Kham Loraamm

Band Name: Kham Loraamm

Album Name: Writing in the Stars
Music Style: Alternative Classical
Influences: Parents
In writing my own music, I draw from my travels and personal experiences with friends and family.I am blessed to have many who are also talented musicians. They have helped me paint my musical scenes.

I am a native from Florida with a love of music that encompasses many genres and music from around the world. I also love art and musical instruments. Over the years I have learned to play a few including guitar, bass and violin.Eventually, I will get to the piano after getting the darn thing tuned up.
In writing my own music, I draw from my travels and personal experiences with friends and family. I am blessed to have many  who are talented musicians. Thank God for Russell Foisy, Barbara Forrester, Beau Pennington, Kira Zwygart, Vanessa and Natalia Putnam, Jamie and Jordan Antunano and Josh Gould. I also give a special thanks to my wife Amie Loraamm and to my parents for their love and support.
I hope you enjoy the music. Feel free to contact me with feedback at
All My Best,
Kham Loraamm



Band Name: JAAP
Album Name: What I’m here for
Music Style: Pop/Rock
Influences: Billy Joel
Great songs with memorable lyrics about our daily lives and current events. Story telling at its best with a dosis of excellent musical arrangements. With his new album “What I’m here for”, JAAP has delivered a jwel of a cd.
25 years of music experience has culminated in his best work yet. With his brand new album “What I’m here for”, cosmopolit JAAP has delivered a great piece of work that will keep you listening for a long time to come.


Tony Fazio

Band Name: Subsidiarity/Tony Fazio
Album Name: Home
Music Style: Bluesy Rock
Influences: Blues
Tony and Subsidiarity have teamed up for songwriting and recording. Tony with his versatile guitar experience and blues influence and Subsidiarity with their punk and rock background.
Tony Fazio is a Berklee College of Music Graduate and professional touring and recording musician with multiple songs and albums on current blues radio.

Tony has experience playing with Memphis Gold, Bobby Parker and Charlie Sayles, 3 of the big DC blues legends. Tony has toured all over the world. He has also played american blues guitar at many of the major blues festivals from United States to Europe.

Tony is currently performing with many different bands,  including Electrofied Blues Band and Charlie Sayles and the Blues Disciples. He is actively involved in the Fetal Records Subsidiarity projects.  CD projects anticipated for early 2015 include the long anticipated Charlie Sayles follow-up CD and solo albums with guest musicians.



Band Name: froy
Album Name: froy
Music Style: folk pop
Influences: Paul Kelly
Some have said they can hear a bit of Paul Kelly in us, as well as John Mayer, OASIS and TRAVIS. I’m not sure if there’s a specific artist that has influenced our sound or song writing as the artists we like are many.

Sighting influences such as Paul Kelly, The Eagles, Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler, Bob Dylan and The Police, ‘Froy’ may exhibit shades of all of these but at the same time may not be immediately identified as being influenced overly by any of them.

Originally intended as a solo project by songwriter musician Scott Creswick, the very enjoyable recording collaboration with long time friend and former band mate Glen King, proved to be a union worth celebrating by making ‘Froy’ a duo.

Appearing together in Australian independent outfit ‘Lynchpin’ in the early 1990’s, Creswick (bass) and King (drums) had an immediate connection as a rhythm section that gelled and grooved naturally.

After a 5 track EP independent release, Creswick left ‘Lynchpin’ to concentrate on other things.

After 10 or 15 years in the musical wilderness Creswick invested his own funds and decided to commit some tunes he penned over the past 5 years ‘when music kept rearing its head and reappearing in his body and soul’… ‘as any musician will tell, it never really ever goes away or leaves you, it’s a part of you…always’.

Thus ‘Froy’ was born and this self-titled debut EP and collection of songs followed, we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed recording them.


Tony Clark and Killing Time

Band Name: Tony Clark and Killing Time
Album Name: When I´m In My Car
Music Style: Rock
Influences: Soundgarden

Tony Clark – Vocals, Guitars

Emil Abrigada – Bass

Sascha Baransky – Drums

Tall dark trees … the stench of rotting seaweed and oysters, lingering

mist wafting over hills and towns. And the slightly deranged humour

of a race of men that run around in logger shirts drinking cappuccino –

all these things are quite apparent in Tony Clark´s songs, but the German based

Seattle native does have more to offer.

Years travelling the globe, sitting in the Himalayas meditating over a

sitar, playing the streets of Europe with South American Indians, or

bearing the icy cold waterfall of a Japanese zen monastery – all these

have left a trace in Tony’s musical oeuvre.

Tony: “At some point, I decided the rock song was the right cup, the

flask, the vehicle for conveying my ideas. I tried other things, but

it was all too much of a compromise. I´m happy if I can write a good

rock song, with some spices thrown in for good measure.”

Tony Clark and Killing Time have been together only for a few months

now, but the combination of Emil Abrigada on bass, Sascha Baransky on

drums, and Tony´s singing and guitar is the future. “Although we come

from really different backgrounds, we spent 3 or 4 hot days together

this last summer, and we all loved it…and it was clear that this is

the way we want to play.”

“Emil has played bass in so many hard´n´heavy bands, he’s just gotten

harder and heavier than anyone on the planet!,” says Tony.  “I’ve

seen few men who are such a perfect manifestation of the instrument:

BIG, HEAVY, BASS … a superstar in his own right. I dare anybody to

even try to get his fingers around that 6-string neck. Emil is

amazing, the essence of low-down, bass, and right on time. His credits

include These China Bombs, Bonneville, X-amination and many


“Sascha is cool…until he gets out of hand. A few days before our

debut show, he broke his hand because he just needed to smack

somebody. I was nervous, but I knew, if I gave him a bottle of vodka,

he’d play. It all went well. “We’re all a little “Fight Club” inside, aren’t we ?

Sascha plays drums. As matter of fact, his Dad, also a drummer, says he’s

never done anything else. He’s done Europe’s major hard rock festival,

Wacken, as well as a bunch of other local gigs.

So here’s our little offering: When I’m In My Car:

“She’s At the Center of Her World” is about girls that simply need to

go shopping … ya know? And it’s the same the world over, Victoria …”

When I’m In My Car” – It’s all just about a very subjective view of

the world.  I can’t seem to concentrate unless I’m on my way to a show. Until I know where I’m driving to, where I’ve got to get to until night falls. If I don’t have that focus, I

fall to pieces.

“Stupid (Tonto)” – This is a song originally directed at Dick Cheney. Maybe he’ll hear

it one day.

“I Am the Dirt” deals with the lack of civil courage. I simply cannot understand why people stand by and watch when others are being harmed….it’s a sad reality of our cities these days. A guy gets beat up by a bunch of idiots … I’d rather stand up and risk getting

involved in a fight than spend my life wishing I did.

“Fat Girls in the Pool” – Well, it’s all nonsensical…..or…. about a real good party in a pool, you chose.


The John Garza Band

Band Name: The John Garza Band
Album Name: Does It Right
Music Style: Rock
Influences: Eagles

John Garza Band will rock your socks off (in a TExas kind of way) –Its what happens when you live in South Texas – -You can feel the fusion of Rock Blues and Latin -Its the Tri-fecta of sound and you can feel it in your soul– The la times says ““the charismatic Garza has the earnest inflections of singers like Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots.- . Randle compares Garza’s star quality to that of Jim Morrison and Roger Daltrey. Sit back listen and we think you will see why John Garza has a Grammy on his mantle and why his hand picked Texas band is the perect fit for this Texas talent



Band Name: Froskull
Album Name: Froskull
Music Style: Rock
Influences: Prog Rock

Blazing A Trail For Progressive Rock In Music City
“It’s a very inclusive genre…. You can use your imagination on a much broader scale and draw from all sorts of influences that you might have as a musician.” – Brett Hammond, Froskull Previously called Stephen Rockford Hammond Band, Froskull is the moniker for Hammond’s new lineup featuring Josh Baker, Brett Hammond, and Ricky Schade. Born and raised in Nashville, Stephen grew up at the very intersection of American musical culture. The spell of Music City ascended nascent childhood interest to wizardry as a performer, composer, and producer. In 2008, Stephen released his first full-length album, Flux Punch, named for the dissolved band in which he wrote the material. Shortly after the album release, Stephen founded the Stephen Rockford Hammond Band. While the group began performing songs from the critically acclaimed Flux Punch, Stephen brought a new and even higher level of sophistication to his songwriting. His newer material subsequently transformed the band’s set lists into complex mosaics of electrifying fantasia. In 2011 Stephen recruited his brother, guitarist Brett Hammond, and Stephen renamed the band Froskull in 2012. As the band’s new image spread to the Internet community, music lovers worldwide engaged with Froskull’s first recordings. Froskull’s holistic musical style placed them in the spotlight of Jazz, Fusion, and Rock talk shows. They shared the stage with a spectrum of artists: from Nashville country stars Chris Young and Lee Brice to Rock and Roll legend Derek St. Holmes. A 2013 episode of 6minor Films’ Songwriter was dedicated to a glimpse inside the band’s process for writing, rehearsing, and performing. Josh Baker took over drums in 2014, and Ricky Schade joined the ranks on bass guitar. A long-anticipated tour de force, Froskull’s 2014 full-length album is a shining dose of captivating euphony. A self-titled release, Froskull hallmarks the band’s technical eloquence, dynamic caprice, and aggressively cosmopolitan style. Though nothing short of a fastidious progressive rock band, Froskull defies easy classification. Froskull’s wild expressiveness and “pan-genre” feel emote with average listeners while provoking more particular music lovers to lend an ear.



Band Name: madelyniris
Album Name: adventures
Music Style: indie pop
Influences: the killers

madelyniris’ story – You might catch indie pop artist madelyniris at the opera on a Saturday night — not as a spectator, but as a performer. She has a rare gift only a few on this planet have – she can sing a high A flat. She’s already won vocal competitions while singing some of the most demanding soprano parts in opera. But her classical voice teachers raise their brow when she describes her passion for writing, producing and performing indie pop music. “I’m a hybrid,” she claims, one foot firmly in the classical world, and the other dancing to the beat of indie music. Madelyn, 21, says her parents are to blame for the dichotomy. Her dad influenced her in modern and post rock, while her mother, a classically-trained vocalist, pianist and choir director, passed on the powerful classical influence in her life. “She introduced me to the chord progressions and melodies that will make your knees weak and bring you to tears.” While her pop music might be described as pretty, on second listen, you’ll recognize the complexity and darkness that lies beneath. She describes, “People will be grooving along and then they hit that dissonant chord or unique harmony and will recognize this is a little more complex to the palette, and requires a deeper listening. I can’t let you get by with just the good stuff”, she smiles. When asked about what inspired the collection of songs on “Adventures”, Madelyn replied “Honestly, summer 2014 was my biggest inspiration. I was able to travel the world, discover new people and new ways of thinking, and find myself. But in addition to that, this summer also consisted of a lot of nostalgia; love lost, if you will. This summer I came to this beautiful, happy place of resolution in my life. I relived a lot of my past. I discovered that it is good to hold on to happy memories, as long as those memories drive you forward in life rather than hold you back. “Adventures” is optimism, independence, and anticynicism.” Madelyn is also passionate about women taking control of their own music. “Adventures,” as an EP, is me taking charge and no longer sitting in the backseat. As a woman, other musicians do not expect me to make my own instrumentals or mix my own music. Especially in pop music. This is me saying: “Hey, music industry, women are not just pretty faces and pretty voices. We have a lot more musical direction than you are willing to give us credit for.” But as a concept, “Adventures” is about actually living, and living honestly with yourself and the world around you, with a bit of young budding existentialism in there.”


The Pete Rea Band

Band Name: The Pete Rea Band
Album Name: TV Preacher
Website: Music Style: Blues Rock
Influences: Led Zeppelin

IF YOU WANT TO HEAR ROCK MUSIC YOU CAN SING, PLAYED WITH SOUL, STYLE AND MORE PUNCH THAN A FREIGHT TRAIN ON STEROIDS LISTEN TO THE PETE REA BAND! This is blues rock just made for radio and made for the here and now. Pete makes no attempt to hide his influences. Zeppelin, the Who, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi they’re all in there but the interpretation is new. Born of the blues but not straight blues!! The debut album by Pete Rea has ten tracks packed with some heavy riffing, vocal harmonies, guitar solos and some beautiful sax work. From the soulful lament of the title track TV Preacher, a song about a tv evangelist confessing his misdemeanours to his congregation, with its cellos and huge vocal harmonies, to the raw blues slide of ‘I’m the Angel” recorded in a freezing fourth floor studio in a couple of takes, the album demonstrates Pete’s writing skills. Ten tracks providing a multi faceted piece of work that is not ashamed of its roots. “North East of England based Pete Rea releases his debut CD. a collection of bluesy rock tracks with a twist……………TV Preacher features plenty of sharp guitar solos, some powerful riffing and a surprise touch, bracing blasts of sax” — R2 Rock n Reel “Classic rock interpreted for the here and now……….they play a mixture of hard hitting rock with a sprinkling of soulful ballads” – Newcastle Chronicle The debut album TV Preacher from Pete Rea and his band (The Pete Rea Band) is available now from itunes, soundcloud and amazon on demand.


Purple Eve

Band Name: Purple Eve
Album Name: Octopus
Music Style: Rock, Indie
Influences: PJ Harvey

The band was founded by two beautiful girls who were inclined to make experiments with sound using any item they could reach. Luckily for descendants, sometimes they reached actual musical instruments. In this manner two first lo-fi albums were released. Later with acquiring several naive musicians the duo transformed into more or less classic rock band. Although weird lyrics and evocative performances were among the things that didn’t change. Just when fans and critics agreed that Purple Eve play some kind of post-grunge, the band invited trumpet and dj, thus irrevocably baffling their audience. As you can hear, today Purple Eve has no specific music style. But the band definitely has style.