Tips for Artist Submissions or How to not get rejected

 I just wanted to take a few minutes and talk to just the artists and agents/labels. Just a few quick suggestions or rather tips for you to consider when submitting your music and press kits to radio stations/blogs/podcasters. These suggestions go for submitting to anybody and not specifically NTROradio.

As you know we use MusicSubmit for our submissions like many other stations, blogs and podcasters. The reasons for this is because they provide to us the music, an artist biography/press release and all the info we need about the artists for our blog. It is a crucial part of what we do and helps immensely to streamline the process of exposing the masses to your music. But they can only help to a certain point. There are a few things that do slip by and it’s not there fault. For those few things can and will cause a station, blog or podcast to reject your submission. I know that for most of you who care a great deal about your music that a rejection can be devastating. I have rejected several myself just since starting this station and it isn’t because the music sucked. They were very good and I hated to do it but I just couldn’t publish or put them into rotation. So please follow these tips and if you have a good, high quality, broadcast ready sounding recording then I will gladly add you to the rotation and blog. But you must meet all of these requirements!

So here we go…

  1. Mp3 Tags – I cannot emphasize to you how important mp3 tags are to a radio station are! They are an integral part of all station software and should be your top priority as an artist second only to writing and performing awesome music. For the agents and labels you should never, ever under any circumstances submit music to anybody without proper tags. Stations deal with hundreds of songs each day and some of the larger ones deal with thousands of songs. Imagine the headache it is to have to go back in and fix mp3 tags of hundreds of songs each month. We here at NTROradio have been adding 10-20 artists per week with an average of 4 songs per artist. Just this week alone we jumped to 28 submissions. Hopefully this will be a growing problem that is very welcome to us. We genuinely love the artists and the music. So please make sure the tags are correctly done with the artist name, title of song, title of album. Album artwork is optional but does help when people listen because the artwork that is attached is shown in most players. If there is none attached the software will search for artwork but that doesn’t always find the correct artwork. So take that into consideration. You can use itunes to set the mp3 tags on most Mac and Windows computers but here is a link to an article on the top free mp3 tag editors.
  2. A Complete biography – This is also just as important as the mp3 tags. It is essential that we know who you are. Why? Because we cant tell others about you if we dont know you! We need to know who you are, why you are doing it, what you are wanting to accomplish and where you are doing it. If you have a website, tell us. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, tell us those too. If people can buy your music on itunes, CDBaby, Google Play Music, tell us where to link to it. Who is in you band? Who are your influences? What gives you inspiration? How long have you been doing it? Music moves the world and fans want to connect with their favorite artists. Make yourself available to them! A simple one or two sentence is not a biography and coupled with bad mp3 tags is enough for me to reject a submission. Also make sure you include pictures or at the very least an album cover. But a band or artist photo is preferred.
  3. A Press Release –  This is not required for our submissions but it is a pet peeve of mine. If you use MusicSubmit they have a section for a press release. Take the time to write one up. If you don’t do it yourself have someone else do it. DO NOT JUST COPY PASTE YOUR BIO!!!! That is annoying as hell. If you don’t have or want a press release just leave it blank. Your biography is not a press release!
  4. The Music – If you can please provide two to four songs of varying tempo and styles (not genre). People want a good selection of music, all the way from slow, melodramatic love ballads all the way to “make me want to get up and dance”. Dont make them all similar but rather try choose all them different. ie if there is only 2 send in one slow and one fast song. But I strongly caution against sending in different versions of the same song. Simply performing an acoustic version of a metal song does not make it a different song. 


Russell Foisy

Band Name: Russell Foisy
Album Name: Original Lyrics Dream
Music Style: Rock

” As a vocalist, I need to sing with emotion and passion” I have been a music fan all my life and attended so many concerts. There is much admiration for many artists, with a dream one day, I could create and sing my own collection of lyrics and songs. It is never too late to acheive your goals. In November 2013, I fufilled my life long dream with the release of my own cd titled “Original Lyrics Dream” with nine tracks. The cd cover of the beach is fitting, it is my favorite place and one I imagine as I dream. Very important for me in lyrics to tell a story, about family, my real life experience and current events. I take great pride in the lyrics being clearly understood by the listener. Please visit my website


The Patti Fiasco

Band Name: The Patti Fiasco
Album Name: Small Town Lights
Music Style: Indie Country

Jet-fueled by powerhouse front woman Alysia Kraft and flavored by the electric dobro stylings of 2007 Rocky Grass dobro champ, Ansel Foxley, The Patti Fiasco arrives with their own fiercely unique brand of Americana on sophomore album, Small Town Lights. Always riding the edge of emotional extreme, the band delivers a brash yet fiercely soulful brand of rock and roll with a heavy dose of rockabilly, blues, and ballad.

Seeing potential and greener pastures in the burgeoning music scene to their North, the band of Wyoming natives moved to Fort Collins, CO, where they recorded and independently released full-length album (The Patti Fiasco) in 2011.

The album was named to 5 local “best of” lists, and single “Nobody’s Girl” received more spins on Colorado radio than any other song in

2011. Gaining fast regional acclaim and an enthusiastic fanbase for the energy of their live show, the band began touring throughout TX, NM, UT, MT, OK, ID, LA– landing coveted opening slots and the region’s biggest stages.

The band shows they’re at the top of their game with the release of Small Town Lights. With fiercely original songwriting, versatile instrumentation, and hooks around every turn, the ten cuts on the disc show that The Patti Fiasco is equally at home with rock, country, and americana. Not to mention blending the three.

Kraft explains, “This band has an incredible capacity to capture a tone, setting and mood to match the lyrics in every song.” With songs that span a retro-soul confession from an Elvis-obsessed housewife, a distorted Southern-Gothic diatribe chronicling the early days of American oil, and a floor rattling nod to the1969 race riots that rocked Detroit (just to name a few), the album resonates with freshness, urgency and energy.

The title track, “Small Town Lights,” reels you in with a nostalgic and spacious guitar melody and then launches into a driving rhythm. Layering and building as it progresses, Small Town Lights swells with each anthemic chorus but never stops barreling forward. Sealed with a dramatic crescendo at its conclusion, the song is inspiring throughout.

“Small Town Lights is about the first taste of freedom—the moment where you leave behind what you know and launch into the unknown with your heart beating in your throat. It’s exhilaration and emancipation in the form of a fast car and a fearless love. It’s a feeling we’ve all experienced once in our lives… and a feeling we all crave when life gets tough or mundane.” Kraft, who grew up rebellious in small town Wyoming, says the track draws heavily upon personal experience.

The Patti Fiasco has opened for the likes of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, The Black Lillies, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite, Justin Townes Earle, Great American Taxi, Cracker, Greensky Bluegrass, The Futurebirds, Born in the Flood, Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real, HoneyHoney, and Grammy-nominated Cajun band Feufollet.

“Small Town Lights,” has garnered multiple accolades, including

Wyoming Public Radio’s Best Regional Album award, FoCoMA’s Best Album

award, and high positioning on the Colorado charts. It finished in the

top 10 most-played Colorado records of 2013.

Taking some time during the winter of 2014 to record their upcoming release, “Saved By Rock and Roll,” the band will be touring full time again as of Spring 2015.

To hear or learn more about The Patti Fiasco, please visit:


John Dartnell

Band Name: John Dartnell
Album Name: Sampler
Music Style: Rock-Country Rock

I am English born and bred and I have been playing music most of my life. I have played in a few bands here in the UK some famous and a lot not quite so famous.
I had a brief spell away from music and in that time I did some acting work which included a small non speaking role in one of the Harry Potter movies, plus I did countless UK TV shows, some commercials and I was in a pop video for a band called ‘Busted’ with a song called ‘Year 3000’, which made it to number one in the charts here in the UK.

So all in all my career has been somewhat varied along the way. I have released six commercial albums, number 6 ‘The Road Goes On’ was released March 2012. A physical CD as well as a digital download is available from

My music is also available from most good download sites including

What others say about me.

John or The Beard as he is affectionately known, is a singer/songwriter originally from London England. His American influenced music and his UK upbringing gives John his own unique style of music. His songs vary from his own style of country (Well what do you expect from a Brit) to haunting love songs , through to songs about life, through to good old Rock and Roll. To sum John up in a few sentences is difficult, the best way to describe him is unique…….. Listen to the man listen to his music.


Daniel Jay Paul

Band Name: Daniel Jay Paul
Album Name: The Path Less Followed
Music Style: Indie

The Path Less Traveled – The Last Album From A Veteran Songwriter

While every artist that has scribbled lyrics on the back of a cigarette packet can claim to be a songwriter, Daniel Jay Paul is the genuine article.

This uniquely gifted veteran singer-songwriter is signing off from a career that has spanned four decades and taken in eight albums with perhaps his most honest and heartfelt work – ‘The Path Less Travelled’, which will hit the stores this fall.

Paul is the kind of songwriter who puts every fibre of his heart and soul into his songs. To say they are personal is an understatement. And yet, like with all great creators, his lyrics speak to everyone.

With an introspective style that has drawn comparisons with great songwriters such as Van Morrison, Cat Stevens and even John Lennon, Paul makes music that makes the listener think as well as feel. It is songwriting as high craft rather than just a vehicle for a catchy tune. It is sad music, but there are moments of hope, of joy and of happiness too.

Even the great Eric Clapton has become a fan of this Michigan-resident’s songwriting talent, saying he “proves that a song can be blue without being the blues”.

Indeed, in terms of genre, Paul is not easy to pin down. He can turn his hand to a range of styles, all as expertly as the last. There is a folk tinge to much of what he does, but he is not afraid to use modern variations and production techniques in the final mix.

Having made his name with his fourth studio album, ‘Clean Getaway’, Paul is bringing down the curtain on his impressive career thus far with a record that matches it in ambition and sounds as fresh as anything he has produced.

While he continues to turn his hand to writing through his other career as a novelist, the musical world will surely miss the songwriting genius that is Daniel Jay Paul.


Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers

Band Name: Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers
Album Name: Love Whip Blues

Music Style: Delta Blues

Led by charismatic singer/guitarist Erin Harpe, the band’s unique brand of “Charles River Delta Blues” is rooted in vintage 1930’s Mississippi delta blues, evoking an old-time juke joint where the whiskey and gin are flowing and everyone’s dancing!

“Erin Harpe has it all. The looks, the chops, the voice, the presence and the band all add to an aura that mesmerized the crowd…” –The Alternate Root Magazine

“Something akin to what the blues sounded like, Muddy and his band plugged in, which sounds better than ever in these hands.” –Cheap Thrills Boston

2014, 2012 & 2010 Boston Blues Challenge Competition Winners!
2013 & 2011 International Blues Challenge Semi-finalists
2012 Boston Music Award Winners “Blues Act of the Year”
2012, 2011, & 2010 Boston Music Award nominees

Charismatic singer and guitarist Erin Harpe, along with her band the Delta Swingers, have become favorites around New England, with a growing fan base around the world. Their unique brand of dance music is rooted in vintage 1930’s Mississippi delta blues, then shaken and stirred with other genres like soul, funk, and reggae, evoking a wild southern juke joint where the whiskey and gin are flowing and everybody’s dancing.

Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers features Erin on electric and acoustic guitar and lead vocals, backed by Jim Countryman on bass, Bob Nisi on drums and vocals, “Sonny” Jim Clifford on slide guitar, topped by Richard “Rosy” Rosenblatt’s blistering electric blues harp. Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers have just released their long-awaited debut album “LOVE WHIP BLUES” on VizzTone/Juicy Juju Records.

Growing up in the Washington DC area, Erin began playing the guitar in her teens taught by her father, bluesman Neil Harpe. She soon began performing at folk festivals, coffee houses, bars, and parties in the DC area, developing a strong blues guitar and vocal style of her own. Erin relocated to Boston to develop her music career, where she met local blues talents such as Paul Rishell and Susan Tedeschi. Erin has released two acoustic blues albums, her debut Blues Roots (2002) and 2008’s Delta Blues Duets, which have received rave reviews and radio airplay across the United States, as well as at least six European countries and Japan. Erin’s soulful vocal style and accomplished finger-picking guitar playing has earned her many fans, including guitar great Ronnie Earl, and she is quickly becoming recognized on the international blues scene. In fact, Erin just completed her first European tour in Spring 2014!

Like her predecessors Memphis Minnie and Charley Patton, Erin has a wide appreciation of many styles of music, and ventures fearlessly outside the blues to lead her “Other Band”, the electro-funk dance band Lovewhip. Erin has even been known to slip a Lovewhip song into her blues sets, and the dancers don’t seem to mind a bit.


High Street

Band Name: High Street
Album Name: Shut Me Out
Music Style: Rock

Indie Rock band from Chicago. Classical rock sounds with contemporary pop sensibility.

High Street is delivering a fresh spin on classic rock sounds with current pop influences. This innovative and young rock band from the Chicago area is lead by high school sophmore, Julia Bosco, and 15-year-old guitar prodigy, Erik Findling. Julia Bosco was just a toddler when she started singing, and was inspired by classic rock legend Janis Joplin at a very young age. Erik Findling credits his parents for helping him find his passion for music at the age of 5. He says, “Music was everywhere in our house.” Erik’s innovative approach to songwriting is influenced by blues artist BB King. Erik had been playing in a band with his older brother and his friends since 2007, which gained some momentum with local parties and charity events. This is how Erik first realized he wanted to pursue music and perform. In late 2013, Erik was developing new material and was referred to work with Julia, who had the vocal styling the music needed. In High Street’s new music you can hear the influences of Etta James, Janis Joplin, and Hayley Williams (Paramore) in Julia’s voice, along with influences of BB King, Led Zeppelin, and Foo Fighters in Erik’s instrumentation. High Street is currently in the studio working to release a 5 song EP this spring. The band released their single “Shut Me Out” this past November along with a video.


Elio Galli

Band Name: Elio Galli
Album Name: Elio Galli
Music Style: Pop/SingerSongwriter

He is a storyteller, whether it be through music or art, there will be a story in there somewhere. For him, each song must have there own fingerprint, identity and personality, no two songs should ever sound the same.

Elio is a songwrite /artist without boundaries who allows himself to develop and enhance a humanist beat that will always be eternal.

He is a storyteller, whether it be through music or art, there will be a story in there somewhere. For him, each song must have there own fingerprint, identity and personality, no two songs should ever sound the same. Our task is to find that story which means something to each of us.

Elio Galli moves from one genre to another with ease, the eclectic melodies and influences that inspire him, often challenges the very core of his talent. As an artist he seems to relish in all that encompasses the realm of creativity. He takes all the aspects of life and reflects it back as music and art, to either celebrate a moment of ones life, or mourn the passinng of innocence or the split second where something is lost. The journey is to always create and inspire the listener or viewer, to also take time out of life, to stop and smell the roses, in this case to listen to a song or look at a work of art.


Cage & Co

Band Name: Cage & Co
Album Name: So Lonely
Music Style: Rock/Country/Pop

Cage & Co are a collaboration of songwriters & musicians from Newcastle, England. They have just released their latest single “So Lonely”. It is guitar and keyboard driven, with a pop/rock underbelly.

Cage & Co are a collection of songwriters/musicians from the North East of England. They recently have included Dave Ramshaw, Simon Todd, Nick Mao, Paul Harris, Derek Miller, Joe Wealleans and Paul Robson. Their music is currently being played on worldwide internet, and AM/FM radio. A CD, “As The Rich People Stand And Look On” was released by them in the summer of 2013, and is available for download on all major online distribution sites. All proceeds are going to the UK charity Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Derek and Paul Robson were originally together musically in the 1970’s, as part of the legendary North East of England band Cirkus. They were extremely popular and recorded some surperb albums that still sell today, and are sought after by record collectors.

Paul Harris is the lead singer in Newcastle UK band Prognonsis, who are currently performing around Northern England, and Simon Todd is a singer/songwriter, also from the UK. In 2014 he supported Boo Hewerdine on part of his UK tour.

Dave and Nick were once a duo called Crowded Nation. They recorded numerous albums between 1985 and 1991. They played live many times across North Tyneside and South Northumberland, including live on ITV with ex boxer Frank Bruno, for charity. Their closest brush with fame came in 1992 when Island records showed interest in their music.

Joe Wealleans is the father in law of Dave. Joe is a new starter on the guitar, and was thrilled to play on one of the album tracks in 2013.

Press Release:

Hot on the heels of their 2014 Christmas single “The Best Christmas Ever”, Cage & Co are releasing a new single. The song is entitled “So Lonely” and features Paul Moose Harris on lead vocals, Nick Mao on guitars and backing vocals, and Dave Ramshaw on backing vocals. Derek Miller features on keyboards. The track was written by Derek Miller and Dave Ramshaw. The song is released on iTunes and all major download stores on 12th January 2015.

A video is also available for the song directed by Nick Mao from who also played and sang on “So Lonely”.

Promoted along with the track are three remastered Cage & Co tracks. The first being “Demons of the Desert” (featuring Simon Todd) and two tracks off their 2013 cd (As The Rich People Stand And Look On). A track entitled “Flirting With Spirits” and a track called “Zero Romance”.


Mystical Space Typhoon

Band Name: Mystical Space Typhoon
Album Name: Time I Can’t Find

Music Style: Rock/Pop Psych

A collective from Hartford, Connecticut who weave beautiful sonic waves for your aural enjoyment. Their debut album is a magical fusion of psychedelica, pop, and rock. Melody and the search for post-youth identity come together and have a baby.

Mystical Space Typhoon (part of Wizard Farm Music) is a rock-pop alternative psychedelic etc band formed in Hartford, CT sometime around 2010, though no one remembers for sure. Starting out as a musical outlet for Matt Clapis and his cousin Chris, many things have changed since those early days. From playing their 1st show in the basement of a former crack house and driving across country in an 1985 motor home to live on side streets in LA (losing half the band while there), all the way to playing the big rooftop stage at Mohegan Sun Casino and winning Raw Hartford musicians of the year. We keep it real. Current lineup is Matt Clapis (Vocals, Guitar), Craig Watts (Bass), Justin Claps (Drums)