John Thayer

Band Name: John Thayer
Album Name: Take It Back
Music Style: Indie Pop

Band Description

John Thayer is a singer songwriter from Portland, Oregon, performing over the last four years as a solo artist developing and crafting his style. John has tweaked his now signature sound into a captivating magical experience for audiences worldwide.
John Thayer is a singer-songwriter from Portland, Oregon performing over the last four years as a solo artist developing and crafting his style. John’s signature sound has captivated a dedicated audience worldwide. In October, 2013, John released Laurel Street on EON Records. This Indie Pop production has its roots at the Oregon Coast where the artist has cultivated his musical sensibilities in the artist community of Cannon Beach where Thayer has a summer home. In April, 2015 John will release his new EP titled Take It Back.
As a follow-up to the critically acclaimed release, Laurel Street, this six song collection is an eclectic production using both live strings and brass horns to compliment John’s guitar, bass and drum ensemble. The Indie Pop style is reminiscent of Laurel Street, but the songs take on a deeper sophistication with lyrics that probe a bit deeper into the psyche. Take It Back was co-produced by the Laurel Street team of Bobby Krier and Micah Tawlks in Nashville. The record was mixed by Greg Collins (No Doubt, Matchbox Twenty, US), in Los Angeles. John’s brother Tommy is the lead guitarist for the iconic rock band KISS.
A video produced for the song, “Don’t Wanna Lose You” can be viewed at

Tony Clark and Killing Time

Band Name: Tony Clark and Killing Time
Album Name: When I´m In My Car
Music Style: Rock
Band Description

Tony hails from Seattle , but although the dark, brooding, wet and moisty sound that is associated with Post-Grunge is a big part of his style, his musical ventures into Indian music and Latin music have added colors to his style.
Tall dark trees … the stench of rotting seaweed and oysters, lingeringmist wafting over hills and towns. And the slightly deranged humour
of a race of men that run around in logger shirts drinking cappuccino –
all these things are quite apparent in Tony Clark´s songs, but the German based
Seattle native does have more to offer.

Years travelling the globe, sitting in the Himalayas meditating over a
sitar, playing the streets of Europe with South American Indians, or
bearing the icy cold waterfall of a Japanese zen monastery – all these
have left a trace in Tony’s musical oeuvre.

Tony: “At some point, I decided the rock song was the right cup, the
flask, the vehicle for conveying my ideas. I tried other things, but
it was all too much of a compromise. I´m happy if I can write a good
rock song, with some spices thrown in for good measure.”

Tony Clark and Killing Time have been together only for a few months
now, but the combination of Emil Abrigada on bass, Sascha Baransky on
drums, and Tony´s singing and guitar is the future. “Although we come
from really different backgrounds, we spent 3 or 4 hot days together
this last summer, and we all loved it…and it was clear that this is
the way we want to play.”

“Emil has played bass in so many hard´n´heavy bands, he’s just gotten
harder and heavier than anyone on the planet!,” says Tony.  “I’ve
seen few men who are such a perfect manifestation of the instrument:
BIG, HEAVY, BASS … a superstar in his own right. I dare anybody to
even try to get his fingers around that 6-string neck. Emil is
amazing, the essence of low-down, bass, and right on time. His credits
include These China Bombs, Bonneville, X-amination and many

“Sascha is cool…until he gets out of hand. A few days before our
debut show, he broke his hand because he just needed to smack
somebody. I was nervous, but I knew, if I gave him a bottle of vodka,
he’d play. It all went well. “We’re all a little “Fight Club” inside, aren’t we ?
Sascha plays drums. As matter of fact, his Dad, also a drummer, says he’s
never done anything else. He’s done Europe’s major hard rock festival,
Wacken, as well as a bunch of other local gigs.

So here’s our little offering: When I’m In My Car:

“She’s At the Center of Her World” is about girls that simply need to
go shopping … ya know? And it’s the same the world over, Victoria …”

“When I’m In My Car” – It’s all just about a very subjective view of
the world.  I can’t seem to concentrate unless I’m on my way to a show. Until I know where I’m driving to, where I’ve got to get to until night falls. If I don’t have that focus, I
fall to pieces.

“Stupid (Tonto)” – This is a song originally directed at Dick Cheney. Maybe he’ll hear
it one day.

“I Am the Dirt” deals with the lack of civil courage. I simply cannot understand why people stand by and watch when others are being harmed….it’s a sad reality of our cities these days. A guy gets beat up by a bunch of idiots … I’d rather stand up and risk getting
involved in a fight than spend my life wishing I did.


Midori and Ezra Boy

Band Name: Midori and Ezra Boy
Album Name: Midori and Ezra Boy


Music Style: Rock

Band Description

Rocking Festival stages across the U.S., Midori provides a fresh twist to the Rock genre. Driving drums, eccentric guitar riffs, and powerful lead vocals set Midori apart from your typical Rock band.
Artist Biography
Midori has already rocked the stages of Seattle Hempfest, Seattle Pride Fest, Canadian Music Week, Florida Music Festival, Kevin Says Stage -Warped Tour, BottleRock Festival, SouthPark SummerFest, Tulsa MayFest, BottleRock Napa, TMF, MethodFest, and many more ! The Band has won numerous SONG WRITING AWARDS, including Los Angeles Music Awards Pop Song of the Year, Hollywood Music Awards , Fame Games Most Popular Artist, Mike Pinder’s Song Wars, 12th Annual NSAI Song Contest [CMT], 11th Annual Mountain Stage New Song Contest, and NPR’s “In Search of a Song,” and a nomination for the 2015 HMMAs. Midori , a  Bay-Area based rock band, bring a revved up twist to the Rock genre. Inspired by everything from Rock n Roll of the 1970s to The Black Keys to Grace Potter, lead singer Midori Longo belts vocals like a true rockstar and is backed by her ultra-talented bandmates Dave Briggs, and Tiger Yakimoto. Their second CD is set to be released August 2015, and songs from the CD have already garnered them a nomination in the Rock category for the 2015 HMMA Awards, as well as features in up-coming indie radio shows and blogs. Midori is currently playing shows across the West Coast and  filling the void of female-fronted rockers in today’s rock world.   Midori  Contact Information: Christel  (Booking) 707-843-1106 or Mailing Address: 314 N. Main St., Cloverdale, CA 95425 Email:  


Debbie Henessey

Band Name: Debbie Hennessey
Album Name: No Longer Broken
Music Style: Country
Band Description

Debbie Hennessey New Music Week Weekly AC40 Female Artist of the Year, charted a Top 20 Hit on NMW’s AC40 Charts. The music is an undeniably hooky mix of contemporary country, rock and blues with soulful, distinctive vocals and soaring guitars.
Debbie Hennessey was named AC40 Female Artist of the Year by New Music Weekly as well as charting a Top 20 Hit on NMW’s AC40 Charts. Her song Believe was used in an episode of The Moment, which aired on USA and UHD Networks and the music video for the song Good As Gone was featured on the broadcast TV shows Extra and The Next GAC Star. She is a multiple ASCAPlus Award recipient, was included on compilation CDs including CMT’s New Music CollectionGoGirls MusicFestSongsalive!Beautiful-Women on the Move and more. She was named Best Vocalist of the Month by SingerUniverse, has received Honorable Mentions from the Billboard World Song Contest, Great American Song Contest and West Coast Songwriters Contest. Debbie is a writer for Studio 51 Music, Pacifica Music and others providing original songs for their film and tv music libraries. She is a voting member of the NARAS/GRAMMYS and a writer/publisher member of ASCAP. All of Debbie’s cds and singles are available through several music outlets including iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon, or by calling 1-800-BUY-MY-CD. For more info visit
Some reviews:
“Sometimes the boulevard of broken dreams is really a highway of smashed hearts. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Debbie Hennessey been down that road. But No Longer Broken is in the past tense; she’s looking in her rearview mirror, leaving the dashed hopes and bad shit behind. This is honest talk from a strong woman; however, the music is brimming with infectious pop/rock melodies even when the lyrics are tossing poison darts. Hennessey epitomizes the rootsy side of Adult Album Alternative, essentially classic rock with a contemporary edge. While there are country flavors in the grooves, this is definitely a West Coast record, more Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne than Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. On “Every Song is You,” Hennessey’s voice recalls the plaintive croon of Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac while producer Jeffery Marshall’s riffs give the track a Wallflowers kick. The title cut offers a feeling of emotional uplift from all the heartache. “One touch from you/And I’m no longer broken,” Hennessey sings, and killer slide guitar makes it all go down soulful and easy. When Hennessey lets it rip, she doesn’t hold back. “Liar, cheater,” she rages on in “You Can’t Unpull a Trigger.” The mean harmonica captures the anguish in her singing. On “Let Me Go,” Hennessey leaves her soul bare – and the listener breathless. Breaking up may be hard to do, but it’s worth it if it inspires albums as excellent as this.” – No Depression Magazine
When an artist’s voice can speak to you with its tone, pitch and power – not just with the lyrics sung – you know you’re in for something special. Soulful might only be a word, but it may just say it all when it comes to standout singer/songwriter Debbie Hennessey. From its first song, No Longer Broken, is an album that effortlessly blends genres and connects the universal experiences of love lost (“Every Song is You”), found (“No Longer Broken”), damaged (“Let Me Go”) and … massaged with liquor (“Whiskey Charm”). Heartache aside, No Longer Broken is something to celebrate as a polished piece of work from an indie artist that deserves praise for being eclectic, yet electric for fans of all types of music. This album is a little bit country with a dash of rock ’n’ roll, a few bursts of pop and some rich rhythm and blues that collides with deep soul. Hennessey’s voice is husky (in the best possible way) and offers hints of Stevie Nicks spun with the effervescence of a Faith Hill. On this, her third full-length album, Hennessey’s growth and range as an artist is evident, having co-written eight of the nine songs (six with her guitarist, Jeffrey Marshall), including the titular standout “No Longer Broken.” Hennessy is an accomplished indie act worth checking out; the production values and her voice – that voice! – will blow you away. It’s truly stellar from start to finish. – The Pulse Magazine
“Hennessey’s bold, husky delivery puts its imprint on her material, whose catchy hooks and spot-on arrangements show she knows her stuff and is surrounded by pro-calibre talent. Hennessey is a skilled artist whose polished work commands respect.” – Music Connection
“Los Angeles-based country-rocker Debbie Hennessey can sing the shingles off a barn…. her voice is magnificent…” Michael Scott Cain, Rambles
(Sugar & Rain) “As soon as the first strains of this song begin, and Debbie’s utterly unique voice starts to cut through the pleasing slide guitar, I was immediately drawn in…what you get when you hear Debbie sing is a rich, vibrant tone that’s full of life. It’s husky but polished, and that’s a rare and distinctive sound. While Debbie’s voice seems to sit somewhere in the middle of country, blues and pop, the song “Sugar and Rain” definitely has a classic country feel and arrangement. By the time the chorus comes in, it already felt familiar, which is what the best country songs do. They tell a story. Here, Debbie (along with fellow songwriters Courtney Leigh Heins and Jeffery Marshall) explores the relationship dynamic that develops over time, creating a brand new version of the “I don’t know where you end and I begin” theme…If you’re looking for twang and formulaic country songs, flip on CMT. If you’re seeking out something different, then open your ears up to the soulful voice of Debbie Hennessey.” Heidi Drockelman
“Good As Gone, her (Hennessey’s) thirteen-song collection of Nashville-ready tunes serves as wake-up call to radio programmers everywhere. Somebody sign this girl!” Mike Parker, BuddyHollywood
“Good as Gone” is a an deep crock pot simple yet emotionally satisfying vocal arrangements set up very well amid a blend of electric slide and acoustic guitars. It’s country. It’s Soul. It’s Rock and a smigen of pop. Debbie’s music has a grace that is beautiful and greatly needed.” Unsigned the Magazine


Band Name: Dush
Album Name: Dush
Music Style: Rock, Metal
Band Description

A new musical realm is rising on the complex map of modern aggressive music. Staking out new ground amid the countless categories of metal, the sound of bronze—intimate yet epic, fierce yet beautiful—has arrived.
A new musical realm is rising on the complex map of modern aggressive music. Staking out new ground amid the countless categories of metal, the sound of bronze—intimate yet epic, fierce yet beautiful—has arrived. Its heralds are the two musical adventurers—the Queen, her Wizard and her Warrior—at the heart of Montreal’s Dush…

The term “bronze” is ideally suited to Dush. Brighter and warmer in appearance than most ordinary metals, bronze is an alloy, a fusion of copper with one or more other, non-metal elements. Likewise, Dush temper their basis in the focus and ferocity of heavy metal and industrial music with components from outside the parameters of the genres—consider the pop inflections in the chorus of “Circles” or the enveloping, mesmerizing mysticism of “Numb.” Moreover, among the physical properties of bronze is its resistance to rust, reflected in the timelessness of their sound. Paradoxically, Dush are absolutely up the minute in their approach to aggressive music, yet at the same time, they draw on melodies and atmospherics that evoke ancient truths, summoning to mind the Bronze Age and the mysteries of the cradle of civilization.
The album Dush (released only in digital version in August 2014) was recorded at The Grid and  co-produced by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy). Notable acts such as The Agonist and Catalyst hail their music from the same location/producer. Christian also laid guitar and bass on the tracks of Dush.

Currently the two original members of Dush (Mira Solo and Den Hagalaz) are working on producing an EP of some of their older songs with an EBM artist (Left Side Neighbour).


The Pollydevlins

Band Name: The Pollydevlins
Album Name: (Can’t) Give You Love
Music Style: retro soul blues

Band Description: Retro soul blues with modern punch! Paying homage to the sounds of the mid-late 1960s, the Pollydevlins are all groove and style. Their first release, (Can’t) Give You Love is a cheeky funky party song that show’s off Kaliah’s blues style vocals!

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The Pollydevlins are original soul blues with modern punch! The band started out somewhat unconventionally when founding members, Kaliah (vocals) and Amr (bass) got jamming at a party in late 2013 and  wrote some grooves that just screamed soul, pop and style!
With careful planning, the two decided to keep writing music based intrinsically on Kaliah’s ability to really, truly sing the blues, along with Amr’s love of 60’s garage, blues and soul, and strong original pop instrumentation and arrangements.
Now as a solid 5 piece, The Pollydevlins have been ripping up the Melbourne and Adelaide soul-blues/rock scene with their original, hard-driving garage mod sound. The live show is energetic, raw and genuine. There are no slick tricks up anyone’s sleeves, just good music played with heart.
Their debut single “(Can’t) Give You Love” – one of the first mighty numbers that came together on that creative spring night, has now hit the shelves. The Pollydevlins are so excited about their first release, and really can’t wait to bring on more soulful, groovy tunes! check out the vid for (Can’t) Give You Love. The single is also available as 7” vinyl single in a full-colour groovy jacket!

Watch the video below.

The Pollydevlins are:

Vocals: Kaliah Alice – Kaliah has plenty of experience singing into microphones and wondering what will come out. She is all ad-lib, just add lip! Fundamentally she is driven by the blues that dwell in her soul, passed down to her from a line of musicians on her fathers’ side. With years singing in electro and folk-pop outfits, Kaliah is now finding her fire in the Pollydevlins, with songs centred around her imagination and skill as a vocalist. This is Kaliah singing (and dressed!) at her best. And the great thing is there are lots more songs (and mod dresses) to come!

Bass: Amr Zaid – Amr has a long and distinguished history on the four strings, having played in bands of many and varied genres, from alt-country to punk-pop; most notably with groundbreaking fuzz-popsters Ratcat, who hold the honour of being the first ever band to have both an Australian alternative and national number one simultaneously.
With the Pollydevlins, Amr returns to his first love of garage-blues, combining this with pop arrangements and working the songwriting off Kaliah’s inimitable, soulful vocals.

Guitar: David Glavich – Dave has contributed his musical talent to a variety of bands in the Melbourne scene, from funk to soul, and rock’n’roll. Encouraged by his mother who is an art teacher and visual artist, Dave picked up the guitar at the restless age of 12 and it’s been a love affair ever since. With the Pollydevlins, Dave’s natural ability to play the blues really shines through. He has taste, depth and skill that can’t be learnt or bought or borrowed, it is naturally Glavich! Verve, flair and a good head of hair, what else can you ask for in a guitarist?

Drums: Mentor Ejupi – A maestro of tricky sticking with a smooth groove, Mentor has played with a diverse range of acts including Allez-Gator (cajun and zydeco), the Mojokers (blues), One Way Fare (soul and r’n’b). Mentor arrived in Australia from his home in Kosovo as a teenager, and drummed up a storm in the ACT before moving to Melbourne. A pleasure to watch onstage with his obvious charisma and enthusiasm, Mentor’s mojo is the backbone of The Pollydevlins. He keeps the tunes cooking, the women looking and the party going!

Keyboards: Dan Webb – Our good friend and talented keyboardist; Dan is our regular session player and enhances the live show with his magic fingers, smiles and antics


Cody Joe Hodges

Band Name: Cody Joe Hodges
Album Name: One More Drink
Music Style: Country
Band Description: Cody Joe Hodges’s music has been described as “outlaw country” with a large influence of performers who started the genre in the late 1970s. He and his band always thrill, putting on a high-energy performance at every show.

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Music has inspired every part of Cody Joe Hodges’ life. From his high school days of listening to classic country and the dorms of Texas A&M, to the US Army and singing competitions across the country, Cody Joe finally landed in Nashville. The artist signed with Lamon Records in June of 2014 and is set to record his first EP at the end of the summer.

Cody Joe started playing music at an early age, but it wasn’t until his senior year of high school that he became serious about songwriting. Inspired by George Strait, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings, Cody Joe wrote his first song, “Daddy’s Dream”, his freshman year of college.

After graduation and a stint in Nashville to make contacts in the music business, Cody joined the US Army. He joined the vocal ensemble “Harmony in Motion,” based out of Fort Carson, Colorado, and began traveling across America playing large entertainment venues. Upon his discharge, his dad proposed a career in the power line business as a lineman. He joined the energy field in 2010, allowing him to dedicate spare time to music and giving him plenty of new inspiration.

At the same time, he started a band called “Cody Hodges & The Linemen.” Cody Joe was recently nominated as Rising Star for the 2014 Texas Music Awards. Cody Hodges and The Lineman moved to Round 2 of the Rising Star Competition and he was nominated as Male Country Vocalist of the Year at the International Music and Entertainment Association.

Cody Joe is a traditionalist in that he loves the sound of traditional country. Steel guitars, fiddles and good, old-fashioned story-telling songs remind him of the way country music was when he was growing up.

Cody Joe Hodges’s music has been described as “outlaw country” with a large influence of performers who started the genre in the late 1970s. He and his band always thrill, putting on a high-energy performance at every show. With a steel guitar, fiddle, stand-up bass, guitar, and drums, Cody Joe’s sound is like something out of the past. His goal for every show is to fill the dance floor and get the crowd moving.

“I try to put a positive message in every song,” says Cody. “There is a lot of negative in this world, and when people listen to music, whether it is to escape or to be entertained, my goal is to put a grin on your face and a smile in your heart.”


Downtown Mystic

Band Name: DownTown Mystic
Album Name: Turn Around and Go
Music Style: Rock/Roots

Band DescriptionThe sound of DownTown Mystic is vintage yet modern. An industry trade publication put it this way: “DownTown Mystic’s music is inspired by ‘60s pop icons,‘70s rockers, yet it’s planted firmly in the here and now”.

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Rock’n’Roll spoken here…

The sound of DownTown Mystic is “vintage yet modern”. The music is rooted in all the great traditions of American Rock‘n’Roll, blending story telling songs with vintage guitars and analog recording into a unique style that owes nods to Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, Eagles, The Beatles and Rolling Stones but somehow manages to sound as contemporary as anything currently available.

DownTown Mystic is the alter ego of American Rocker, Robert Allen, whose passion for “old school” recording borders on obsession. Robert adds, “I grew up listening to all these great records and their sound and style has stayed with me”. The new DownTown Mystic CD is a perfect example of that sound and style, garnering strong reviews on both sides of the Atlantic that compare the music to a host of classic bands and influences, as well as young Turks like Band of Heathens.

The DownTown Mystic CD has become DownTown Mystic’s most successful release to date, spending 40 consecutive weeks on the AMA Radio Charts. The CD has also been in the Top 10 on the Roots Music Report and Roots 66 Airplay Charts, with the single Way To Know going to #1 on the RMR Chart.

Robert is joined by a stellar cast of musicians, including drummer extraordinaire Steve Holley (Paul McCartney/Wings/Elton John/Ian Hunter) & urban legend Paul Page (Dion/Ian Hunter) on bass, as well as one of the great rhythm sections in the history of American Rock’n’Roll–Garry Tallent & Max Weinberg of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

It would be DownTown Mystic’s previous cd, Standing Still that would put the Americana/Roots-Rock artist on the map. Standing Still would garner a good deal of Americana Radio airplay, landing DownTown Mystic on both the AMA Radio Chart in the US and the Euro/Americana Top 25 Chart in Europe. The airplay helped lead to a European Licensing Deal and the release of Standing Still to critical acclaim on AGR/Sony Music in Europe. And this would not be the first time that Radio played a big part in the career of DownTown Mystic.

It started with veteran tastemaker, Jed The Fish, playing a DownTown Mystic track as his “Catch of The Day” on “World Famous” KROQ in LA, one of the most influential stations in the US. This would be followed by the “Mayor of The Sunset Strip”, legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer, playing another track and leading to national airplay.

From there, DownTown Mystic was off and running. Besides gaining recognition from Radio programmers, the DownTown Mystic Brand has been developing with music placed on American TV, including The Voice on NBC, American Pickers on the History Channel, as well as shows on MTV, USA, TLC,WE, Discovery and Lifetime Channels.

Here’s what’s being said about the new DownTown Mystic CD:

“one of the best albums of the year”
John Shelton Ivany/

“Way To Know”, a straightforward rocker in the best Stones tradition…a perfect radio-single” Dani Heyvaert/Rootstime/Belgium

“The modern influence comes across on many of the songs, but to my ear is best played with the Band Of Heathens-like “Everything”” Shawn Underwood/Twangville

“”In The Cold”…a fast paced acoustic rocker it captures the likes of Poco and the Eagles as guitars and mandolin mesh over the rhythm section and the harmonies soar, it’s a sparkling and invigorating song” Paul Kerr/Blabber’n’Smoke/UK

“brilliantly conceived piece of musical art” Rod Ames/

“DownTown Mystic is a real pleasure: a pure sound with a brilliant production and top musicians gives the listener the feeling there is still reasons to hope in Music”

Mike Penard “The DJ” / “American Roots Music”/RadioISA/France

“With Robert Allen and DownTown Mystic we are in the field of best crafted rock’n’roll” Davide Albini/Roots Highway/Italy

“Allen’s influences–Byrds, Beatles, Buffalo Springfield–permeate his guitar-driven songs, adding a retro sound to his more modern Americana leanings” Dave Curtis/Direct Current


Mikey Jahbree Wooley

Band Name: Mikey Jahbree Wooley
Album Name: Diaries of the Extraordinarily Beautiful
Music Style: Folk/Pop/Soul

Band Description: Mikey is a Folk Singer Songwriter from Bridgewater, NJ. His music is a combination of melodic folk and poetic conversation that kiss the lips of reggae, blues and jazz. Mikey writes from the soul and radiates positive.

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Mikey Jahbree Wooley is a 20 year old folk and alternative singer/songwriter from Bridgewater, NJ. Mikey’s music is rooted in Folk but also infuses elements of funk, soul, jazz and reggae.  Mikey’s new full length CD, Diaries of the Extraordinarily Beautiful is available now worldwide through My Own Little World Records (MOLWR).

His debut EP, We the People, also releeased by MOLWR during the summer of 2013, has garnered rave reviews and came in at number 38 on’s Best of 2013 list.

Among Mikey’s favorite artists and influences are Ani DiFranco, Tracey Chapman, Joan Jett, Bob Dylan.



Band Name: Heavyball
Album Name: Smalltown Boy
Music Style: New Tone

Band Description: Heavyball’s sound is a modern interpretation of two tone and ska, with driving percussion and distinctive melodies. Their unique sound incorporates intricate harmonies with the story writing traditions of country and western.

Heavyball are a hard rocking new tone band based in London. Formed in late 2011 when Nottingham brothers Bigface and Habs Salisbury and school friend Johnny Iball, began to play together.  2014 saw them joined by Tom ‘Stone Cold’ Frost on lead guitar.

The band’s sound is a modern interpretation of two tone and ska, with driving percussion and distinctive melodies. Influences include Viz, Shane Meadows and the story writing traditions of country and western.

Heavyball have toured with the Kaiser Chiefs in the UK and Europe and supported ska legends The Selecter. Heavyball’s addictive melodies and  energetic live performances have seen them play festivals all over the UK and headlining Harlem Shuffle festival in the Netherlands.

Heavyball’s recordings have been championed by DJs such as 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins and Tom Robinson, BBC Radio Nottingham’s Dean Jackson, BBC London’s Gary Crowley and the late BBC Radio Ulster’s Gerry Anderson.

2014 was a busy year for the band with numerous UK shows. Following playing the Strawberry Fields festival in August the band  embarked on a European tour in October with dates in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Holland. Heavyball will kick off 2015 with the release of their first album, a new single and a brand new music video.

2015 is marked by the release of Smalltown Boy, a unique cover of the classic Jimmy Somerville hit and lots of live dates to follow.

You can buy thier music on Amazon right here!