Maggie Szabo

Band Name: Maggie Szabo
Album Name: Singal-Tidal Waves
Music Style: soul/pop

Maggie Szabo, a soul/pop artist from Canada now based in Los Angeles, released the music video to her latest single, ‘Tidal Waves & Hurricanes’.

A soulful Canadian singer who’s won over audiences worldwide, with 13 million views on YouTube, Maggie Szabo comes from small town Ontario and is now an accomplished singer/performer living and working in Los Angeles.

Maggie honed her craft at a young age in her hometown of Dundas. Following her high school graduation, she moved to Nashville to continue the quest to improve her writing and performing. Her original sound, infused with soulful pop melodies, secured Maggie a record deal with Linus Entertainment in Ontario. Her debut pop album Now Hear Me Out was released in November, 2012. All songs were co-written by Maggie, with production by Justin Gray (Joss Stone), Gavin Bradley (Nelly Furtado) and Tanya Leah.

The single “Lovesick” was released to heavy rotation on Canadian airwaves, and Maggie was named Bell Media’s Emerging Artist—personally chosen by famed blogger Perez Hilton as his “Can YOU Sing?” contest winner. He hailed Maggie as a superstar on the rise.
Since living in Los Angeles, Maggie has performed to sold-out shows at the infamous Viper Room, House of Blues, and famed venue The Hotel Café. She also wrote and recorded her song “Tidal Waves and Hurricanes.” The music video premiered exclusively by Ryan Seacrest and has garnered great reviews from media and fans. She’s also won the 2014 Toronto Independent Music Award in the category for Best Pop.

With a quickly growing fan-base and a social media following that tops some of the nation’s most established pop artists, Maggie has effectively used the internet to showcase and market her songs to the world and her dedicated fans. She’s now gearing up for the next exciting chapter in her musical journey— an album of new songs and a tour to follow.


Guy Grogan

Band Name: guy grogan
Album Name: bloom expires the grind
Music Style: AAA

Songmaker Guy Grogan writes and records his own material as a multi-instrumentalist. His new single, the alt-pop “shark inside”, is an iron fist in a velvet glove and just one of the many broad-ranging tracks to be enjoyed on his latest offering.

It’s a fairly common story, up to a point–malcontent growing up in the 80s becomes spellbound by the electric guitar. Lives and breathes rock music of all shapes and sizes. Devoted to his bands throughout high school and college. Music is his life, his entire identity.  Wants to make it big like only one could in the pre-internet era of the music industry.

Despite his staunch reluctance to grow up, “real life” takes hold and the Fenders are put to rest in the far reaches of a dusty coat closet. A musical identity crisis ensues (to compensate, he starts painting and writing). He doesn’t know what music to like. What he used to like all seems like childs play now. He gets into jazz, but isn’t good enough to play it, so he simply becomes an admirer of those who do and did. 10 years go by. Jobs, kids, house, marriage–the usual. The musician gradually becomes a ghost.

Then something happens. A long overdue life changing event. The subject of which is too personal, too emotionally and psychically exhaustive to go into here. But, as a result, the Fenders are exhumed. Ideas he had rattling around in his mind 10 years earlier resurface and start to emerge as songs. He is given a four track. He needs some bass so he gets one and becomes a bass player. Needs drums so starts drumming, needs lyrics so starts writing, needs vocals, a recording engineer, and so on. He starts to become what he, even his previous life as an aspiring musician, never thought he’d be: a songwriter. A songmaker, really.

That was 5 years ago. He has not stopped since. He has 6 albums to his name (admittedly of varying production quality) and he doesn’t even know how many songs, 40…50. He writes and records all the time. Music is his life again. He hopes you enjoy what he has done so far.


Pick Axe Preacher

Band Name: Pick Axe Preacher
Album: Pick Axe Preacher
Music Style: Thrash, Metal
Website: Music:
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Aggressive in your face Detroit Thrash! Is the best and simplest way to describe this cult mocking heavy metal band! Pick Axe Preacher strips away the fancy bells and whistles that clutter todays music, and gives you a full force elbow drop to the dome. With blistering guitar riffs, groovy speed drum beats, shredding bass lines, and vocals that make your feel like you’re in military school. What else can you ask for?

Mike Williams, Mike Hopper, Stu Stevens and Jeff Vergiels came together and starting jamming in late 2013. They wrote and recorded their first self-titled EP, along with a music video, with a release date of May 3rd 2014. After its monumental release PXP hit the road hard with gig after gig every weekend, and quickly became a dominating regional band within a few short months. While doing shows, the parties and fans were epic. So, PXP decided to film all of the craziness which let to a DVD release in April of 2015 called “Birth of a Cult”. PXP also has a new full length CD set to be released this summer with a whole lot of touring to follow. Do not miss what everyone has been talking about “Pick Axe Preacher”…

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Band Name: Axixic
Album Name: Dancing On The Moon
Music Style: Country
Influences: Jim Reeves
Band Description Pronounced: acks-icks-ick. Original songs in a variety of genres but decidedly Country.

When your beard turns white and you chuck your former life and move to a mountain village in the tropics, there is a tendency among some people to think that maybe you are possessed of a certain wisdom. I am here to tell you that nothing could be further from the truth.

Sometimes people come to visit me here and think that I have wisdom to dispense to them: I do not. I have opinions, I have ideas, I have observations – but none of them should ever be taken seriously as some sort of representation of TRUTH. It needs to be said here, for the record, and for all time: I am completely open to the possibility – maybe probability – that I am entirely full of shit.

Such people leave disappointed, I suppose. But sometimes they contribute a track or two to what I am working on – a rhythm track, a harmony, a bass line…. I am grateful. Thank you


Invisible Poet Kings

Band Name: Invisible Poet Kings
Album Name: Mutiny In The Dream Tent
Music Style: American Brit Pop Rock
Influences: The Beatles
Band Description Invisible Poet Kings perform music in what they call “American Brit Pop Rock”. Critics say the bands leader, Barry Keenan writes songs that are “thought provoking,” and his finely crafted lyrics, though completely contemporary, remain timeless.

Invisible Poet Kings are truly an American band. The four members come from different corners of the United States bringing together a wide variety of musical & artistic influences. The band formed in Los Angeles around the group’s founder, Barry Keenan, originally from Boston, Massachusetts. Veteran music producer and LA native, Mandi Martin introduced Keenan to drummer, Voyce McGinley III who settled in LA after leaving Virginia. While at Taxi Road Rally networking event, Barry met guitarist, Ed Krzyzaniak after Ed moved to LA from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. When Voyce introduced Barry to bassist, Jayme Lewis from Southern California, the band was complete. These four professional musicians came together out of an appreciation of great songs and the love of being on stage performing them. With influences from British Pop music and classic American rock n’ roll, the band performs songs written by Keenan which they refer to as American Brit Pop Rock. The long way to say… songs with a great feel, catchy melodies and thought provoking, engaging lyrics.

With Voyce on drums, Ed on guitar, Jayme on bass and Barry on guitar, piano and lead vocals, the band divides it’s time between studio work, live gigs and life. The attention to detail in songwriting, arranging, producing, and recording has resulted in a release that has tremendous spirit and energy. The music is a rich kaleidoscope of inventive pop, driving rock, urban folk and electronic magic, with strong hooks that entertain the listener in a meaningful way. The stories and ideas contained in the songs ring with a modern sound and are a reflection of the classic music we all love.



Band Name: Riboflavin
Music Style: Pop/Punk
Influences: Blink-182
Band Description Rebuttal is Riboflavin’s latest release and represents a richer fuller sound! It was mixed by Jordon Silva who mixed Flogging Molly’s last album and he adds a new flavor to the band that we love! We’ve also included a couple of other crowd favorites!

Riboflavin is comprised of 4 friends from North County San Diego who have known each other since they were in 1st through 3rd grade. Julian Quezada, Brandon Taco Taylor and Christopher Ogle formed the band in May of 2012 to play for friends at house parties and really anywhere they could convince people to have them perform! They played covers by Megadeath, Green Day, etc. and originals that fit in the pop punk genre. Finding their identity in “pop punk”, they began playing larger venues and their audience and popularity grew. Now they were in need of pictures and were looking to find an avenue to record. In early 2014, they found an amazing young man, Steven Waggoner, who was invited to photograph the band and it just so happened that he was also an outstanding “shredder” guitarist and after sitting in with the band he was asked to join in May of 2014. This added musical depth to the group and Julian embarked on writing a slew of new songs. It was clear that magic was happening and it was time for the studio. It just so happened that Steven had the perfect solution, he was the owner of “Studio 458” in Escondido. The band quickly got to work on a six song EP that was completed and released in September 2014 and is available for listening and download on ReverbNation. They are currently back in the studio working on 5 exciting new songs. It’s clear that their writing and performing are taking it to the next level!

Their live performances are truly exhilarating and a must see experience.



Band Name: Predestined
Album Name: Dreamwave
Music Style: Rock
Influences: Lifehouse

   Predestined is an original rock project that mainly is a recording project, at the present time. This NEW CD, Dreamwave is the finest recording to date for the band.

Mike Parenti, Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar – A certified nutritionist by day, and songwriter of Predestined by night and weekends says, “when we get a hit record and people want to see us, then we play out. It’s a whole other beast playing live and touring … “

Mike is influenced by The Beatles, The Who, Lifehouse, Foo Fighters, Staind, and Tom Petty to name but a few. His songs have made the semifinals in The UK Songwriting Contest (of which only 20% of songs entered get to).

Pandora Radio is currently spinning another project of his called, Creation Mind, specifically the CD “The Crimson Sun”, which is more of a retro 60’s and 70’s.

Ray Martin, Bass Guitar – Ray is a seasoned bass player having performed in many cover bands around New York City and New Jersey club scene. He lends his talents of bass guitar, as well as lead guitar, and backing vocals.

Stefano Leone, Drums – Stefano lends his fabulous talents to the band including his backing vocals. Stef like Ray, performs non-stop in various cover bands in Manhattan regularly. Stef has also been attending The Collective School Of Music in Manhattan and has been involved in various performing activities with the school as well.


Casper Jones

Band Name: Casper Jones
Album Name: Delicious Creation and other songs
Music Style: pop/rock
Influences: The Beatles
 Band Description Acclaimed songwriter Casper Jones uses elements of pop, rock, folk and country to create a refreshing mix of catchy hooks and soulful arrangements.

Casper Jones is a songwriter/producer from Copenhagen, Denmark. After eleven years in NYC he relocated to his native country where he’s now enjoying a great deal of success with his homegrown tunes. His first album ‘Delicious Creation’ (2009) still sounds fresh and modern, and it’s obviously available for purchase in iTunes, Spotify, and all the other most popular online music stores. But in addition, Casper is now presenting a batch of new tunes such as the catchy ‘Best Love’ and the beautiful ‘Color Blue’. In the coming months Casper Jones will be embarking on a tour around Denmark, and then later on he’ll work his way through Europe and eventually back to the U.S. He would love for you to utilize his music in any way, shape and form you may feel like, so that once he visits your area for a show the venues will be hopping.


Bonnie Paul

Band Name: Bonnie Paul
Music Style: Country
Influences: RandyTravis
Band Description Traditional country roots with modern day soul

The actress/singer/ writer has just released her latest single, Me and You , which is as sensitive as it comes. Bonnie handles ballads like this expertly and as well as pleasing Country music fans this is a song which is likely to cross over to mainstream markets  ~ Stuart Cameron Up Magazine UK

Bonnie co wrote Childhood Sweethearts with Randy Travis… The music video was seen on  video stream

Bonnie Paul  is also an actress and she stars in the romantic Comedy “The Final Song” playing now on Walmart , Google Plus, Barnes & Noble , Amazon …..Any many other of your favorite websites.


Alex & Friends

Band Name: Alex & Friends
Album Name: Some Winter Tales
Music Style: Rock
Influences: Indie Rock
Band Description Old school ambiant rock with catchy melodies and moody soundscapes

Alex & Friends was founded in Paris on 2011 around lead singer/composer Pierre Alexander (France, 34, guitar, piano, drums, vocals). He recruited his cousin Hugh (France, 23, bass and vocals) and his ex-girlfriend Elfie (France, 33, vocals) to team up for the recording in early 2012 of the band’s debut album: One Thing Left, published by Jane Songs and released on September, 2012. Backed up by Max (drums) and Erwan (lead guitar), they recorded a follow-up album, Some Winter Tales in 2014.