Sympathetic Drive

Band Name: Sympathetic Drive
Album Name: Sympathetic Drive
Music Style: Latin pop
Influences: Beatles

Sympathetic Drive got their start playing for special occasions at family gatherings.  What started as a dream for me, to play music together with my sons and daughters, has morphed into a reality. The band, influenced by a variety of different music genres, started doing cover songs and now has produced original songs for our 1st CD. The variety of music played by the band includes; Latin pop, rock, and pop music. Although having different genres thrown together is considered uncommon, we decided to go against the grain and be ourselves.

Sympathetic Drive is made up of band members Daniel T. Ramos, Vocals, Keyboard and guitar; David Ramos, drums and vocals; Analisa Ramos, vocals and keyboards; Javier Ramos, guitar and Bass, Megan Ramos, vocals and Keyboard and Danny Blake, guitar and vocals.



Band Name: Worldview
Album Name: Pop Philosophy
Music Style: Rock, Pop
Influences: World Party

Worldview is the alias of Oliver Shaw, an Oxford UK-based songwriter, performer and producer fusing rock, pop and dance sounds with insightful lyrics reminiscent of Elvis Costello or Morrissey and the melodic sensibility of the classic 60’s acts. Oliver began playing in bands, including one with Coldplay’s bassist-to-be, then spent several years honing a one-man band approach in his studio, writing, singing and playing everything in the manner of Stevie Wonder, early Prince or World Party. He self-released a debut solo album, the relationship-themed War Years, in late 2002, culled from home sessions. It enjoyed some airplay and praise for the “timeless quality” of the songwriting.
A second set, Paying For It, followed in January 2005, with a more diverse stylistic palette and topics ranging from celebrity and consumerism to the Iraq conflict; the website judged it “chock full of good tunes, clever lyrics and…united by a consistent, if rather misanthropic, musical vision”. He appeared many times at Oxford venues with a backing band from the ranks of fledging local acts, and performed some solo acoustic sets in London. Oliver then adopted a new format mixing live instruments and PC as Worldview, playing dates in Oxford and London and releasing the album Our Condition in 2008.
Oxfordshire Music Scene wrote: “Worldview’s aptly titled ‘Our Condition’ takes a snapshot view of modern living, with its raw honest exploration of life today…It’s a strong offering with music that combines the ballads of REM with the dance beats of Duran Duran”. The album track ‘Entitlement’ was later featured in the major BBC drama The Driver starring David Morrissey, broadcast in autumn 2014. The financial crisis was the subject of 2009’s popular download single, ‘Party’s Over’, which featured on the diverse personal and political album Schoolboy Errors, released in February 2012. Other album highlights ‘Golden Boy”, ‘Used To It’ and ‘Nadja’ were similarly aired on radio shows and podcasts worldwide, and Oliver discussed the album and his musical path in the UK’s Vents Magazine. Now largely a studio act, Worldview’s new 2014 album Pop Philosophy is a mature reflection on life, loss and mortality in melodic, guitar-led rock songs with elements of electro, folk and funk.


War Poets

Band Name: War Poets
Album Name: Hot and Cold: American Relationships
Music Style: Rock/Pop/AC
Influences: Tom Petty

“Don’t be put off by the foreign-sounding title; this is some seriously accessible-yet-varied music, one of the most consistently engaging releases I’ve heard in some time.”- MUSOScribe

 War Poets are back with their newest EP – Hot and Cold: American Relationships, released by Rock

The Cause Records, a non-profit record label based in their hometown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Rock The Cause is dedicated to creating community involvement through concerts, workshops and music releases, and over the past 8 years Rock the Cause has helped to create thousands of new volunteers as well as financial support for organizations like Children’s Cancer Research Fund, MusiCares and others.

Hot and Cold: American Relationships, comes out on November 4, 2014 with a portion of proceeds going to work to find a cure for Cystic-Fibrosis.

“I really wanted to be on this label,” Says Rex Haberman, War Poets lead singer. “Their ethos and the difference they make for community is in perfect alignment with our mission as artists.”

War Poets draw on Americana, pop, and rock to achieve an aesthetic that’s refined but rootsy. The group has a unique band structure built around a core duo of Haberman as the primary singer-songwriter and guitarist, and bassist-vocalist, and contributing songwriter, Jenny Case as the musical director. The two keep an ongoing artistic dialogue with creative advisor Matt Kirkwold who also contributes songs to War Poets. Previous to War Poets, Haberman had recorded and released three albums, and Case has led her own band, and played in many cover bands. Currently, she is the executive director of She Rock She Rock Foundation.

When forming War Poets, Haberman made a socially conscious decision to build the band around a female singer-bassist. “I have a strong opinion about the status of women in music because I find it a really male-dominated world,” he reveals. When he expressed the idea of forging a female/male artistic alliance to creative advisor Matt Kirkwold (Haberman and Kirkwold have been friends and collaborators for 15 years) Kirkwold suggested Case. “We work together like we’re on a mission,” Haberman explains. “Jenny has high standards. She’s a perfectionist in the studio and really pushes the band’s performances. She’s super talented and highly professional.” The two also have complimentary voices with Case’s angelic and schooled vocals providing a sweet counterpoint to Haberman’s plaintive and impassioned vocal stylings. Rounding out the ranks as a full-band collective is a fluid mix of some of the Midwest’s finest musicians and songwriters.

The video for band’s first single, “Close Enough,” from War Poets’ debut full length, Dulce et Decorum Est, has wracked up a 250,000 views. It was a heartwarming statement on marriage equality dedicated to the memory of the historical NYC Stonewall uprisings, and the track became an anthem for many same-sex marriage supporters. War Poets’ music is played nationally on both AAA and college radio formats. In 2014 War Poets played Red Gorilla Music Festival during SXSW. The group has worked with such iconic producers as Grammy winner Kevin Bowe (Etta James, Jonny Lang) and five-time Grammy winner Joe Baldridge (Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson).

The group’s second album was boldly titled American Police State, evoking the red button topics shared within its irresistible pop-rock songs covered topics ranging from income inequality, Native American rights, and gun violence. “What is a gun really for? It’s for killing people,” Haberman affirms. “I realize I have strong opinions on gun violence, but we’re musicians, not politicians. We put our views out there by singing so people can think about this.”

Continuing the theme of exploring contemporary issues in our society, and their resulting struggles, “Hot and Cold: American Relationships” is the second in the “American” trilogy War Poets will release in 2014/15. These songs delve into the highs and lows of interpersonal relationships, whether it be about finding the right companion, talking beyond the point of understanding, or trusting the ones who are closest to you, because at the end of the day, they are all who’s left.


Crimson Crux

Band Name: Crimson Crux
Album Name: Through Divers Temptations
Music Style: Christian/Gothic/Folk/Rock
Influences: Jesus Christ
Crimson Crux is a Southern California based gothic/folk/rock trio which combines elements of both the classical & heavy metal genres, fusing them into a unique “stripped down” acoustic style.
  Formed in the Winter of 2011, Crimson Crux is a gothic/folk/rock trio from the High Desert of Southern CA, consisting of husband/wife duo Nathan Petty (guitars) & Tanya Petty (vocals), accompanied by the orchestral arrangements of Benjamin James Stern (piano/keys).
   With roots in classic metal & influenced by the likes of ’80’s guitar legends such as Randy Rhoads, George Lynch, Michael Schenker, etc. from as early as the age of 10 yrs old.. Crimson Crux founder/guitarist Nathan Petty (ex-Sacred Faith, Sevenfold Image, Martiis Nocturnem) decided to leave the Southern CA black/death/metal scene in early 2011 after nearly a decade of chasing a dream, to fill the void in his heart that music alone could not. His desire was to form something musically & lyrically that could best describe the journey of trials, struggles, & then ultimately the transformation that his life had undergone.. a personal testimony of how the void in his heart was filled, written in the form of a musical autobiography.

   He would not be alone on this endeavor. His wife of 6 years & elementary school sweetheart, Tanya Petty, immediately signed on as the vocalist of this new project, sharing the desire to write & perform music that expressed the very same things that she herself had gone through. Classically trained in opera as well as piano from the time she was a child, Tanya’s disciplined, unique vocal style instantly proved to be a signature trademark of the group’s sound, eventually fusing her strict opera form with the raw tones of rock, even carrying traces of country at times.
   Later that year, pianist Benjamin Stern, also from the High Desert of Southern CA, would share their vision & become a part of this project. A 17-yr old piano prodigy of sorts, with no priar musical training, Ben fashioned his style after the piano compositions of Depeche Mode, Muse, etc., which brought a real “concert pianist” feel to the music as well as the live performances. His style not only brought that dark, atmospheric, macabre undertone to the music, but his role in this project could best be compared as a Danny Elfman to a Tim Burton, or a Harry Greggson-Williams to a Ridley Scott.. you can’t watch a horror flick without the eerie soundtrack & you can’t watch an epic fantasy film without the musical score, likewise Ben’s piano/keys serve as the score/mood of Crimson Crux’s music.
   In May 2012, Crimson Crux entered the studio with their longtime engineer friend, Eric Dorse from The Noize Lab, to record their debut 17-track indie LP, “Through Divers Temptations”. Completely self-funded & uniquely inspired, the album became the band’s autobiography sharing each member’s emotional, physical & spiritual state during a season of hardship in their lives, & how deliverance was found through a saving grace.
   In May 2013, after months of labouring endlessly in the studio & enduring many complications in the attempt to press the album, Crimson Crux’s debut indie LP “Through Divers Temptations” was finally pressed, released via CD Baby & distributed to their various online partners (i.e. itunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, etc.). Immediately after the album’s release, the band embarked on two local tours that same year (“The Revival Tour” & “Feed The Bears Tour ’13” ), followed by another studio session in February 2014 to re-record their song “Ye Serpent of Olde” for an upcoming music video set to shoot in April 2014
   Today, Crimson Crux still continues to be the musical autobiography of Nate, Tanya, & Ben with more music & lyrics that are yet to be written..

-Nathan Petty (CC)


The White Cherries

Basic Band InfoAlbum Name: Stranger Lovers
Music Style: Indietronica
Influences: David Bowie

The White Cherries is an indietronic duo formed in L.A. by actress Fernanda Romero and Musician Abie Toiber Stranger Lovers is their first single mixed by Caleb Shreve available now on every digital store.
Call it destiny when two strangers from Mexico City find each other in L.A. and form an Indietronic rock duo that started with a jam session and a ukulele.

By popular demand, friends encouraged vocalist Fernanda Romero and musician, composer and producer Abie Toiber to write, perform and record more music after the initial song inspired by their jam session was so well received.

“We didn’t set out to be a band,” stated Romero. “Our songs were on Youtube for the purpose of being creative, to express our love for life and to show how we are inspired by the flow of our music.” That creativity caught the attention of Nylon Magazine who selected The White Cherries as a finalist in their “Next Huge Deal in Music” contest in 2013.

No stranger to the industry, Romero has come full circle, starting in Mexico City at age sixteen in the pop band ‘Fryzzby’ (BMG Records). She came to the U.S. to study fashion design, but found greater demand as a model for many of the brands she designed for. Commercials, television and film followed, with Rolling Stone calling Romero a “Hottie taking over the industry like wild fire!”

Hollywood embraced Romero after she shared the big screen with Jessica Alba in ‘The Eye.’ She has been cast in big budget films opposite Charlize Theron in ‘The Burning Plain,’ ‘Red Canvas’ with Maria Conchita Alonso, ‘Once Fallen’ with Ed Harris, and ‘Without Men,’ featuring Eva Longoria and Christian Slater. Her international credits include playing the female lead in ‘Eternamente Tuya’ (TV Azteca) and her first British production with Jon-Paul Gates, ‘Fighter’s Chance’ with boxing great Evander Holyfield. Her short, ‘40 Love,’ next to Lily Allen, won a silver Lion in Cannes. Romero is set to appear in ‘400 Days’ with Dane Cook, Brandon Routh, and Caity Lotz and the upcoming feature film ‘Is that a Gun in your Pocket?’

While studying guitar at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Abie Toiber met other musicians

from his native Mexico. Together, they founded the rock band ‘Coma’ (EMI).

‘Stranger Lovers,’ the first EP from The White Cherries, has an electronic folk sound with a sexy edge provided by mixing engineer Caleb Shreve (Yoko Ono, Phantogram, Late Guest at a Party). It’s due out soon along with the video. The duo has performed live at The House of Blues, at a James Cameron charity event and at coffee houses and private parties in L.A.

The demos he recorded during this time eventually became tracks on his three solo albums:

Lotus, Relativity and Los Redares. Toiber toured as the guitarist for the Mexican band,

‘Morbo’ (Juan Carlos Lozano). He continues to write and produce music for film, television

(licensed to LATV National TV Network their Id music) and other musicians. Toiber works

often with Mark Plati (David Bowie, The Cure).

To learn more about The White Cherries, visit their website


The Dread

Band Name: The Dread
Album Name: Meet Me At The Sun
Music Style: Hip Hop/ Rock
Influences: N.E.R.D

Inspired by hip hop, rock and skateboarding culture, The Dread creates music based upon their hybrid lifestyle. Mixing East Coast hip hop with rock & reggae.
Inspired by Hip Hop, Rock, and Skate culture, The Dread creates music based upon their hybrid lifestyle. Mixing East Coast Hip Hop with Rock and Reggae, The Dread prides itself on real individuality.

Front man Billa Camp left school to write, produce, and tour with his former band, Treologic. Billa’s vocals and production are featured in the new video game Watch Dogs and on ABC’s primetime television show Black Box (Episode 2 – Sweet Little Lies). He’s also been spotlighted and interviewed by Fuse TV, opened for N.E.R.D, Wiz Khalifa, Pac Div, Del the Funky Homosapien, The Roots and appeared in Lupe Fiasco’s “Kick Push” video. Through skateboarding, Billa would continuously crossed paths with Painter, DJ & Hype man, Shelly “RUIN “Johnson.

RUIN has toured with entertainment groups, been featured in major skateboarding magazines, acted in major Hollywood films and is an active member of an art collective called Infusion Project. RUIN’S Paintings & Murals have been collected and commissioned across the country. His artistry is evident in many of his talents and personality.

Guitarist/Producer Nolan Silas is a childhood friend of Billa’s and began working with The Dread on their last EP Something Like A Band. Nolan’s first band Man|Droid has played NAACP concerts in Grant Park, opened for Do or Die, Hitch, Haymarket Riot & jammed with the band Mazarati. Writing for Man|Droid was the first time Nolan got to compose his own music from start to finish, learning not to care what outsiders thought.

In the tradition of music, art and skateboarding, The Dread brings a freedom of expression you can ride to.


Tweaking and Updating

I did some tweaking to the playlist last night. I basically lessened the weight on the standard playlist and created a new heavy rotation playlist with twice the weight of the standard. This should allow more of the most recently added artists to be played more often.

I’ll also be ordering the iphone and android apps this weekend. I am just finishing up the artwork for submission. For those who don’t know, you can listen to us on the Tunein radio app. But it doesn’t show the currently playing artist info. That’s because I haven’t implemented the Tunein api on the server yet. That will be done in the next couple of weeks.

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If you know someone who is bored with today’s commercial broadcast radio and would like to discover new artists please let them know where to find us.

And finally on behalf of all the new artists we play, thank you for listening.


Run Jenny

Band Name: Run Jenny
Album Name: Therapy Sessions
Music Style: Pop/Rock
Influences: Pop

Run Jenny, the explosive, all-female, commercial-pop, alternative-rock infused band hit the original music scene on June 27th, 2014 with their CD release performance at the Outer Space Ballroom in Hamden, CT, which was a SOLD OUT show.
Although newly formed, Run Jenny has over a decade of performance experience in consisting of members of a longstanding nationally recognized band. As their sound developed their style had strayed from their original funk / groove vein so they decided to brand the new material under a new name, Run Jenny. Their highly anticipated 2014 debut CD, Therapy Sessions, has been described as simply – complicated. Their simple, catchy, commercial songs layered with complicated, emotional and thought provoking lyrics. The band members are excited to share what they describe to be their most raw and emotional material yet to be released. The songs were inspired by their interpersonal struggles experienced over the past few years that actually landed them in group therapy, thus the title of the new CD.

This disc takes you on a musical journey, from heartbreak to empowerment; lessons learned, finding your inner strength and allowing love to overcome personal struggles. The CD was mixed/mastered by Phil Greene; master engineer for New Kids on The Block ‘Hang Tough’. According to Phil Greene, “Therapy Sessions has at least 5 hit singles on it; the last time I said that I sold 10-million copies”. The CD also features Michael Antunes on tenor sax, saxophonist for John Cafferty and Beaver Brown Band.

September 2014 the band released their new music video, directed by Cesar Hondares of Czar Production for Goodbye, the single off the disc. The video features Erin Brady, former Miss USA David Gere a nationally known actor.

November 2014, 2 tracks off of Therapy Sessions were nominated for the RightOUTtv&music awards in the Best Country and Best Rock categories, selected among thousands of GLBTQ artists.

In January 2015, Run Jenny’s Get My Whiskey on was nominated in the Best Folk/Country category for the 2015 OUTMUSIC Awards.

Although Run Jenny’s musical style is hard to describe as it crosses pop, blues and rock genres. It offers something for everyone. Music heals, inspires and changes you. It speaks to you even when you might not want to listen. Run Jenny’s, music promises that experience. Look for Run Jenny’s debut CD, Therapy Sessions on iTunes and Spotify.


Terry Easton

Band Name: Terry Easton
Album Name: Claremont 2:05 P.M.
Music Style: Alternative Folk
Influences: John Fahey
I’m a self taught finger style guitarist.  I have written a few songs and continue to write for the love of it.  Most of my compositions are “busy”, but all are memorable and have infectious melodies.  I incorporate fingerstyle guitar techniques with bottleneck slide which yields a unique listening experience.

Inspired by some of the finger style guitar greats, I would learn their tunes, practice them, and emulate their style.  Then I found that I had my own artistic abilities to share and I started to write my own songs.  These are a few of my compositions I’m quite pleased with and hopefully they will be enjoyed by all of you as well.



Band Name: Maximillian
Album Name: Translucent Sunrise
Music Style: acoustic / singer-songwriter

After his band broke up in late 2013, Maximillian was desperate to find an outlet for his inspiration. He tried to get several different projects off the ground but since nothing stuck, he decided to write the songs himself after picking up the acoustic guitar on a more regular basis.

After exploring and experimenting wiht song structure and arrangment, Max finally locked into his sound and after a short time, the Translucent Sunrise album came to be.

Here is what Max had to say about the first singlef rom the record. “We’re Not Normal – is certainly one of the happier songs on the album, and it definitely does an excellent job describing how I felt in the good parts of my relationship.  The rest of the album describes the rest of my relationship, and well… Let’s just say we’re not together anymore. This album is a little piece of me.  I’ve put my heart and soul into every song.”

You can hear more at