of Johnny Cash, but with an indie rock feel to the likes of Modest Mouse.

All the while, other songs like “A Few Things I Though About Last Night” is an upbeat and straight forward rant through the writer’s racing mind portayed as he slams the acoustic to get it all out.

Geoff is playing gigs in the greater Michigan area and is conisitently releasing material under Paper Bags and letting it loose on,, and much more.

To hear and learn more about Paper Bags and Geoff Hornby please visit:


Kim Lund

Band Name: Kim Lund
Album Name: The Love In My Eyes
Music Style: Country
Apparently some people say I sound somewhat like Mearl Haggert, but the truth is I have been doing other peoples music for so many years and trying to give audiences a good faximaly of the original artist I don’t know. But will always keep it country.

Kim Lund has been a truck driver for over 24years but has been singing his whole life. He owned and operated his own Karaoke business right through the 90s, then started doing jam sessions with bands. Then on to recording. Now he,s breaking out with his new hit single (The Love In My Eyes).

Country music has always been in my heart and in my soul,that alone over the past 25 years or so slowly made me a better singer. Most country artists who ever made it big did it when they were young, I on the other hand couldn’t sing at a professional level when I was young. Singing for me was always a passion as long as it was country everything else I just listend to and enjoyed.So I stuck it out, even started my own business doing Karaoke for over 9 years then sold out. Got to boring had to move to the next level singing jam sessions with bands ect.Always had the equipment set up at home my favorate past time was trying to improve my vocals and I constantly practiced in my spare time putting professional artists CD,s in and trying to follow them. You see a good way to get better at anything is to put up a challenge in front of yourself against somebody that can sing far better than you can or do anything far better than you can. My vocal chords slowly got stronger and more vocal keys started opening up, I was always getting a little bit better which is what kept me going. I assumed I would always just stay an amateur singing other peoples music and I may still be assuming right but in 2011 I wrote my first song all in my head witch came easy cause it was all from my heart that song is (The Love In My Eyes). Had no money at the time but was detour mend to record it and try to go to a much higher level in Country Music, did my best gave it my all,hope you all enjoy it. Kim Lund.


Dog House Swine

Band Name: DogHouse Swine
Album Name: Fearless
Music Style: Hard Rock / Punk
100% Punch you in the teeth punk rock n’roll!!!…Loud and Proud!!

Hailing from the NJ / NY area, DogHouse Swine have been making music as a unit since 2009, eventually working their way through the local music scene and releasing their debut album, ‘Faster Side Of Normal’, in 2010 under their own imprint label, Banned Records.

Following extensive gigging (including supporting bands such as Electric Frankenstein, Stigma and Mucky Pup) and a few line-up changes, DogHouse Swine saw their sound evolve into a more beefier and in-your-face blend, as portrayed on their 2012 follow-up release, “Dogs of War”.

The band continues to tour throughout the country and spreading their music like wildfire (their songs are licensed  by Nascar, Fox Sports 1, MTV, Oxygen, E! and more) and they do not seem to show any sign of slowing down, as they gear up to release brand new music on Baltimore based label Manta Ray Records.

The upcoming EP, “Fearless” to be released early 2015 will be recorded by producer J. Robbins (Jawbox, Clutch, Foo Fighters and Against Me!), preceded by debut single, “Dangerous” along with an accompanying video and a few extra surprises. A Springtime US tour will feature an appearance at  SXSW in Austin, TX.


Aly Jados

Band Name: Aly Jados
Album Name: Was Here
Music Style: Indie Rock

Armed with her hand-me-down ’78 Gibson Les Paul and powerhouse vocals that could shake walls, Chicago singer/songwriter Aly Jados performs with everything she’s got — her heart and soul and sweat and tears. Her voice is raw, soulful and bluesy with a rough edge, while her lyrics weave a story that almost everyone can relate to.

Since the tender age of 13, Aly has been forging her way as a musician, playing screeching guitar solos in punk and metal bands, while dreaming of rock and roll stardom. But her impressive pipes were the reason she was hand-selected to compete in front of a national audience on Fox’s popular talent search “American Idol” in 2011, and NBC’s hit vocal competition “The Voice” in 2012. Still, Aly has kept her eye on the prize and her home-town roots strong, playing monthly residencies to her loyal fans all throughout the city while continuing to write and record.

Aly’s current single “Hold On” is available now for a free download at The video is picking up momentum on YouTube. The full EP “Was Here” will be released early next year.


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Kasey Williams

Band Name: Kasey Williams
Album Name: Kasey Williams EP
Music Style: Indie Pop
Kasey Williams is an indie pop singer songwriter from NY. After releasing her self titled debut EP, she went on to release “7 Days Of Love”, a project in which she released a new single every day for the week of Valentines day. Find out much more at

With the release of her self titled album, Kasey Williams utilizes emotion, whit, and a bit of
humor to show that even when songwriting comes from a personal place, it can still be fun. This
set of classic indie-pop songs span from catchy, up beat love songs, to tasteful emotional
ballads complete with beautiful string arrangements.

The first single, “Constant,” is comprised of modern instrumentation, addicting vocal melodies,
and an all around feel-good aesthetic.

Williams points out that “Constant” was the first song she wrote for her album, but more
importantly, she believes it was the song that inspired her to pursue a career in songwriting.
Williams reminisces about her initial motivation behind the writing of “Constant”:
“I woke up one morning and the lyrics were in my head, so I sat down at my
small light up keyboard and just put my fingers where it felt good. A significant
someone once said we could be each others constant. I really liked that idea. As an
artist things are unpredictable and always changing, so it’s nice to have someone/
something that’s consistent.”

Kasey writes in such a way that the listener finds themselves relating to each of her songs in
one way or another. It is the exuberance of her character that is attached to these songs, and it
is that experience that makes the listener yearn for more. Kasey explains this phenomenon:
“This album is very personal. Every song on it comes from an honest place, even
if it may be light and fun. I feel very close to each of these for different reasons. So much
happened personally in my life over the years that these songs were written, and I think
they all paint a picture of where I was at the time.”

There is a lot to be said for consumers just listening to the singles, but to get a full
understanding of where Kasey is coming from as a songwriter and as a person, listening to her
entire record is a must! Kasey’s songs build, breathe, and at times climb to a breaking point of
raw emotion.

Kasey has performed at venues such as Rockwood Music Hall in New York City and The
Acoustic Coffee House in Johnson City, Tennessee. Kasey was a featured performer for the
New York Song Circle in 2014 and she is an active volunteer with the non-profit organization
Musicians On Call. The songwriter just released a digital release of her new single on
Valentine’s Day as part of her Seven Days Of Love Project for which released
a song and a video everyday for seven days (hence, the name) the week of Valentine’s Day.

Kasey Williams’ album, Kasey Williams, is available now at,
and on most major digital outlets.

To hear and learn more of Kasey Williams, please visit:


Nancy McCallion

Band Name: Nancy McCallion
Album Name: Come Home to Me
Music Style: Singer-songwriter
Former Singer/Songwriter of the celtic-folk-rock-tex-mex-americana band, The Mollys. Think Lucinda Williams meets Tom Waits over a pint of Guinness.

Nancy McCallion is best known as the songwriter and vocalist for original Celtic-Norteno-you-name-it folk-rock cult band The Mollys.
McCallion teamed up with high school music partner Catherine Zavala to form The Mollys in 1989, racking up seven indie releases and countless rave-review shows in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand before the group disbanded in 2003.

The daughter of an Irish-Scots immigrant and a Texas farm girl, McCallion grew up in Tucson, a cross-cultural border town. She heard, and was obviously influenced by, the Norteno sounds of her Southwest Side neighborhood, her older sister’s Beatles’ records, and 1970s and ’80s radio rock, mixed with her dad’s Irish trad and her mother’s Texas old-time country. Throw in adolescent Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello and Pogues fixations and you’ve got the cultural stew that emerged as The Mollys’ drop-jaw repertoire.

McCallion, Zavala and The Mollys developed a solid following and a trail of rave reviews (including a listing in the Washington Post’s top 10 CDs of 1997) for powerful, hard-to-classify recordings and pool-of-sweat performances over 14 years. The band took a break in 2001, when McCallion stopped to have a child, and disbanded in 2003, after a last tour of Italy.

She never quit writing, and resumed live performance and recording as a solo over the last 7 years. Her latest project, Take a Picture of me brings together hot players from Tucson (Ralph Gilmore, Steve Grams,Danny Krieger and former Mollys members Catherine Zavala and Kevin Schramm

Her new album is a recession inspired collection of songs dedicated to the working poor of America. Although often compared favorably to Lucinda Williams and other leading female writers, McCallion’s sharp takes on life lived small also bring to mind Tom Wait’s dark, quirky tales.

Catch Nancy’s track “On We Go” on Putamayo’s Women of the World: Celtic along with Mary Black, Clannad, Maura O’Connell, Capercaillie and others.


Roll It Over

Band Name: Roll It Over
Album Name: A New Life
Music Style: Hard Rock
A New Life’ is Roll It Over’s debut album. The album incorporates elements of Hard Rock, Alternative, Progressive, Metal and Indie band styles to create a steady flow of music that rises and falls with every emotion.

The band, formed in 2011, has featured many of the areas top musicians. Working together to create works of sonic architecture and emotional value. Music that will connect with the audience on varying levels. It’s easy to be labeled as certain genre but Roll It Over aims to bend those rules and incorporate elements of all styles into its ever-growing sound.
Vaughn Lowery of 360 Mag says “Roll It Over is funky and cool. A hybrid of alternative, rock and pop. Clear vocals, dope instrumentation and stellar production. This band is a must listen. Guaranteed to hypnotize you.” Over the past few years, Roll It Over has managed to build a fan base throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and has shared the stage with many well known acts including Saving Abel, Charm City Devils, 12 Stones, Smile Empty Soul, Hurt, The Dreaming, and Taproot.

Steven E. Davenport

Band Name: Steven E. Davenport
Album Name: It’s No Longer Make Believe
Music Style: Country
Variety / female and male vocals / Country and Pop Country music for other artist / different tempos

Songwriter / Steven E. Davenport

Songwriter for other artist / with both male and female vocals. I have loads of new releases listed on iTunes and many other digital locations. There’s slow – med and fast tempo songs / great variety. Country and Pop Country styles. I have over 30ty professional demo recordings to choose from.


Norine Braun

Band Name: Norine Braun
Album Name: Conventus The Eye of the Heart
Music Style: Blues/RootsRock/Americana
Award-winning bluesy artist with a siren’s voice, Norine Braun’s takes blues to a new level with her unique style and why everybody is talking about her music! She delivers her artistic lyrics with alluring vocals that will leave you mesmerized.

Canadian artist Norine Braun bridges the gap between a singer-songwriter and a rock and roll performer.

Norine Braun’s music falls somewhere in between the intimate, heartfelt approach of folk and the energy of pop, roots rock, just as if Joni Mitchell and kd lang would join Patti Smith and Prince for a jam, somewhere in the vast wilderness of the Canadian landscape.

Her music blinks an eye to the past, while firmly looking forward, blending timeless elements such as blues, americana, soul and country and presenting them to the audience with a freshness and balance that are in tune with today’s sensibilities.

Norine’s eclectic approach to songwriting and her prowess as a heartfelt performer are the fundaments of her solid reputation within her local scene, and beyond: This talented artist received recognition from events such as L.A. Music Awards, The Best Female Musicians Magazine and many more.

Ever the chameleon, hardworking DIY Norine Braun released her ninth studio album, adding to her
impressive and prolific catalogue.”Conventus The Eye of the Heart”, an inspired piece of music centered around the concept of “unions”, something that affected Norine’s life in several disguises.