Mediitative Animal

Band Name: Meditative Animal
Album Name: Philosophical Gear
Music Style: Alternative, folk rock, jazz

Meditative Animal’s sound is a combination of genre blending influences from alternative to folk, classic rock to funk, blues to jazz, all with a “timeless” original sound to it.

Meditative Animal is Nick Mirisola’s not-so-solo solo project featuring several other musicians.  Nick has been playing and writing songs for 15 years, staying relatively underground until recently.  He is a singer-songwriter who comes up with almost all of the basic structures for the songs and all of the lyrics, and then leaves the accompanying musicians to compose their own parts.  Nick has played a show at the University of Vermont, and is playing several festivals this summer.  Nick also does the artwork for the project, in addition to singing, writing lyrics, playing acoustic guitar, and hand percussion.

Many songs feature Chris Plummer, multi-instrumentalist and seasoned musician.  Chris plays lead guitar, bass, keyboards, drumset, and sings some backing vocals.  He has won a guitar contest and one of the songs on the album Philosophical Gear (The Whistler In The Mill) was originally his instrumental composition, to which Nick added lyrics and vocals.

Pete Concannon plays keyboards for Telescope Eyes.  Tyler Allen plays drumset for Telescope Eyes and another track on the album.  Adam Schoff plays mandolin for the song Young And Old, in addition to a couple other tracks on the album.  Rachael Bodoci sings on one of the tracks on the album, too.  Nick’s brother John Mirisola, another multi-instrumentalist, plays bass, lead guitar, drumset, and sings on a track on the ablum as well.  John has been in another band called Glass America that had some success previously.

Press Release:
Meditative Animal has just released the album Philosophical Gear on August 2.  The song Telescope Eyes from the album is scheduled to be included on Relix magazine’s sampler CD for the month of September.  Relix magazine, the second largest general music magazine in the world and the premiere independent music magazine, will be noting Meditative Animal as an artist “On The Rise” and will be producing 360,000 copies of the CD.  Telescope Eyes isn’t the only noteworthy track on the album, however, and other potential favorites include Echoes Left In My Head, Timed Temperance, and Young And Old.  The rest of the album is solid as well, and Meditative Animal’s rise from the underground is picking up steam, while starting small too.  Be the first in your area to discover this gem of the as of yet underground independent music scene.  Radio stations are already picking up this music and it’s doing well on Jango internet radio consistently, even making it to their top ten independent artists one week so far.

The official band website is and they have a presence on Facebook, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Jango internet radio, Twitter, and Spotify.  The album just released, Philosophical Gear, is available on iTunes, ReverbNation, Facebook,, Amazon, and numerous other digital distribution channels.  Inquiries for a free digital copy of the album are welcomed and can be sent to for album or interview requests to be fulfilled.


Soul Chatter

Band Name: Soul Chatter
Album Name: Stumblin’
 Music Style: Indie Rock

Our Sound: Roots rock, indie, folk-influenced, white soul, retro; ultimately the listener will decide what label(s) apply. We take the lyrics pretty damned seriously (at least the lyricist does), and we work to create soul stirring compositions that stay with you, make you want to dig in a little. Intelligent, melodic, listenable rock songs with strong melodies, crisp guitar, and rollicking keyboards. Toss in some horns and strings and plenty of heart.

Our History: Cleveland, back in the stone ages. The early 1980’s. Dark and dusty warehouses, long rehearsals, no money and trying to play only original music in a town with very few venues straying from a cover band format, especially with no local connections and certainly no pedigree. Modern music was hitting the radio. MTV had stumbled across its video format. We had real drums, a battered Wurlitzer electric piano, a couple of battle scarred fender amps and no ability or desire to play synth bass or a drum machine. A band with three core members (keyboards, guitar and vocals) begins assembling original works. Ill-paid live performances, wallet-emptying studio projects and a revolving cast of support musicians straight out of The Commitments come and go. After a few years of long rehearsals, late night trips to Irv’s Deli and lots of very bad attempts at humor, the trio becomes a duo (the duo made this dubious mistake, but it has finally been rectified by the time of this writing). An ever-changing crew of characters join us for more studio sessions (whenever money other than that earmarked for rent was available) and the occasional ‘live’ performance. Every so often an independent label (usually very obscure and very far away, like that out of town girlfriend no one ever seemed to meet) picks up one of our cuts for a compilation CD. Thus our songs were often re-produced in dark, damp, probably ancient and leaky cellars throughout Europe, selling literally dozens and dozens of recordings across the globe! One day a very small indie label from deep in the Carolina woods gets a hold of some of our demos and decides to issue a full CD of our work, but the true intent of this ‘partner’ appears to be to market us and other unknowns to larger labels. We agree on absolutely nothing; what cuts to include, song titles, the color and cut of our underwear during live performance. Working to promote any actual airtime, exposure, or distribution seemed to be out of the question, or more likely, beyond their financial or political means. We could certainly relate. Oh yeah, we also have a handful of classic (and true, I swear) stories about A&R calls from Geffen, Inner City Records, etc. that came ever-so-close to a real recording deal. You know; the kind of anecdotal stuff that re-surfaces when you are hanging out with your ‘professional’ peers in a dark tavern after a few after-work beers. After years of working ‘real jobs’, raising families, mortgages, etc. we could never quite shake the fact that we really missed this music thing. So our ragtag band of veteran musicians pull the covers off the studio gear, write and rehearse like we never too a break, and get back to work on a fresh new batch of songs. We hope like hell that you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed writing and recording them.

Our Players: Brian Stepien The writer, the vocalist and lyricist. The wannabe poet. The self taught songwriter with no clue what the rules and mathematics of written music are all about. Never learned them. I just always wanted or needed to sing out all of the crap that fills this head. The isolation, the observations, the home grown off-kilter dime store philosophy, the humor and hope. Dale and I started writing together and eventually he just wanted to play the piano. Can’t fault that logic. I was soon on my own for coming up with new material. So here it is. Dale Schmitt Our keyboard player. Piano, Wurlitzer, organ, horns, strings, bass, plus whatever effects we can dream up. Dale was our version of a child prodigy. Organ lessons from the toddler stage. Piano as a teenager. Surrounded by crate after crate of pop records from the sixties and seventies. All of those sounds and melodies crowding his head. I think he could learn to play any song he wanted to in a matter of minutes. I was completely and utterly jealous of his ear, his fluidity, and his musical recall. When you are stuck on who performed a particular song from long ago, Dale could always recite every detail. Jim Monica Our guitarist. Lead and rhythm. In the early days and once again at the time of this writing. He has, over the years, perfected the art of defying the numerous doctors who at various life stages have told him we would never play guitar again. He has proven a veritable Houdini, escaping injury, surgery, the occasional stray sharp object or full sized vehicle. Always bouncing back to solo another day. He is the only one of us that never stopped performing live, in various projects in Cleveland. His depth of style and substance continually grow. Just like his vinyl and guitar collections. Mike Docy The engineer. He has pretty much always been. Certainly not exclusively, he has recorded countless bands and sessions over the years. He is a scientist, an engineer, a multi-instrument musician. He hears things the rest of us cannot hear. We are forever grateful for this amazing ability. He is blunt when he needs to be; he will tell you if something we just recorded stinks. This is yet another very useful skill. His long hours of listening and tinkering have been a godsend. When he is working with us on a recording we simply stand back and watch while he guides us through another session. George Hart George was gracious enough to sit in on drums for our latest set of recordings. He worked tirelessly to come up with a solid, tight, fitting arrangement for each of the songs he was tasked with. We are humbled and grateful.


A Part Of

Band Name: A Part Of
Album Name: A Part Of

Music Style: Indie/Alternative Rock

A Part Of features sugary-sweet, intelligently crafted vocal melodies that will stick in your head for indefinite periods of time, as well as thought-provoking, often downright trippy lyrics that evoke natural imagery. A Part Of, Alex Kessler’s songwriting pseudonym, releases new albums to audiences worldwide. Alex Kessler is from Westwood, Massachusetts and writes, records, produces and plays every instrument for all his songs. He truly IS a one-man band that has the ability to create wondrous pop/rock music for the masses to enjoy. He calls himself a meticulous bedroom songwriter who spends long hours at a time working on perfecting his craft and creating such ingenious songs that fans get very excited knowing something new is going to be released. His music is an adventure tapping into every emotion. His songs are contagious, unforgettable, relatable, fun and creative. Alex began this journey when he was 17 years old. He was a clarinetist back then in the wind bands where he grew up. At Syracuse University he majored in music composition. He is formally trained in classic composition, theory and clarinet. It is all very evident in the music he writes. Press Release: “A Part Of features sugary-sweet, intelligently crafted vocal melodies that will stick in your head for indefinite periods of time, as well as thought-provoking, often downright trippy lyrics that evoke natural imagery. You won’t be able to stop listening to “Field of Columbines”. It is a brilliant work of art. You can tell Alex Kessler has a really great sense of melody and phrasing. The tune effortlessly lodges itself into your head. His sense of wonder and curiosity. His engagement with life. A great effort. Looking forward to hearing more soon.”


Jake Sherman

Jake Sherman
Boston, MA
Pop/Indie Pop

 In October 2010, Jake Sherman was a jazz organist.  While taking a walk one day, the perfect hook for a pop song popped into his head.  After spending months in his room learning the art of production and overdubbing every instrument he could find, Jake released his debut album in July 2012.  A combination of 70’s pop sensibilities, intricate harmony, and direct but poignant lyrics, the album created significant buzz in the Boston area, Jake’s home at the time.  Jake initially had no plans to play the material live, but, encouraged by his musician friends and the music’s critical acclaim, he is now touring in support of the album. When not playing his own music, Jake plays gospel and jazz organ in New York (where he moved this year) and produces for other like-minded artists.

“Power Them Off” , the first single from the record is a fun, poppy, folk song with a strong message that s remeniscent of bands like The Dave MAtthews Band.

Other songs on the album like “When It Was Summer” bend the rules of indie pop, and although catchy and addicting, steps outside the lines of what to expect.

The album is avialable now at


Barbra Kiss

Barbra Kiss
London, UK
Album: From Me to You

Unlike many aspiring starlets, Kiss penned the majority of the songs on ‘From Me to You’, writing music and lyrics on five of the 12, and the lyrics on a further four. It should be no surprise that she describes the album as “a piece of who I am”

Ambition is no bad thing in pop music. And Hungarian singer-songwriter sensation Barbara Kiss has it in spades.

For Kiss, that ambition means becoming her small country’s first international pop star. With the recent release of her incredible debut album, she is well on the way to achieving her dream. And much, much more.

The 12-track record, ‘From Me to You’, is one of the most accomplished, fresh and original albums you are ever likely to hear. Part autobiographical, it is a record packed with songs that are both personal and universal.

Unlike many aspiring starlets, Kiss penned the majority of the songs on ‘From Me to You’, writing music and lyrics on five of the 12, and the lyrics on a further four. It should be no surprise that she describes the album as “a piece of who I am”.

It is also, in many ways, a product of where she comes from. Kiss’s Eastern European heritage shines through on a number of the tracks. It is the combination of catchy, modern pop riffs with the more melancholic laments of her homeland that makes Kiss’s debut album so new, so exciting.

 More than four years in the making, ‘From Me to You’ is a collection of Kiss’s finest work to date over her nascent career. In that time she has worked with some of the world’s best songwriters, producers and engineers, including Marcus Nand, Chris Wonzer and Kristian Nord.

Their influence and guiding hand can be felt on several of the cuts on this record. While her collaboration with rapper Ill Scorsese has produced two of its finest moments in the shape of ‘Sleepimg Beauty’ and ‘On The Dancefloor’. The video for the former has already proved an internet sensation, garnering more than 23,000 views.

But that’s just the start for Kiss. A tour supporting the release of the album is already in the pipeline. And soon after, the world will know the name of Barbara Kiss – the girl who put Hungarian music on the map.


Dalis Watch

Dali’s Watch
Mt Airy, MD
Album: Breakfast Serial

A beautifully crafted mix of complex and yet catchy heavy rock music spanning progressive, alternative, grunge and experimental genres.

 Dali’s Watch is a Rockville Maryland based heavy rock band with complex timings and a grungy heavy feel.  Their style is hard to pin down but is best described as alternative/progressive/experimental/grungy hard rock.  The music is hard hitting at times, yet beautiful and dynamic, with acoustics, cellos, and orchestra colliding with distorted guitars.  While their music is very complex at times in time signatures and changes, it is brilliantly written and executed such that the average listener hardly notices.   Like Rush, this is a significant accomplishment.  The songs are catchy and get stuck in your head, and appeal to a broad audience from rhythm and blues to metal heads.  The lyrics are often social commentary, or deeper emotional journeys, allowing multiple interpretations and a deep connection with the listener.  Their debut album centers around the media obsession with the macabre; where every morning news broadcast is a plethora of sensationalized death and tragedy.

The band was formed in 2012 with Mic Wynne (guitars/keys/vocals), Mike Galway (bass), and Gary Venable (percussion).  All of the members are seasoned musicians with many bands, projects, sessions, CDs and tours under their belts.  Each has played in a diverse set of styles, including rock, fusion, jazz, country, blues, and classical.  All of the members are also formally trained musicians with decades of experience with their instruments.

For their debut release, Mic Wynne wrote the lyrics and guitars for eleven songs, and the band then worked to refine his arrangements, and added bass and drums.  The drums were recorded in 2013 at Drew Mazurek’s studio, and then guitars, bass and vocals were recorded in 2013/2014 at Dogland Studios.  Mic then added the finishing production elements at Dogland, with draft mixes, and Drew Mazurek provided the final mix and mastering.  Their debut album, “Breakfast Serial,” is to be released by Ravenhurst Records in 2014.
Dali’s Watch are taking great risks with a truly unique sound, in an era when much of the modern music sounds the same.  Their 2014 release of the full-length album, “Breakfast Serial” is an eclectic mix of heavy rock that meanders between progressive, alternative, and grunge with complex, yet approachable timing changes, haunting and beautiful melodies, and dynamics that go from subtle acoustic passages to in your face, pounding rhythms.  The band consists of three very experienced and talented musicians, who have written masterful songs that are memorable, with meaningful lyrics, catchy choruses, and certainly several commercially marketable songs in ‘Without a Whisper,’ ‘Ghosts of the Past’ and ‘Ray of Light.’  The heavy, grungy song ‘Blissful Ignorance’ rocketed to number one in the rock charts on numberonemusic, within days of release, and media reviews are reviewing the release with near perfect scores.  In a nutshell Dali’s Watch is unique; the music isn’t much like anyone else, and it keeps you coming back to listen again and again.



Album: Rx
Memphis, TN

Jad is a fresh new sound mixed with references of nostalgia. With dark undertones and animated voice he brings a culmination sounds,leaving it open for a broad spectrum of ages to relate to.

JAD is a young, driven, creative writer that carries a message for the world. Through clever lyrics and cheeky melodies, he ignites a smile to which all people can relate. He aims to further the awareness of individuality and the power of gratitude through music and visual art.

He was born in South Carolina and currently lives in Memphis Tn, where he began a career in the fashion community as a runway show coordinator and model. After further diving into the local artistic community, he found a deep love for music. Passionate about his development in art, combined with an unyielding appetite for the visual beauty of Memphis, he has developed a unique sound and a memorable performance personality. To best describe, he resonates the theme of Comic Book meets Alternative Rock. Pulling inspiration from all forms of music and the aesthetic beauty of his hometown, he finds his place amongst the ever-changing current.

” The Trend agenda makes it fun for me as a writer and performer. The constant change keeps it fresh and progressive. It allows me become more enlightened of that before me, and that which is soon to follow.”

With his roots in Rock ‘n Roll and Show tunes, he offers an animated sound that leaves a contagious, upbeat feeling with the listener. Through visual creativity, direct writing, memorable music, and artistic modeling, he pioneers the local creative community forward with individuality, persistence, enthusiasm, dedication, and the power of gratitude.

“I am a ninja on a mission for fulfillment. And I am grateful to be here.” -JAD



Perth, WA, AU
Australian singer/songwriter and TV host Anica Karu, a.k.a. Ani-K is just 12 years old. She writes songs about issues that are close to her heart, such as self-confidence, friends and world inequality.

Australian singer/songwriter and TV host Anica Karu, a.k.a. Ani-K is just 12 years old.

She writes songs about issues that are close to her heart, such as self-confidence, bullying, world inequality and partying with friends.

Ani hosts a segment on Foxtel called Kidzbiz with Ani-K. She has complete autonomy to select the guests she interviews and subject matter for discussion.
Anica karu aka Ani-K is a singer/songwriter and a Host on a segment called Kidzbiz with Ani-K. Ani is 12 yrs old. Ani recorded her first 3 cover songs in late September 2013 and recorded her first music video called “Holiday” in December 2013 at the age of 10.

Since then Ani has written and recorded “Holiday”, “I Know” “Come on People”, “Hey Girl”, “Just Don’t, “Don’t give up”, and “Friends like you”.  In December 2013 Ani auditioned for The Voice Kids and was a finalist to the Blinds.  She was chosen to represent Australia in The Worldwide Championships in Los Angeles, USA in July 2014. Ani recently performed at Samantha Jade’s concert and at Marlisa Punzalan’s X-Factor.

Ani is a firm believer in women and children’s rights, in the power of one person to affect change. Her song “Come on People” about world inequality. Ani also believes in empowering girls and children. Her songs “I know”, “Friend Like You” and “Hey Girl” encourage girls to look within rather than seek validation from others.

In 2014, Ani-K accepted a regular spot, hosting a small segment on Foxtel called Kidzbiz.
Ani is the youngest host in Australia to host a chat show on her own merits.
Ani discusses various topics on Kidzbiz. All issues are child related. Ani-K sings for Radio Lollipop at P.M.H on a regular basis. She performs at a number of venues around Perth and plays in a band.

Ani-K’s music can be found on iTunes, shazam, spotify. You may also want to look at the following:


The Hawthorne Effect

The Hawthorne Effect
Chicago, IL
Album: Awakefulsleep


The Hawthorne Effect is a studio musician grade four piece rock band hailing from Chicago.

John Jauch (Smoke Off Vinyl, Killing the Enemy) – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar Scott Fritz – (Dirty-White Fashion, The Morning Stares, Martha Berner) Lead Guitar/Vocals Will Sprawls – (Dirty-White Fashion, The Morning Stares, Martha Berner)Bass or Keys (Never both ;)) / Vocals Joe Babiak – (Kill Hanah, Michael Angelo Battio, Cage 9) Drums/Vocals

“The Hawthorne Effect” is the phenomenon by which knowing one is being observed affects one’s behavior. Every day we are watched by eyes in the sky, by computers and cell phones, by others around us, and by estranged parts hidden deep within, alternate identities within our very selves. This knowing is part of our reality and this reality is now.

The name implies depth and the songs reflect the name. Each song has been carefully crafted from beginning to end, not only to be rich with layers of meaning, but with layers of melody, and musical sensibility. It’s where simplicity meets the source. What we know and don’t speak of; what we see and often forget. The songs are about the general and the specific, serving as projective tests that allow the listener to generate multiple meanings, while packaged neatly inside a well straightforward simple message as well. The songs were written by John Jauch (Smoke Off Vinyl/Killing the Enemy), who has been an active member of the Chicago music scene for the past ten years and has had music featured on television and radio programs around the world. All songs were tracked, arranged, mixed, and mastered at Stranded On A Planet recording studio in Chicago, under the technical and musical prowess of producer Scott Fritz (Nadia Ali, Martha Berner, Cavalier King) and features the talents of several studio musicians: William Sprawls, Bethany Fritz, Tyson Ellert, and of course, Scott Fritz.

The album is a roller coaster of emotion and reflects the differing sides of the human experience not only through lyrics, but also in sound. Addiction, oppression, and mortality are just a few of the topics touched upon in this ten song soundtrack of lives that is unclassifiable as a whole, but familiar as well.



Roger Palmer
Instrumental/World/New Age
Album: Ventana De Vida
Music For A New World Age: PalmerMusic is instrumental, a combination of world, new age, ambient, and electronic, easy listening, with great melodies!
Seattle, WA

 Music For A New World Age (Changing Our World One Song At A Time)

Genres: Instrumental/World/New Age/Ambient/Contemporary/Soundtrack
Roger Palmer is a native of the Pacific Northwest. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Puget Sound and his Masters degree in music from Pacific Lutheran University. Palmer’s Principal instrument is trumpet, jazz and classical and began playing piano close to the onset of his formal education. Classical training gave him a deeper appreciation for all musical forms. He has been a teacher of music education for 25 years His teaching encompassed a broad spectrum of administrative duties and directorships. He has an extensive performance background playing engagements in the greater Puget Sound and Seattle area.