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Sympathetic Drive

March 27, 2015 Ryan Ridenour 0

Band Name: Sympathetic DriveAlbum Name: Sympathetic DriveWebsite: Style: Latin popInfluences: Beatles Sympathetic Drive got their start playing for special occasions at family gatherings.  What started […]

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March 26, 2015 Ryan Ridenour 0

Band Name: WorldviewAlbum Name: Pop PhilosophyWebsite: Style: Rock, PopInfluences: World Party Worldview is the alias of Oliver Shaw, an Oxford UK-based songwriter, performer and […]

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War Poets

March 25, 2015 Ryan Ridenour 0

Band Name: War PoetsAlbum Name: Hot and Cold: American RelationshipsWebsite: http://www.warpoets.netMusic Style: Rock/Pop/ACInfluences: Tom Petty “Don’t be put off by the foreign-sounding title; this is […]

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Crimson Crux

March 24, 2015 Ryan Ridenour 0

Band Name: Crimson CruxAlbum Name: Through Divers TemptationsWebsite: Style: Christian/Gothic/Folk/RockInfluences: Jesus ChristCrimson Crux is a Southern California based gothic/folk/rock trio which combines elements of […]

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The White Cherries

March 23, 2015 Ryan Ridenour 0

Basic Band InfoAlbum Name: Stranger LoversWebsite: www.thewhitecherries.comMusic Style: IndietronicaInfluences: David Bowie The White Cherries is an indietronic duo formed in L.A. by actress Fernanda Romero […]

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The Dread

March 21, 2015 Ryan Ridenour 0

Band Name: The DreadAlbum Name: Meet Me At The SunWebsite: Style: Hip Hop/ RockInfluences: N.E.R.D Inspired by hip hop, rock and skateboarding culture, The […]

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Run Jenny

March 20, 2015 Ryan Ridenour 0

Band Name: Run JennyAlbum Name: Therapy SessionsWebsite: www.runjenny.comMusic Style: Pop/RockInfluences: Pop Run Jenny, the explosive, all-female, commercial-pop, alternative-rock infused band hit the original music scene […]

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Terry Easton

March 19, 2015 Ryan Ridenour 0

Band Name: Terry EastonAlbum Name: Claremont 2:05 P.M.Website: terryeaston.orgMusic Style: Alternative FolkInfluences: John FaheyI’m a self taught finger style guitarist.  I have written a few […]

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March 18, 2015 Ryan Ridenour 0

Band Name: MaximillianAlbum Name: Translucent SunriseWebsite: Style: acoustic / singer-songwriter After his band broke up in late 2013, Maximillian was desperate to find an […]