Colossal Boss

Band Name: Colossal Boss
Album Name: Colossal boss
Music Style: Rock, blues rock, classic rock
Influences: Black Crows
Band Description An intense and powerful four-piece Seattle based group, we play classic, hard drivin’, bluesy rock and roll. We are a groovy, heavy, hard hitting and soulful band with gritty and heavy guitar driven music.

Hit the open road with Colossal Boss! With musical experience that
spans a decade, this four piece rock band from Seattle is revving
their engines and hitting the road in the Pacific Northwest. With a
mix of in your face rock, melodic blues and an unforgettable live

performance these hard working musicians play to a wide range of fans.

Steven Douglas is the front man with powerful vocals and impressive
harmonica skills.  Supported by Ted Norris on Guitar, Fraser Midstokke
on Bass and Corey Olsen on Drums, Colossal Boss creates big music,
written from the heart with input from all talented members.

With musical influences who include Robert Johnson blues and classic
rock acts such as Aerosmith and Black Crowes, to Stevie Ray Vaughn,
Soundgarden, Allman Brothers, Deep Purple and U2, the list is
eclectic, diverse and long.

They guys are excited about the recent release of their self-titled EP
and performing their new songs in the local music scene.  Eventually
they want to hit the road, meet new people and play all around the
country they love.

Fans old and new can stay connected with the guys through their
website and Social Media: Facebook and Twitter.  Find exclusive
downloads, new releases and stay current with upcoming live events and
band news.

Listen for the power and rumble of those engines as Colossal Boss
speeds into the nearest rock venue. It’s a show you won’t want to


Timmy the Teeth

Band Name: Timmy The Teeth
Album Name: Just Another Day
Music Style: Indie Rock / Folk

With the release of his full length album Just Another Day, Timmy The Teeth brings a new feel to a classic genre by working a country aesthetic into classic rock, all without losing the emotiona

l platform where
great songs come from.

The first single “Some Things Never Change” comes in strong and doesn’t wait long until its chorus turns the song into a quick addiction. Layered guitars, a bopping bass line, and soothing vocal harmonies that bring the song to life.

“Some things never change Like the mundane death of the day to day, alive out of habit bullshit. Its about how i wish things could Go back to how they use to be, all while wishing I could change. Its a juxtaposition of wishing you could eat
your cake and not get older in the process.” explains songwriter Timothy George of the single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, in order to really understand where Timmy The Teeth is coming from, it must be heard in its entirety. The record is full with indie folk, indie rock, and country, complete with lush guitars, horn sections, and an atmosphere that feels at times, like dreaming.

Tim explains “Just Another Day” Is more of a mind frame of not getting to ahead of yourself and thinking to much about the past or the future. A lot of people even myself at one point was so worried about where I was going to go after death, And forgetting to actually live in the present. Heavens not just a place you go after you’re put in the dirt, but its here on earth. It can be. Just another day is sort of saying F-It! Today is over and tomorrow will be here soon. The sun always rises, it always does.”

Raised in a musical family, Timothy George has been singing and playing music from an early age. Growing up, the home was filled with music from his sisters playing piano or his dad’s keeping rhythm with the butter knife in anticipation for his toast to pop out of the toaster. These are the kind of personal attributes that show in the album.

“The album is pretty personal to me and my life experiences. The last song on the record is in honor of my mother. The album in a whole is really meaningful to the ones closest in my life, even my dogs

Lizzy & Joey. It’s honest in that its relatable to anyone. My life isn’t unique.” says Timmy of his record.

Timmy The Teeth has opened for acts like, Dan Renolds of Imagine Dragons, Desert Noises, Israel Nash, Adam Haworth Stephens of Two Gallants, and more, along with playing drums for Joshua James during tours across the states.

“Just Another Day” is available now on most digital download outlets, and Timmy is planning a tour in the near future.


Nite Wolf

Band Name: Danny Vash & Nite Wolf
Album Name: Takin’ Control
Music Style: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
Influences: Jimmy Hendrix

Nite Wolf is a three-piece, hard rock power trio from the Albuquerque, New Mexico area featuring Danny Vash guitar/vocals, Mike Alberts on bass guitar, Bill Weber and Gary Mclean on drums. Their sound and style influences ranges from Ozzy, Priest, Maiden, Megadeth and Sabbath. Nite Wolf

delivers a unique riveting, hard rock sound that combines influences from the Legends of Metal and Hard Rock, to present day. In addition to headlining many of their own shows in the Albuquerque area, Nite Wolf has shared the stage with industry moguls such as Robin Trower, Pat Traverse, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush and Savoy Brown. All original music is recorded, mixed and produced by Vash and Alberts. Nite Wolf has released 2 CD’s and is currently working on a 3rd CD.

Danny Vash Bio:
Songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Band Leader, Musical Director and Producer. From the San Francisco Bay Area and now settled in New Mexico. Danny Vash brings more than 5000 hours of studio experience along with 3 previous San Francisco Bay Area releases and 3 New Mexico releases. Earlier musical experiences have allowed Danny the opportunity to tour the Western United States and Europe. More recent worked as a studio musician and producer for Old Town Productions in Albuquerque NM. Danny is a self taught musician and writer with a unique style of playing and years of professional experience. Vash has shared the stage with numerous National Acts in California, western United States and New Mexico at premiere venues.
Contact me Danny Vash if you would like to collaborate on a project, bookings or interested in purchasing one of my songs. I am also available for hire to write a jingle or create the music for your advertisement, movie, game or TV show. No job is too big or too small.

A percentage of Nite Wolf’s final sale price goes to ASPCA Charity: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and 50% of selected song sales goes to United Way Charity.


Elliot Matsu

Band Name: Elliot Matsu
Album Name: Swim
Music Style: Alternative
Influences: David Bowie
Band Description – Elliot Matsu mixes alt-rock indie production techniques and straightforward composition with mature, adult-contemporary themes.

Elliot Matsu grew up in Chicago.  His musical career began at five years old when he
was enrolled in the Suzuki School of Music to study piano.  Suzuki stresses that students
learn music first by ear rather than by sight reading.

At the age of 10, Elliot decided that rock ‘n roll was his calling.  His interests evolved from
The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys to Guns ‘n Roses, Metallica and
Motley Crue.  His style changed from JC Penny’s catalog offerings to stone washed jean
jackets, boots with chains on them and t-shirts with the arms cut off.  His first guitar was an
Olympic White Fender Squire Stratocaster, kinda like Yngwie Malmsteen’s.  Under careful
cultivation, his hair mushroomed into a thick, puffy mullet.

It was at this time that Elliot hooked up with guitar hero George Bellas to learn how to play
the guitar like all of his new idols.  George was signed on Shrapnel Records, and played
with many big shred/metal names and gave lessons on the side.  Although Elliot’s
shredding abilities stopped far short of his teacher’s, his guitar playing and solo
composition remains heavily influenced by his teacher’s neo-classical style to this day.

With his new licks, kicks, denim and mullet, Elliot set out to destroy the world in his first
band, ‘Hyperten-shun’ (yes, it was spelled wrong “for effect”).  The band played a few
school dances before it’s members graduated from junior high school.  Elliot’s next band
was formed in high school and was called ‘Obduracy.’  Obduracy played thrash metal at
local clubs and released a few home made ep’s on cassette tapes.  Aside from playing in
bands, Elliot held jobs as a bus boy, a telemarketer for a carpet cleaning company, a
mattress delivery helper, a UPS delivery helper, an ice-cream scooper at Baskin Robins
and a Nordic Track sales person.

After Elliot graduated from high school it was off to college and goodbye to mullets and
metal.  While at college he self-released a few albums and ep’s attempting a more pop
rock sound.  These were recorded on Alesis ADAT machines (which were very new and
cool at the time) with Elliot performing all of the vocal and instrument parts.  One such
release, titled “Autonomy,” was financed by his college roommate and released at retail.

Upon graduation from college, Elliot headed to New York City.  Hestudied to get his
masters degree in entertainment business at NYU while recording bands and artists in his
apartment at night.  He spent time working at Billboard, Sony Music, TVT Records and
Roadrunner Records.  He hooked up with producer Jonathan Appell (engineer/producer
for Bette Middler, Carol King) and worked with many big studio musicians on his initial
demos including Shawn Pelton (Saturday Night Live, Sheryl Crowe, David Byrne), Steve
Wolf (Annie Lennox, Avril Lavigne) Mark Slutsky (Gavin DeGraw, PINK), Vinnie Zummo
(Shawn Colvin, Joe Jackson), Rick Skatore (24-7 Spyz), Mark Shulman (Jewel) and Gregg
Gerson (Billy Idol).

Aside from his solo work, Elliot also played bass in a band called ‘On The Lam’ with
childhood friend Matt Friscia, who worked at BMG in New York and would go on to play
drums in the Poster Children and Team Rockit.  Matt eventually started Firetone Records
and released Elliot’s debut album, “2nd Avenue.”  The record continues to spin on radio
stations and podcasts throughout the indie music world.  One of the singles, “Cry,” hit #30
on the small market adult contemporary charts here in the states.  His other single,
“Something Wrong,” has gotten much attention in the independent music scene and was
played on the runway at the 2008 Fall Fashion shows in New York.

Elliot also played lead guitar in underground NYC punk band Odd Zero, and produced
their last LP, Another Odd Zero To Dread.  The band was together and playing frequently
in rock clubs during Matsu’s second solo release, The Value of Power, which was
received well on the indie rock and internet radio scene and included singles “Ellie,”
“Down on Bowery,” “Hot Pink Limousine,” “Stars,” (featuring Shawn Pelton from SNL)  and
“Who Am I?”


Manuel K

Band Name: Manuel K
Album Name: Live Without You (2014)
Music Style: Rock, Indie, Alternative, Modern Rock, Soft Rock
Band DescriptionManuel K – independent rock singer, guitarist, keyboard player, songwriter

Manuel K is an independent rock singer, guitarist, keyboard player and songwriter from Switzerland. Manuel K was formerly known as lead singer and guitarist of the rock bands Nextmile and

Rockcousins which are on longtime hiatus. That’s why Manuel K started his solo project in 2013.

His first single “Back to Guitars (Demo)” was released digitally on January 31, 2013 worldwide. “Back to Guitars” is a guitar-driven blues-rock song. The second single „Tonight” is an emotional love-song and was released on June 22, 2013 as digital download worldwide too.

In July/August 2013 Manuel K was number 1 on the national ReverbNation Rock charts for Switzerland for 4 weeks nonstop.

On January 31, 2014 Manuel K released his third single “Live Without You (2014)”. It is a stunning rock ballad and without any doubt Manuel K’s most sophisticated and best production yet. The first version of the song was released by Manuel K’s former project Rockcousins in 2009. Due to the fact that shortly after the release of “Live Without You” Rockcousins went separate ways, only a few people heard the song. Therefore Manuel K decided last year to release a totally new version of the song in 2014. As before Manuel K produced, recorded and played vocals, backing vocals, guitars, keyboards and percussion loops at his home studio. Manuel K also has written the song with a little help from cousin and former Rockcousins member Raphael F who played bass. Kenny Aronoff played drums, one of the world’s most influential and in demand drummers. The drums were recorded at Uncommon Studios LA, USA by Nathan Staley. The song was mixed by internationally well-experienced sound engineer Delwyn Brooks in Vancouver BC, Canada. The mastering was done by Adam Ayan at renowned Gateway Mastering Studios Portland ME, USA.

From April to July 2014 Manuel K’s single “Live Without You (2014)” entered the Digital Radio Tracker airplay charts (USA). Peak: #13 on the DRT National Airplay Top 50 Rock Chart 5/3/2014, #26 on the DRT National Airplay Top 50 Independent Chart 5/31/2014 and #165 on the DRT National Airplay Top 200 Chart 5/31/2014. Furthermore Manuel K’s third single “Live Without You (2014)” (Songwriters: Manuel K and Raphael F) received the ‘Runner Up‘ placement in the “Song of the Year” songwriting contest in July 2014. In October 2014, Manuel K did incredibly well again. His second single “Tonight” (Songwriter: Manuel K) received the ‘Semi-Finalist‘ placement in the “Song of the Year” songwriting contest“!

Manuel K’s music is available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and other online music stores worldwide.


John Kline

Band Name: John Kline
Album Name: Downward Facing Dogs
Music Style: Instrumental Progressive Rock
Melodic and expressive progressive instrumental music with heart and soul.

Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist John Kline’s sixth release and 5th full-length album includes guest performances by Michael Arata, Alan Renkl, Tom Thomas, and Andy Gavin. Melodic and progressive with positive energy and guitar shenanigans…

Doctor John Kline is a Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Mobile, AL.

Positive energy, guitar shenanigans, and cute dogs… Can it get any better than this?  Well, yes, but this is still pretty darned cool!  

Clinical Psychologist John Kline teams up with some of Mobile AL’s finest local musicians, as well as Andy Gavin from Sweden for some of the tracks, and on others, multitracks them himself.  The Doctor (or just “Doc”) named his multitrack studio, called “the guiTARDIS,” after the time traveling space alien who named himself “The Doctor.”  

Travel in time and space while you relax and listen to some pretty darned good guitar-oriented music… But there are also cool other instruments, so gee whiz, no getting bored… well, unless you count putting you to sleep, which could happen, but it probably won’t suck.

Fans of Joe Satriani, Pat Metheny, Steve Morse, Jeff Beck, and Eric Johnson might just like this work by The Doctor and his companions.    Science fiction fans, guitar nerds, and music lovers of all kinds unite!   Into the position, downward facing your dog, and scritch ’em behind the ears… Because this album is just the bees knees!!!


Strangely Alright

Band Name: Strangely Alright
Album Name: Single – Come On
Music Style: Power Pop
Take Weezer and Super Furry Animals sprinkled with some Bowie, and then add confessional lyrics ala John Lennon and you have the five-piece power pop band Strangely Alright.

Strangely Alright is a 5 piece Power Pop Band from the Seattle, WA area that has, as Rockford Rowley from The Weekly Volcano says, “an undeniable emotional appeal.  Ringing, triumphant chords and lyrics that allude to conquered tribulations immediately make the music relatable to everyone. Regan Lane’s 80’s pop star experience, Ken Schaff”s driving hard rock influences, Preston Darvill’s late 90’s heavy hitting grunge love affair, Ray Hayden’s keyboard crush on all things prog rock and Sean Van Dommelen’s crunchy white boy blues, all collide together creating their unique raw, energetic, sound deep seated with emotion. Lane’s charismatic presence and ability to get asses out of their seats and the underlying lyrical message of hope, empathy, and love live up to the title of the band’s upcoming single, COME ON, a catchy,  rock song that’s  sugar coated piece of power pop!

Strangely Alright’s last CD ‘The Time Machine Is Broken’  received rave reviews and radio airplay from around the world, including Great Britain, Australia and Sweden!
A track from the album, “Crying Shame”, was nominated for the NWME song of the year in the alt/classic rock category and recently SA’s music was included on the hit Seattle sketch comedy show “The 206”. They have  been featured artist on a number of northwest shows including NWCZ’s ‘The Convergence Zone”, ‘The Aquarium” and “The Internal Narcissist”.

Singer Songwriter Regan Lane has had placement and airplay of his heartfelt pop and rock songs on numerous TV shows throughout the US,including A&E’s Biography,NBC Sports,VH1’s Top Twenty Countdown and Best Week Ever, Anthony Bourdains’ No Reservations and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew along with many other cable and network shows.
His jubilant pop song ‘U Won’t Believe’ was heard on NBC’s “Race across America” and was also the theme song for “Puget Sounds TV”, a Northwest TV show featuring local and national indie artists. “The Ocean Makes Her Cry'”was recently played on The Discovery Channels’ “Strictly Sex With Dr. Drew: Am I Normal?” and his pop gem ‘Junkie’ was heard on a recent Johnny Knoxville’s MTV special.


Pleasure’s Paradox

Band Name: Pleasure’s Paradox
Album Name: Home From Home
Music Style: Radio Rock / Indie Rock
Pleasure’s Paradox is the solo project of Cristian Gonzalez. An artist born and raised in the suburbs of Illinois. His influences range from artists like Bright Eyes and City and Colour, and William Fitzsimmons.

With the new EP release Home From Home, songwriter Cristian Gonzalez shows a natural talent for putting out strong, emotionally charged, pop songs with indie rock attitude and radio ready perfection.

The EP released under the name Pleasure’s Paradox, is Cristian’s personal project and has already started catching a buzz enough for him to appear live with grammy nominated song writers like Maxwell Hughes of The Lumineers.

The first single “When You Leave Me”, is an up beat, high energy, catchy pop song that really features the artists fun soulful vocals and layered guitar hooks.

“The theme of this song focuses on people in our lives that may not be around anymore. Whether it is a past loved one, somebody you are close to yet cannot always be with, or even an old friend whom you’ve lost touch with over time. It is about missing relationships of all types.” says the songwriter of the single.

Cristian has been writing since he was only 15 years of age, and tried his hand in a few bands through out everything, but didn’t really find his calling until he realized the direction he needed to go was solo. Writing and recording almost all instrumentation, and having control over the sound he wanted is important to his process.

The artist explains, “Working on these songs has given me the opportunity to think in ways musically that were never an option for me. I have for the most part been a solo acoustic player for a long time, so my producer and I were able to bring my music to a whole new level with the addition of various instrumental parts in the song. It has given me the chance to prove what I have always wanted, which is that I am so much more than just a guy with a wooden box and strings. “

Along with indie rock, and pop songs, the Home From Home EP also upholds a unique set of folk songs that bring things back to its roots with instrumentation like Mandolin and acoustic guitars.

The EP is available now on several outlets for digital download and Cristian plans on a tour for Pleasure’s Paradox this summer.

To learn and hear more of Pleasure’s Paradox please visit:‎‎


Emily Kate Boyd

Band Name: Emily Kate Boyd
Album Name: In The Woods
Music Style: Americana
Emily Kate Boyd is an Americana, rock, folk, country and blues music singer- songwriter. As a performing artist, she’s a poet and storyteller, making her live performance an original and deeply heartfelt experience.

Emily Kate Boyd is an Americana, rock, folk, blues, and country music singer and songwriter.  As a performing artist, she’s a poet and storyteller, making her live performance an original and deeply heartfelt experience. Emily creates threads of Americana that draw inspiration from the Appalachian traditions, Jazz and Gypsy Blues.

A woman of the world, her hometown is Chattanooga, Tennessee, though Emily splits residency with adopted home of Buenos Aires, Argentina where she is currently expanding her independent label, ARCA Records. Her latest release, “In the Woods”, includes sessions recorded in Atlanta Georgia, Floyd Virginia and Buenos Aires with local musicians in each of those cities.

Emily has shared the stage with many notable singer-songwriters, including live performances with Clay Cook (o/ Zac Brown Band), Shawn Mullins, Angie Aparo and many more. Her rich, bluesy voice is reminiscent of Laura Marling, though many associate her style with artists like Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt and Madeleine Peyroux.  Best served in a listening room environment, Emily’s acoustic set brings a passion and energy that deeply connects with her audience.

Review Excerpts:

“Chattanooga native Emily Kate Boyd creates music with ties to the histories of country, blues and folk music—but even those genres seem to bend and twist around her bucolic narratives and gorgeous melodies. Her songs are stories with a commanding presence that can easily shift from aching emotionality to stark rationalization in a heartbeat.” – Josuha Pickard,, Chattanooga, TN

“Standout performer” – Atlanta Music Guide

“There is a mature, thought-provoking singer-songwriter at work here…. all incredibly good songs that push the limits of singer-songwriter artistry.” – Maverick Magazine UK


TJ Doyle

Band Name: TJ Doyle
Album Name: On The Horizon
Music Style: Rock
TJ Doyle’s lyrics contain a rarefied view of the trans-formative power of nature. He infuses his music with iconoclastic philosophy on nature and humanity, invoking a classic message and creating music in a freshened vibe of the 1960’s.

TJ Doyle believes in harboring a deep connection with the natural world by listening, observing and living at peace with your surroundings. He draws inspiration from nature, utilizing his passion for the environment to infuse his music and lyrics with a unique sense of purpose and direction.

TJ Doyle’s musical aspirations began early in life. As a child, he was instructed in the fine arts of piano, guitar, and eventually composition. Once he began composing and singing his own vocals, his talents segued into the garage band scene and, eventually, entry in a talent competition. TJ and a friend won top honors, landing them a gig at a local nightclub for the next three years and drawing the attention of local names. After several years touring with bands, he struck out to compose his own musical legacy.

In 2005, TJ began pre-production on his debut album, One True Thing. Recording with Grammy-winning mixer Tom Weir’s “Studio City Sound,” TJ invited Tracy Chapman alums, Rock Deadrick (drums), David Sutton (bass), and Phil Parlapiano to lay down piano, accordion and keyboard tracks alongside Bruce Springsteen guitarist Tim Pierce for multiple tracks. Emphasizing importance on song selection and the conveyance of meaning, TJ envisioned the album leaving its mark as an original on the music circuit.

Four years of dedication, work and passion led to the album’s release in 2009. Fans and new listeners embraced One True Thing’s positive pro-love and pro-earth message. Harnessing his love for nature and strong desire to evoke a sense of urgency to protect our Earth, TJ was inspired to write songs like “Earth Is Crying” and “One True Thing” on his first album, and “Favorite Places” on the upcoming album.

“Nature has taught me that everything is alive and it’s own way conscious,” TJ quotes. “Music is a language that has found it’s way into every culture on Earth and has a common meaning in each one. I think music can lift people into more conscious awareness when they let themselves go with it.”

When not performing or recording, he spends his time mountain biking, walking his dog Casey, and practicing Kundilini Yoga, which he says teaches how to listen and allow ideas and words to emerge for his work. Cultivating space and allowing the music and lyrics to emerge from within, his artistic method is one of true organic form.

TJ’s sophomore album, “On The Horizon,” reaches even deeper into the realms of human experience. In it, he looks for secrets to unlock the world around us and process nature in its entirety. Utilizing the producing talents of Tom Weir and collaborating with lyracist Lynda Levy, TJ is intent on furthering the energetic sounds and messages that have already united his loyal fan base.