The C.R. Ecker Band

Band Name: The C.R. Ecker Band
Album Name: Spring 2015 Collection
Music Style: Country

Since it launched, in the words of Independent Music Network Country DJ Buck McCoy “like a rocket” in the Summer of 2011, The C.R.Ecker Band has garnered twenty awards from Japan, Europe and the U.S. driven by a “touch of lush” in its country roots.

The C.R. Ecker Band, since its inception in 2011, has earned twenty major awards for its distinct sound, created by songwriter Charles Ecker and supported by producers Michael Stanton in Los Angeles and Stacy Hogan in Nashville.

At a time when so much in country sounds the same, this band is making its moves to chart new ground with songs like “Green Eyes,” “A Lotta’ Love,” “My White Collar” and “I Believe in You,” all aimed at getting people to develop a renewed interest in country music.

It has earned the distinction of being named to the Starliner’s Europe Hall of Fame, one of the first ten inductees into the Renegade Radio Nashville “New Faces of Country” and recipient of “Song of the Year” awards at Hollywood Music in Media and L.A. Music Awards, the latter two consider precursers to Grammy attention.

Additionally, it was named “Country Band of the Year” at Independent Music Network and received the Silver Award for band of the year at Independent Country Music Association.

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The End of the Stream

Since this station and website has gone live on January 1, 2015 it has struggled to get listeners. However the readership has gone though the roof. There are more people in more countries reading this than there have ever been listening. By a ratio of 10:1. I do not have the time to broadcast live or

do podcasts. I’ve tried but with my day job of truck driving it is nearly impossible due to the fact that I never have a set route so I can not possibly set up interviews. The stream also incurs a monetary cost to myself and since I am the only one paying for it I cannot justify the spending of it if no one is listening to it.

So I have made the decision to kill the stream. The posts will go on and I will continue to feature the artists and their music and videos. If you run across one I strongly encourage you to go and purchase their music, attend their live shows and buy their merchandise. That was my original intent with this site and station to begin with.

The stream will end soon so listen to it if you wish but be warned you may be in the middle of a great song and …



Band Name: Hackmonocut
Album Name: The Sum Of My Parts
Music Style: Alternative Rock Noir
Influences: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Dark and feral songs full of irony and social criticism tell of love, murder, and failed politics. The dark soul of Hackmonocut’s music comes along with a familiar feeling of melancholy in his voice, driven by humming, distorted rock guitars creating Hackmonocut’s special kind of ALTERNATIVE ROCK NOIR sound.

Started in 2012 as a single man show and a busy year of songwriting and homerecording later, Hackmonocut released his debut album In The Land Of Basement Hobby Rooms’  with 11 tracks. Followed by the video to the song ‘Virgin Suicide Bomber’  visualizing one of the darkest tracks of the album in November 2013.

While working on the video, Hackmonocut completed the process of forming a band, which gives you the opportunity to visit one of Hackmonocut’s rare and exclusive live shows and watch the band performing an intense lineup which tempts their audience to dance with the dark soul of hackmonocut’s alternative rock noir.

Meanwhile Hackmonocut finished recording his 2nd solo album ‘The Sum Of My Parts’  which will be on the market by August 2015. The new tracks focus more on love and murder than on politics, which makes the new album sound a little less raging but overall darker than ‘In The Land Of Basement Hobby Rooms’. Sometimes you can even hear a little waltz noir in 3-quarter-time among uncompromising dark alternative rock noir songs. Watch the video album teaser to ‘Used Love’ to get a preview of what is to come.

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In The Land Of Basement Hobby Rooms – Album, 2013 (vienna2day)
Virgin Suicide Bomber – Single, 2013
Virgin Suicide Bomber – Official Video, 2013
Used Love – Album Teaser, 2014

Dead Born Sister – Single, 2015
The Sum Of My Parts – Album, 2015

Hackmonocut – vocals, instruments

Hackmonocut – vocals
Mar tin – guitar
Woolph – guitar, strings
Glenn – bass
Phil – drums


Katie Belle Akin

Band Name: Katie Belle Akin
Album Name: Georgia Moon
Music Style: Country-Pop
Influences: Carrie Underwood

Band Description: Uptempo beats, energetic, happy, insightful lyrics. Country instruments layered against a more pop beat. Clear vocals with some catchy hooks.

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Katie Belle Akin is a Teen Country- Nashville Pop singer/songwriter/actor and model. She hails from the rich musical heritages of Georgia and spends her time between Atlanta and Nashville. Katie’s songs encourage being strong and confident and the stories in her songs convey the message to always have faith in yourself. As a songwriter, she draws from personal experiences and uses her music to encourage and entertain music lovers of all ages. Katie’s music is currently getting spins on multiple internet radio stations in the U.S., Europe, Australia and several major market iHeart radio stations. She is the 2013 winner of the Atlanta Underground Music STARZ Award. Katie’s song “Invincible” made semi-finalist for the ISWC 2014. Several of Katie’s music videos have won Akademia Awards for production and vocals. Katie’s cover of “Counting Stars” charted at #3 on the Beat100 charts June 2014. Her EP “Next Thing In Tennessee” released summer 2014 has received great reviews from her fans and industry tastemakers. Go check out her latest single release “Georgia Moon’, a romantic song written this past August and produced at Castle Studios in Franklin,Tn. You can find all of Katie music on itunes and multiple other digital outlets. Katie is currently a featured artist on the nationally acclaimed Teen Nation Tour 2014. Teen Nation Tour travels across the USA presenting at middle schools their message to “Stand Strong and Defend against Bullying”. To date Katie has performed before 70K students with Teen Nation in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia & Mississippi. Katie also is a featured artist on Blitz Tours and Teens TurntUp Tours. A Barbizon trained model; she regularly models for Mike Moreland Commercial Photography and Bella Fashion Designs, Miami. Katie currently holds the title of Miss US Nation Teen Georgia. Modeling offers a different vantage point as relates to her songwriting and allows a creative way to utilize the skills Katie has learned performing at live shows. Katie hosts events and broadcasts shows via StageIt. Keep up with Katie’s appearances by joining her on her social media pages! Community Service is something that is very important to Katie and she never turns down an invitation to support Cancer Benefits such as Make a Wish Foundation, Paint the Mall Pink, Camp Happy Days and Relay for Life. She loves visiting at Ryan Secrest Studios in Atlanta and Charlotte Childrens’ Hospitals. Contact: Diane Akin, Administration-P.A. 404-213-6816 Katie will tell you she has been blessed with a talent and although life is busy, it is gratefully fueled by her “passion for performance”.



Band Name: Mossback
Album Name: Mishmash
Music Style: Roc
kInfluences: Pink Floyd

Band Description: Melodic guitar driven rock that still pays homage to the long forgotten art of the guitar solo.

Mossback was formed in 1994 in Seattle by Brennan McFeely and Paul Adams. A chance meeting at The Keg in the U-district brought lead guitarist Curt Hamblet aboard and the lineup began to solidify. Through ads in the Rocket Layne Bouche and Sandy Greenbaum were brought in on bass and drums respectively. And so began a ten year odyssey. Mossback played many local venues in and around the Seattle area. They began plying their spare money into recording, working with top notch producers Kevin Suggs, Gary King and Scott Ross to develop their unique sound. “Mishmash” is the culmination of over a decade of writing and recording and contains a wide variety of musical genres and styles. There’s something here for everybody. For those who like hard rock check out “On Your Own” and “Sanity”…For those preferring a softer sound there’s “Cold Wind” and “Annalisa”. Grunge rockers will like “Junkie Town” and “Nothin Left To Give”. And for the politically conscious check out “Cloak of No Consequence”, a song about the Tibetan struggle with genuine Tibetans’ chanting and singing backgrounds. Enjoy.

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Robin J Kroupa

Band Name: Robin J. Kroupa
Album Name: On The Wake of a Dream
Music Style: Rock – adult contemporary
Influences: Stevie Nicks
Band Description: This all original CD full of sultry rock, where Robin takes you on a contemporary lush journey, and some rockin’ and rolling. She offers up an alternative style of crisp and divine layers, you’re sure to enjoy.

Robin is a singer/songwriter, guitar and bass player. Her musical stylings are: singer/songwriter to melodic rock/pop, with a sophisticated adult contemporary feel; creating a style all her own.

She has been singing, writing and performed in rock and fusion bands over the years, throughout the Chicagoland area and California, as well as combining her talents in singer/songwriting collaborations.  She is now back to her solo roots.

Her song, ‘Code of Silence’, from her last release – ‘Pure Liquid’, was the closing credits feature song for an independent film, called Save Me, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and 6 other film festivals in 2008, and had a limited release throughout the US.

She has now completed in the Chicagoland area at her Pure Liquid Studios, the long awaited full album, On The Wake of a Dream, available now at Amazon!


Bag of Nickels

Band Name: Bag Of Nickels
Album Name: Amen
Music Style: rock
Influences: Janes Addiction

Band Description: Music to make the head nod…Bag of Nickels is not easily categorized,filed or labeled.. Their sound is drum and bass driven, with powerful guitars and smooth vocal melodies.

Bag of Nickels, coming off of a recent hiatus, is promoting the release of their 3rd album “Amen”.  The independent release was produced by Dennis Prado and co-produced and mixed with Philadelphia-based, grammy-award winning engineer, Mike Tarsia.

Born out of Wilmington, Delaware, the members of Bag of Nickels have played together since 1995, taking several breaks along the way to pursue side and solo projects and to decompress from the grind of playing shows, working 9-5s, and inner turmoil.

Their two previous albums were also self-released, “Soul Change” and “Mantequilla”.  During that time period, Bag of Nickels made their rounds throughout the tri-state area, playing clubs, getting local press, and the occasional radio spotlight.  A highlight was a feature on Fox Philadelphia with a live performance on their Morning Show for the Mantequilla CD release.

Further success, saw them venture out of the tri-state area, playing shows as far south as North Carolina and occasional shows in New York.

Wiser and older, Bag of Nickels’ release, “Amen” is a culmination of many years of success; failure; personal strife; and ultimately victory… in blending together a unique sound which only 4 unassuming musicians from Delaware, passionate about their instruments, could create.  The music is familiar, but, new; smooth and soulful at times; tough and raw at others.

Bag of Nickels wants to share this passion and connect with fans across the world.

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K’annibal Woman

Band Name: k’annibal woman
Album Name: Ghost People
Website: Music Style: Rock

Band Description: K’annibal Woman is native, fused with rock, rap, grunge and punk.

K’annibal Woman is an extraordinary trio of musicians that hail from just north of Seat- tle, Washington. The band consists of of the writers Guy and Richard Madison, and writer singer Kai Jones. Also singing on the single is Robyn. The three are part of the Tlingit and Snohomish-Snoqualmie tribes from the Tulalip Reservation – overlooking the picturesque waters of Puget Sound. And oh yea! We’re part Swedish. The band’s name is taken from Native American folklore, and as Guy jokingly says, “We chose it because everyone else took all the other good band names.” Their band name reflects the group’s hard-driving, “stay-hungry” music.

K’annibal Woman is fused with rock, metal, grunge and punk. June Caldwell of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion calls their album, “Hard-hitting and head banging rock and roll.”

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The Catholic Girls

Band Name: The Catholic Girls
Music Style: rock/pop
Band Description: The Sound Powerful rock with a wave/punk influence, strong pop melodies, pounding guitars, a driving beat and great vocals.

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The Catholic Girls are:
Gail Petersen (lead vocals/rhythm guitar)
Roxy Andersen (lead guitar/backing vocals)
Doreen Holmes (drums and percussion)

The Sound

Powerful rock with a wave/punk influence, strong pop melodies, pounding guitars, a driving beat and great vocals.

The Story Then

The Catholic Girls were born when schoolgirls Gail Petersen and Roxy Andersen put their guitars together to form the first all-female band from New Jersey that would be signed to a major label. With Doreen Holmes on drums, The Catholic Girls released an album on MCA both in the USA and Australia as well as a special Armed Forces Edition. They embarked on 2 national tours, received widespread commercial airplay and debuted on MTV to the music of their new wave anthem, Boys Can Cry. In 1999, the original album was revived and released in CD format, and fans from the 80s were thrilled to have the girls in plaid back, as were many new fans they were making along the way. In 2002, the band released Make Me Believe as their first indie CD, embarked on a tri-state tour (NY/NJ/PA), opened for acts like Dave Davies of the Kinks, Gene Loves Jezebel and performed at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood at The International Pop Overthrow Festival. The Asbury Park Music Awards nominated them for Top Rock Band of the Year and their video, Make Me Believe, reached the charts in Billboard. In 2004, their CD single, Summer Vacation/Rock’n America (a tribute to Joey Ramone) was released nationally, followed by a full length CD, Meet the Catholic Girls. Both gained momentum with college and Web airplay and glowing reviews. Meanwhile, the band made history in the 1/06/06 copy Goldmine Magazine when their first 45 single Boys Can Cry was selected by readers to be part of The Ultimate Rock’n Roll Jukebox (The Top 200 songs ever that must be included on any jukebox)! They were in good company on the list including The Beatles, The Stones, The Ramones and Blondie! Then, Little Steven (of The E Street Band and Sopranos fame) saw them play live one night and instantly converted. Rock’n America, was now played on a regular basis on his internationally syndicated radio show, The Underground Garage. It was later included on his Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 7 CD . Bill Kelly, a long-time altar boy was also broadcasting the single on Sirius Satellite Radio, and Genya Ravan (also on Sirius), featured CG songs on her shows, Goldie’s Garage and Chicks and Broads. Both songs additionally got airplay at hundreds of college, internet, and commercial radio such as WRAT, WNTI, WFMU, WPRB, WTSR, WDIY, Cybertorm Radio, BlowUpRadio, IHeart Radio, and This is Rock’n roll Radio.

And More Now

The Catholic Girls are (finally) exposing themselves to spread the Gospel of Rock from The Vatican to Your iPhone and beyond! Their latest full-length CD, THE CATHOLIC GIRLS—EXPOSED! was released in 2012. The front cover is an homage to film noir (Gail loves Noir) and 1940s detective novels (Roxy always wanted to be a detective!) and inside, there are 13 tracks that include something for everyone. There’s rock, pop, garage, blues, and a ballad inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film, Rebecca—but it’s all just great rock’n roll! The CD’s lyrics as always, are far more than fluff with themes that range from any girl’s confession of true love, a mystery celebrity crush, a crash course on heartbreak—to true loss, sleep deprivation, rebellion, insomnia, sex deprivation, Alfred Hitchcock, the end of the world, and more; all breaking loose with guitars in hand. John Pfieffer of The Aquarian Weekly has said of their music that it is “a roughly tumbled gem that showcases a group that has done things their own way, made many successful trips to the altar…and when it comes to their approach to writing recording and releasing – it’s quirky jangle-laden pop rock music without pomp and circumstance.” Jim Testa of Jersey Beat said “Petersen still has that distinctive plaintive yearning in her vocals, more womanly than girlish now but nonetheless affecting, Andersen’s new-wavy guitar still shimmers and glows, the harmonies still send a shiver down your spine, and the songwriting still communicates female longing, dreams and heartbreak”


On April 6, 2015 the all-female rock group, The Catholic Girls, who have performed nearly continuously from the 80s through the present have just released a new CD “Kiss Me One More Time”. The record contains 8 brand new tracks that range from solid rockers like “Shame On You” to a power pop song “Where’s The Logic” the band’s tribute to Leonard Nemoy and his portrayal of Mr. Spock on Star Trek. The CD also features hardcore blues styled “Kiss Me One More Time” a riveting ballad “Don’t Go Away”. A definite highlight is the song “Breaking All The Rules” which serves as an anthem for all female bands everywhere and throughout the ages. There is also an ode to New Jersey(where the band is located) The Jersey Shore specifically – Attention Chris Christie “Down at The Shore” should be THE New Jersey Them Song. The last 3 tracks include a heart-rending new version of “God Made You” (the ‘epic’ song that was banned by The Archdiocese of Rhode Island in the 80s) from their first release and two bonus live tracks “Young Boys” and “Boys Can Cry”. As the band’s horizons have expanded, so has the energy that drives The Catholic Girls themselves to continually change. For now, they’ve thrown out the plaid skirts and schoolgirl attire and are focusing less on image and more on the music itself. There was a time when The Catholic Girls set out to prove they could play with the boys. This is now undisputed, and today’s Catholic Girls prove conclusively, again and again, that they can break all the rules and rock the house with anyone, in any venue, any time, any place, anywhere!



Band Name: Vitne

Album Name: Lost and Found / Misery
Music Style: Glam Punk

Band Description: Vitne is a rock and metal solo artist. Influenced by artists like Mötley Crüe, KISS, X Japan, GACKT, and Billy Idol, Vitne plays a heavy style of modern glam punk drawing on both 80’s style hair metal and Japanese visual kei.

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Vitne (aka. Jo Kimbrell, born January 17, 1985) is an American musician and singer-songwriter.  He made his international debut in 2009 playing the character of Rock Hardt of the fictional hair-metal band SEKS, followed by a real live version of the band in Norway.  The group toured in 2011 in support of their album “Harder Than You,” and in 2013 he started his solo career after the live version of SEKS had been put on hold.  Vitne works closely with guitarist Julian Angel of the hair-metal band Beautiful Beast, and the two have been described as a “modern version of Billy Idol and Steve Stevens” (Sleaze Roxx).

**Press Release**

Vitne With The Double-Whammy!  2 Brand New Singles Out Now
Oslo, Norway – April 20th, 2015 – After the success of his last single, “Winter Love Song,” Vitne is back with 2 brand new singles, both released on April 20th this year.  First up is “Lost and Found,” the heavier of the two, a glam-punk anthem that will get stuck in your head on first listen.  Second is “Misery”, a strangely feel-good song building from acoustic guitar into an all-out rocker.  Both songs feature Julian Angel on lead guitar and Phil Robertson on drums.  Both are now available on iTunes:
In addition, a brand new EP is currently being mixed and will be available Summer

Vitne is a rock and metal solo artist.  Influenced by artists like Mötley Crüe, KISS, X Japan, GACKT, and Billy Idol, Vitne presents a heavy style of modern glam rock he calls “Neo Glam” which draws on both 80’s style hair metal as well as Japanese visual kei.  Vitne’s most notable releases include Neon (“All killer, no filler…. The disc is simply fun” [Rock Garage]) and the 2014 single Winter Love Song (”a phenomenal work of art from a truly talented musician” [Indie Band Guru]).  Musically he sings, plays the acoustic and electric guitar, bass, as well as flute.Contact:Kagami EntertainmentEirik