Heather Scarlett Rose

Heather Scarlet Rose

Indie/Folk Rock
Austin, TX

Heather Scarlett is an award winning singer-songwriter in Austin, Texas.

A graduate from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, she has won both First Place in Blues and Honorable Mention in Rock in the West Coast Songwriter’s Competition in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Her music has been written about in Computer Music Magazine, and dozens of local magazines across the country. Her music has also received airplay on college radio stations nation wide, as well as been featured in dozens of music blogs internationally. Heather Scarlett has joined up with several bands over the years including The Heather & Ben Show, Gold Band, Stealing Earth, White Roses and the Captain Wolf Band. She has released several albums with these bands. More recently she has released two albums,California and Boundless, under her solo project Heather Scarlett Rose.

Heather Scarlett tells stories in her songs. Stories of love, friendship, social and political events. She is greatly influenced by artists such as Joni Mitchell, Grace Slick, Bob Dylan, Igor Stravisnky, Billie Holiday and Paul Simon. Heather is an animal rights activist, an environmentalist, a peace keeper, and a firm believer in the power of love and the power of music. Heather is also a practicing Buddhist and a true believer in mindfulness and the power of meditation.


Super Supporters

If you look at the bottom of the site you will see a place that you can sign up to be a Super Supprter. This is for those who like the station and site and would like to help it grow. All things cost money and every penny will help. Super Supporters are monthly subscribers that are willing to contribute $2, $4 and $8 on a monthly basis. There is also a $24 annual subscription. They will all be assembled into a list on a page with a link to their site or product that they would like to promote and forever be remembered as great human beings with hearts of gold that love to find and listen to new artists.
A subscription is not required and never will be to listen or access this site. It is simply a means to support the endeavour.

Why are you doing this so early?

Because I figure it is the right thing to do. To get it out there now instead of trying to figure out how I can keep it running 3 months from now when I don’t have any money. If I can get some you to help not only does many hands make for light work but it will also boost the community and activity in it. Plus the station is ad free and I would love to keep it that way. The only sponsor will probably be Mad Monkey Hosting and that’s because I own it and the station will depend on it’s funds to operate.

What about the individual shows?

The shows will depend on the individual hosts. I will encourage them to set up a Patreon page or get a sponsor, whatever they can do (short of selling their bodies on the black market or working the back row of a truckstop) to support the costs of production.

The only requirement of the shows I will put on them is that they must be made available as a podcast. Whether it is on our site or there own.
If you have any questions or suggestions you can hit me on Facebook, Google+ or right here in the comments.


Welcome to the new site!

I just published the new site and got the listening page up. I changed the player widget to not auto start at loading to help with the load time of the page. Plus it annoys the hell out of me to land on a page and have music just start playing. So now you must push the play button to start the stream. We also have a Facebook page and a Google+ community started.

I am still working on getting the mobile apps done. It doesn’t look like there will be any problem with the iOS app. But the developer for the android app had his license pulled on Google Play for some copyright issues with images that were not his fault. So there may unfortunately be a small delay on the android app.

This weekend I’ll be setting up a way for artists to submit their bio and music. Plus I’ll be throwing in some of my old podcasts into the rotation. The first will be Ryan’s Top Shelf and then some of the old Loud ‘N Proud episodes.

Until then keep calm and rock on!